It is becoming increasingly clear that all the preaching of “family values” that has provided the votes necessary to send this nation into a Constitutional crisis were just a cover up for the randy behavior of its proponents. Time after time those most vocal about the perils of “loose morals” were themselves diddling strangers and engaging in the very behaviors they were telling others were morally reprehensible. The next time you hear someone telling you how allowing gays to marry each other would threaten your marriage and the very foundations of America, you are probably going to ask yourself “I wonder what he is covering up?”

The preachers of values-they-don’t-practice will try to make it about what went wrong for the individuals caught in their own hypocrisy, but that is yet more bullshit wrapped in religion. It isn’t about them, it is about the rules of the sex game itself.

As a people, we have been goaded, cajoled and misled into an insane web of laws and rules about sexual behavior. Insane because they are contrary to human nature and their real purpose is to manipulate people through fear and guilt.

Let’s face it – sex is necessary, healthy and fun; which explains exactly why there are so many laws to control it. With so much going for it, controlling sex is the easiest way to control people. Mind you I said control people not sex itself, because as we know from the millennia, it is not possible to control sex.

In fact, from the evidence of the very people most intent on limiting sexual behavior of the rest of us, they have no intent on controlling sex. They have shown themselves to be enthusiastic participants in every variety of sexual behavior, from sucking cock in public restrooms to getting spanked by prostitutes. Priests tell their flock the virtues of abstinence while bedding the altar boys. Politicians decry same gender sex while hiring male prostitutes. It is beyond hypocrisy, it is about controlling you and me through fear and intimidation.

America has always had some strange notions about sex from its earliest foundations. Exactly what purpose does the state have in regulating what you and I may want to do with our bodies? Why should either federal or state governments be permitted to say anything at all about what we want to do sexually? I say except for a very few instances, the state has no right to say anything whatsoever.

Except for some reasonable regulation of sex between those over 15 and those under that age, there should be no laws at all about sexual behavior. None.

There are behaviors that involve sex that need regulation – rape, which is really a form of battery and could be left to that category, public behavior that endangers the public health, not merely offends someone, and probably a few other instances which elude me at the moment.

All the rest is not the proper exercise of the force of government. You may have sexual preferences that differ from your neighbor. You may find that most people agree with you. So what? That does not give rise to a reason for you to tell me what I may do. You can trot out all the usual justifications for restrictions on liberty – some behaviors just aren’t good for one’s health, it offends the public, it is against public morals, etc. We have been manipulated into thinking those are valid reasons to limit free behavior, but they are not.

In the larger view, sex laws are really an expression of our lack of faith in each other, a statement that you don’t trust the judgment of another person and feel the need to tell them how to live their life. That is offensive to liberty itself, but when coupled with the propensity of those who make the rules to not follow them it exposes the sex game for the power grab it is.

You may not like the idea of removing the rules of the sex game, but if you take your focus off the sex itself, you will see the farce for its true nature. If you think some sexual act is offensive, don’t engage in it. If you don’t think gays should marry, don’t do it. If you think cousins should not fornicate, avoid doing so. If you come across someone having sex in public, tell them to stop or walk away.

I know there is a fear that this licentiousness would ruin our country, lead to all sorts of horrible excesses and problems beyond imagine, but it won’t. Things will settle down to more or less the way they are in that regard, but millions and millions of people no longer will have to feel embarrassed or sinful for their behavior and would no longer have to lie, steal and cheat about it. It is this negative self-view that is used to manipulate us politically.

Take it away and we remove a key element of the sex game’s goal of giving politicians a way to control us. This control has nothing to do with sex, about which politicians keep proving they really have no scruples at all, but about raw power and the restriction of freedom.

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