Gilmore drops long-shot Presidential bid

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore ended his long-shot campaign for presidency on Saturday.

The 57-year-old Republican said in a written statement that his late start, near the end of April, and the front-loaded primary schedule “have made it impractical to continue.”

Gilmore is the first of the 10 GOP presidential candidates to drop out. He barely registered in the polls and his latest financial disclosure report showed him with about $90,000 in cash on hand. Gilmore also underwent emergency surgery for a detached retina last month, which forced him to cancel at least a week’s worth of campaign appearances.

“I have come to believe that it takes more than a positive vision for our nation’s future to successfully compete for the presidency,” Gilmore said. “I believe that it takes years of preparation to put in place both the political and financial infrastructure to contest what now amounts to a one-day national primary in February.”

Gilmore said he felt there was an opening for a conservative candidate in the Republican field for president in 2008 when he announced he was exploring a run for the White House.

Elected governor of Virginia in 1997, he served the one term allowed by state law. Before that, he was Virginia’s attorney general.

President Bush appointed him chairman of the Republican National Committee, a job Gilmore held for about a year. He left the job after Democrats won the governors’ races in Virginia and New Jersey.

“I’m the type of mainstream Reagan conservative that has always kept his promises,” Gilmore said when he filed papers early this year to form a presidential exploratory committee.


  1. Sandra Price

    He is just another Christian running to stand firmly behind the Bush agenda. He may be a good man but we do not need another Christian running our government and the world. I have to hand it to the Christians, they are working overtime to bring on the end of times and will destroy our freedom of choices on the way out.

    I remember Gilmore’s leadership in the RNC and it was based on banning abortions and gay marriages. He did much for the Democrats while he stood firmly against individual freedoms. Let’s dump the whole lot of Republicans in our government until they learn their lesson of not pushing religion on all of us.

  2. bryan mcclellan

    There are no bipedal hominids on this earth that are christians ,saints,or martyrs.These terms are a lie in the face of the Creator.Those who don these labels are hucksters,and to put it plainly, politicians,evangelists,imams,and gurus all feed off the fears of man,that he is somehow inadequate without their guidance.We all have a spirit that guides our conduct.In some it is stronger than others,while in many it is perverted for their own gain. It is a personal matter of faith and spirituality that it is a good thing to attempt to live to a high standard of morality.Mr Gilmore seeing the landscape of corruption wrought by his party decided not to have his closets cleaned or maybe he sees the futility in legislating moral conduct based on immoral standards.Whatever the cause,we will all be better served by naming these people for what they are,Glory seeking zealots, Christians is a misnomer,for they do not exist.