At last the proof is here: Bush is an idiot.

One sentence, primarily one word, in Bush’s press conference proves it. “The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on September the 11th, and that’s why what happens in Iraq matters to the security here at home.” Dear readers, dear folks, the people blowing the crap out of themselves and hundreds of Iraqis every week are, well, just folks.

7/17 – Speaking of his success in fighting al Qaeda he said but for his “staying on the offensive” (fighting them “there”) they “”would have been a heck of a lot stronger today …” Heck! Aw shucks, I’m impressed with mighty Bush saved us from heck. My hero!

What a gold plated moron. I can’t believe one of his speech writers had this on a flash card for him to memorize before the press conference. “Folks” as in a group of folksy people.

His calling terrorists folks is pure Bush and proof our president is an idiot. And now to add to my original column, he’s trying pat himself on the back by telling us that al Qaeda would be a heck of a lot stronger if he wasn’t such a mighty mouse.

I hate to provide alternatives for our limited vocabulary president, but he could have called the bombers fanatics or zealots. He also could have said “significantly” stronger, though that does have five sylables and might tax his brain.

Perhaps to make up for this odd characterizationd Bush reverted back to the name calculated to induce the same trembling in us that the evermore cadaverous Michael Chertoff feels in his gut.

According to the New York Times he referred to al Qaeda at least 30 times.

Maybe he should call al Qaeda, to paraphrase the title of adman Jerry della Femina’s 1970 book1 about the advertising industry, the wonderful folks who brought us 9-11.

Of course he wants us to believe the fiction about fighting them there so we don’t have to fight them here. That nutsy theory has been so discredited that all but the certifiably paranoid still believe it. But Bush persists in playing Henny Penny running around trying to convince us all that unless we listen to his dire warnings that bin Laden clones will be falling out of the sky.

He’s an idiot who managed to sell his idiocy to lots of Americans for some time. But now he’s like a defeated political candidate who has thousands of left over bumper stickers and expects to sell them all on eBay.

Hell, remember all the “bin Laden Wanted Dead or Alive” stickers? I wonder how many of them are in the warehouses of all the companies still listed on Google as having them for sale.

Bush conveniently neglects reminding us that the man responsible for 9-11 is still at large somewhere in the border region between two countries that are presumably our allies.

Oh heck, what else can you expect from our idiot president?

1. When asked to come up with a slogan for Panasonic he jokingly said how how about “From those wonderful folks who gave you Pearl Harbor.” He later used this as the title of his book.


  1. SEAL

    If Bush is such an idiot, why is he the president and we the ones being screwed?

    It is obvious why no one ever confronts Bush with the facts. They are all in it together. The only contention is which party is going to be first at the feed trough.

  2. average aussie

    How long has this loser been in the shite house now?
    And you just now realise “the proof is here, bush is an idiot”? Why has it taken so long? I think most of the rest of the world has thought that since he was (s)elected. I have always thought that there was something seriously wrong with his anatomy, every time I see him open his mouth crap comes out of it, and this is the leader of the “free world”? No wonder the rest of the world is laughing!

  3. valiant4truth

    Hal, that’s “… Bush’s press conference… “, not “…Bushes press conference…”. Sloppy grammar detracts from the message.


  4. kent shaw

    valiant4 truth, you should be consistent in your use of the ellipsis. If you are going to employ a space between the punctuation and the text in one case, then you should use the space in all cases. Or, if you choose not to use the space in one case then you should not use the space in all cases. Sloppy punctuation detracts from the message, especially when the writer has seen fit to criticize another’s punctuation or grammar, which results in the critic appearing to be somewhat less than erudite.

    — Kent

  5. Jenifer D.

    False Flag Operations Inc.
    I often wonder if it isn’t our own government contracting this so-called terrorism? I’m serious. Home-grown terror to keep the voters in fear 24/7/365 until a state of national emergency can be declared, martial law implemented, presidential elections suspended, and America transformed into Amerika; Bush’s wet dream come true.

    There are too many American voters that believe ignorance is bliss as long as they have their cable, their beer, their superbowl and whatever instant gratification they have via internet. I often hear: “let’s wait until he leaves office”. OK, what if he NEVER leaves?

  6. michal54

    “The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on September the 11th,…”

    Perhaps he was talking about himself, Cheney and the rest of his group of traitorous criminals.

  7. kent shaw

    Jennifer D. ?

    Well. That IS the crux of the matter is it not? You seem to have summarized the issue to my satisfaction.

    There are many like us.

    How do we organize?

    It is time for a national strike.

    Just stay home.

    As long as it takes.

    — Kent

  8. kent shaw

    WHAT?! The Saudis are now bombing innocent people in Iraq?! Why hasn’t this been reported in the mainstream media?!

    — Kent

  9. yarply

    Bush has said;
    Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.
    And also said;
    If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator.
    And now he has said; The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on September the 11th, and that’s why what happens in Iraq matters to the security here at home.
    Come on folks,, Bush says lots of stupid stuff on purpose, (AKA Bushisms). (He and his cronies must really be laughing)and when he makes statements like thoughs listed above most just think its more of the same, when actually he is telling the truth.
    (in his twisted way) The thing to do is to be able to separate the BS from the Orwellian double talk and double think he and his handlers use. Remember these are the type of people who are in the Skulls and Bones, The Thule society and other elite secret organizations, These people are into some really weird stuff, stuff that most people would not even believe if you told them. So do not just dismiss the ‘stupid’ things Bush says as dumb or stupid, because all through history world leaders have used misdirection, propaganda, outright lies, and even the truth, to manipulate and enslave their people. Do not think it cannot happen here or that it is not happening here,, right now in this country.

  10. anthny

    Bush is no idiot, he’s been screwing us since day one.
    The B.S. that he spews is bascicly the truth, The people who bomb Iraq are the same people who bombed us on 9/11.
    For an idiot to admit they did the world trade center bombings is fantastic. He has the balls to tell eveyone who pulled the job. (Inside Job) At the world trade center.
    Everything Hitler and his regime did this creep is doing. He and the Neo-Con bastards have read Goebbles hand book on propaganda. Notice the Flag Waving Nationalism, The term Folks, Homeland, instead of Fatherland.
    Hitler used the terrorism word and the Reichstag fire and Twin Towers have so much in common it’s damming.

  11. JoyfulC

    The thing that haunts Fred and me the most is our recollections of some of the discussions we had with people between the 9/11 attacks and when Bush invaded Iraq. The overwhelming majority of people we discussed it with thought that Bush was right to attack Iraq. These weren’t simple-minded people with little knowledge of history or not much experience dealing with people. They were scientists, doctors, lawyers, corporate executives, bureaucrats. They were people who otherwise usually seem to fall on the more sensible side of things. And many doggedly refused to reevaluate the position, even as the magnitude of the disaster became obvious. What in the hell happened here?

    What could be wrong with us as a people that we could let something like this happen?

    Bush bashing is gratifying — frankly, I can’t even stand to watch the guy on TV for more than a minute or two, he’s so annoying — but the real question here is how were we bamboozled so easily? We have to figure out what’s really important and worth preserving, and steel our determination never to allow anyone to sway us again — not the terrorists and not those who exploit our fear of terrorists.

  12. geyser

    In a morbid sense of humor you can look at that sentence another way. “The same folks that are bombing Innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on September the 11th, If you look at the sentence and break it down, you can say the ones that bombed us in America, is us. Aren’t we bombing Innocent Iraqis, more times then we care to let on?
    Bush must have caught wind of that theory, someone in America knowing or having something to do with 9/11. Did he purposely word the sentence to have two meanings or did he assume we would all think insurgent? And we know what happens when one Assumes.
    There is no reason to affirm Bush as a Moron or Idiot, he has done it many times before, all on his own. Same thing goes for his 5th. grade vocabulary. He has shown us that many times before. It is the sad part that nothing can be done about it. A sitting president can’t be fired for being an Imbecile.
    I haven’t read any previous Comments, I don’t know if anybody picked up on this before me. It just puts his speech into a differnt perspective.

    Taking One Day at a Time

  13. Rick Fuller

    I don’t believe the ‘Dubya’ is furthering ‘daddys agenda.’ George the 1st was smart enough to know that going into Baghdad would be the wrong move, ‘Dubya’ is simply following the PNAC plan.

    In fact, ‘daddy’ has tried to help ‘Jr’ out with the Baker-Hamilton Report, but being the egoistical, self-absorbed loser that ‘Jr’ is, Dubya rejected daddy’s help.

  14. mterry

    I would like to begin by stating that this is one person’s opinion. This is not in anyway to be taken as other than my exercise of my first amendment rights under the Bill of Rights.

    Ok, first off…the man was an idiot from early life. Known for being an inconsistent, drug using, alcoholic, draft dodging, slacker. He tried to hide from service in Viet Nam in the Air National Guard…he blew it. He tried to hide in the corporate world that daddy set him up in…he blew it repeatedly…with companies that were able to chug along nicely, this idiot with a total lack of business acumen…blew it.

    SO, here we are, stuck with a smirking, self satisfied, frat boy…who managed to get himself appointed to the Presidency (in his second term) by fiat of the U.S. supreme court.

    Here we are stuck with a man willing to kill thousands and thousands of people on both sides to further daddy’s agenda…and so far (again)…he blew it.

    This is a man that is generally acknowledged to be not just a idiot, but a megalomaniac of the first order. This is a man that every hour of every day, takes the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of the citizenry and does his best to shred them, while leading us all like some demented pied piper down the tubes into a dictatorship, with himself as dictator, as fast as he can.

    So, why is it that he isn’t being stopped? Why is this one idiot being allowed by not just the other two co-equal branches of government, but by every citizen of this country, to appoint himself the all powerful “Oz”?

    So if he’s the idiot, are we all that much more a collective fool for allowing him to do this to us a a people, and to this country as a whole?

    Can someone out there advise me how I, as a citizen of this country, can begin the process of impeachment to get both this idiot, and his puppet master (Cheney) -who is the more dangerous of the two in my opinion…out of office BEFORE they take us all beyond the point of no return?

    M. T.
    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
    ~George Washington

  15. Rick Fuller

    Read my lips: Leave the Saudis alone Dubya!

    …because daddy is in bed with the Saudis via the Carlyle Group and that would be baaaaaaad, very baaaaaaad, and daddy ain’t gonna take Dubya’s messing with daddy’s money.

  16. Jim C

    Weren’t ” the folks that hit us ” on 9/11 Saudies and why doesn’t anyone ever confront chimpy with that niggling little fact ?

  17. f33dback

    The only part of your article that I have a problem with is the word “final”.


    You really just got the proof he is a moron?
    The proof has been there since 2000 in the way he has run this country into the ground, and of course everytime he opens his mouth.

  18. kent shaw

    “The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on September the 11th, … ”

    And, once again he attempts to associate Al Qaeda, Iraq and 911. And, 60% of the U.S. population will buy it. Perfect.

  19. Electric Bill

    If you took al Qaeda and 911 (or September 11) out of Bush’s vocabulary, he couldn’t put enough of his crap together to make a speech. Now there is an idea.

  20. bryan mcclellan

    Nice shot Hal, Nervous Smirkus our decider of DUH,truly suffers from oral diarrhea and mental colon blockage.

  21. Hal Brown

    Impeach Darth, stumblebum — I was thinking about what could citizens who are fed up really do and all I could come up with is to call or write their senators and representatives, especially those who are up for reelection in 2008.

    Representatives are usually sensitive to voter opinion if they face a close election, so hit yours hard as they have to impeach before the Senate conducts a trial.

    If you have Democratic senators by all means express your views to them. But most important, if any of you are represented in Congress by Republican senators, even if they aren’t up for reelection in 2008 you might want to remind them that they will be in 2010 or 2012, and you have a long memory.

    The boldest move that Congress could take would be to first impeach Cheney and convict him, and then hold up any nomination by Bush to replace him until Bush himself is impeached, making Nancy Pelosi president probably for about six months, but hell it could be six days.

    The point would be the process itself which would be intended to rein in this power mad stumblebum. Of course there is the risk it could force Bush and Cheney to nuke, oh, say, Massachusetts. Symbolically of course, or maybe not since Bush could have a narcissistic meltdown and Cheney could goad him into obliterating the only state with legal same sex marriage just to spite his daughter.

    But if Republicans could accept that their president is out of control and measures as drastic as they are historically unprecedented are necessary, perhaps they could accept a very brief Pelosi presidency.

    From the Republicans viewpoint, noxious as that would be to them, they would have a better chance to keep the presidency in 2008 and regain control of the House, Senate or both.

  22. yarply

    I don’t know but aren’t we (the US) the ones bombing the people of Iraq. Is this some freudian slip or is he just letting everyone know what the conspiracy folks have been saying all along? That 9-11 was an inside job all along.