Bin Laden surfaces in Al Qaeda video

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden praises martyrdom as a weapon and a path to glory for Muslims in a video that CNN said on Saturday was intercepted before it was to appear on radical Islamist Web sites.

CNN, which noted it could not verify the authenticity of the 40-minute video and had translated it from Arabic into English, said on its Web site there was no indication of where or when the footage had been shot.

The news network said the video contained old clips but concluded it had been compiled in the last four weeks.

The environment in which bin Laden is shown speaking is similar to that on releases made before the September 11 suicide attacks on the United States by al Qaeda militants in 2001.

Octavia Nasr, CNN’s senior editor for Arab affairs, said bin Laden appears in only a 50-second portion of the video in which he asserts the Prophet Mohammed had wanted to be a martyr.

“What is this status that the best of mankind wished for himself?” CNN said bin Laden asked rhetorically. “He wished to be a martyr. He himself said: ‘By Him in whose hands my life is! I would love to attack and be martyred.”‘

“This glorious prophet who was inspired by God summarized this entire life by these words. He wished upon himself this status. Happy is one who was chosen by God as a martyr,” bin Laden said, according to the CNN translation of his remarks.


Mustafa abu al-Yazid, named as al Qaeda’s new commander in Afghanistan in May, also appears in the video praising fighters ready to die for the cause of jihad, or holy war.

The video is a compilation of documentary footage and testimony by fellow militants praising fallen Islamists from areas ranging from north Africa to Tajikistan in central Asia. Some of the militants are seen reading their final testaments.

CNN did not say how the footage had been intercepted. But a segment of the video, produced by al Qaeda’s media arm al-Sahab, was seen on the Web site which provides Arabic translations and terrorism analysis.

Bin Laden, wearing army fatigues, appeared to be weary and weak while addressing followers.

For the past several weeks, radical Islamist Web sites have proclaimed there will be “good news soon from Sheikh Osama bin Laden,” CNN reported.

The Senate voted on Friday to double the bounty on bin Laden to $50 million and require President George W. Bush to refocus on capturing the Saudi-born militant after reports that al Qaeda is gaining strength.

Shortly after the September 11 attacks, Bush said he wanted bin Laden caught dead or alive. But a year before the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, Bush shifted his emphasis, saying he did not know bin Laden’s whereabouts and “I truly am not that concerned about him.”

Top U.S. intelligence officials told the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee this week that residents of remote northwestern Pakistan, where bin Laden is believed to be hiding, have proven to be impervious to the financial rewards already offered by the U.S. government.


  1. Sandra Price

    We must assume that nothing coming from the White House is the truth. This whole administration is based on fraud and deceit.

    I keep hoping that Perot will gather the forces needed to take out OBL but he has his agenda of helping our returing soldiers to get back to health. There are no heroes in the Bush Administration and few in the Democratic congress.

    They both degrade American values.

  2. mojibyrd

    Surprise, Bin Laden resurfaces.

    Amazing how Osama re-surfaces everytime the Bush administration feels the american public needs another push with the terrorism scare…hope that the stand-in and/or doctored footage is of better quality this time…perhaps they brought in I.L.M. to make the video more believable.

    Impeach Bush Now

  3. kent shaw

    I.L.M. would be “Industrial Light and Magic” I believe, the movie special effects people? Yeah, isn’t it amazing that “bin Laden” resurfaces right after Israeli Citizen Michael Chertoff’s recent bout of indigestion?

  4. KayInMaine

    Yep. Bush’s CIA is working hahd to convince Americans that Osama is alive and well, even though the video is old pictures and the words could have been from the 1990’s for all we know!

    I’m not duped. I see a White House who is sinking fast and they’re running around the deck of the ship trying to save themselves. Providing fake Osama videos by their CIA for propaganda purposes is proof…

  5. kent shaw

    RE: Your first paragraph above. If the U.S. wanted bin Laden, it would have had him by now by sending in currently enlisted military of the types you mentioned — special forces, SEALS, etc. Meanwhile, 90% of American continues to snooze in front of their TV sets tuned to American Idol.

  6. SEAL

    If I didn’t have this damn cancer and could spend a few weeeks away from the treatments I would get some of my old guys together and go get that 50 million. If I was healthy I would bet the farm I could get him within 6 weeks with only one team if the military stayed out of my way. If we had to go in without permission it would take a little longer. I know a few mercs, ex-special forces and SEAL people, that have offerred to hunt him down but they have been denied permission and flatly told to stay the hell out of the area. They don’t want him caught, or exposed as being dead. He’s the bogeyman.

    I hope everyone notices that Bush and bin Laden do exactly the same thing. Praise the people they send to their deaths while they are as far away from any action as they can get. If Martyerdom and being killed in Iraq is so glorious, why aren’t they ot their children there? Last I heard only one congressman has a child serving in Iraq and he is a democrat. I heard McCain’s son is going. But that fits his brainwashed insanity. All those years as a POW and he wants to send his son to die for this crap? Right!!!!

  7. Jenifer D.

    Why the huge bounty? What a waste of taxpayer dollars!

    I say offer 50 cents for his capture, no, how about ten cents? I think that would be demeaning enough to bring OBL (if he’s indeed still among the living) out of hiding and stomping up to the whitehouse steps yelling, “What is this insult?! Ten cents, that’s it? George, you cheap bastard! I thought we had a good thing here!!” Then the media camera zooms in as OBL bursts into tears and walks away.

    Sounds like a great commercial for a bank, doesn’t it?

  8. Jenifer D.

    Interesting you should mention that. I’ve often wondered if OBL died during that quake in Pakistan awhile ago. SEAL, there’s your answer for being denied permission; OBL bought the old dirt farm and the reich is trying to keep it a secret!