Bush postures while Americans die

With his failed Iraq policy crumbling around him, an embattled President George W. Bush Tuesday pleaded for more time from a growing list of Republican dissenters, a skeptical Democratic Congress and a disillusioned American public.

As Bush stubbornly claims his lost war can still be won, more Americans and Iraqis died in an attack inside the heavily-fortified Green Zone and a roadside bomb today destroyed a military Hummer, killing or wounding an undisclosed number of soldiers.

Yet as the carnage mounts, Bush stubbornly refuses to budge on Iraq and refuses to admit failure in a war that just about everyone else says is lost.

Reports AFP:

Facing the most potent attack yet from Congress on the war as his political influence dims, Bush said generals on the battlefield must decide troop strength, not frustrated politicians in Washington.

But Democrats fired up a new assault on US war strategy with a demand for troop withdrawals within four months, with most combat troops to be home by the end of next April. Bush has already vetoed a timeline-based approach.

The president told a friendly audience of business leaders in the Midwestern state of Ohio that he had a “plan to lead to victory” despite a bloody three-month period of US combat deaths and raging violence in Iraq.

While criticizing Iraq’s government for not doing enough to promote reconciliation, Bush asked lawmakers to wait for the US commander in Iraq to deliver a key progress report on his troop surge strategy, due in September.

“I call upon the United States Congress to give General David Petraeus a chance to come back and tell us whether his strategy is working, and then we can work together on a way forward,” Bush said.

Bush spoke days before an interim assessment is due on the operation to surge 30,000 more troops into Iraq, amid reports the Iraqi government has met none of its required political and military targets under the plan.

A poll released Tuesday showed the political logic behind waning Republican enthusiasm for the war: opposition to the war mounted and Bush’s approval rating fell to a new low.

Seven in 10 Americans favor removing nearly all US troops from Iraq by April, said the USA Today/Gallup poll. And 62 percent of those surveyed over the weekend said the United States had made a mistake in sending troops to Iraq — the first time that figure exceeded 60 percent.

Only one in five said the troop surge starting in January had improved the situation.

As Bush continues to claim his plan is working, violence in Iraq continues to mount.

Writes Jay Deshmukh of AFP:

Insurgents opened fire on the heavily fortified Green Zone in central Baghdad Tuesday, killing at least three people, as US President George W. Bush rejected a new wave of opposition to his strategy for the strife-torn country.

The US embassy in the Green Zone “is currently aware of three fatalities: a US military service member, an Iraqi citizen, and a third-country national of unknown nationality,” a statement from the US state department said.

It said that “multiple rounds of indirect fire” were launched at the zone, but did not give further details.

The walled area also houses the British embassy and the Iraqi parliament, and it has been regularly attacked in recent weeks.

The latest attack came hours after gunmen in civilian cars opened fire on Iraqi policemen manning a checkpoint near the restive town of Samarra, killing five, according to police Captain Riyad Yussef.


  1. Sandra Price

    I think we are seeing a President who has no concept of the reality of what he has done. He has visions of Caesar moving around the world claiming spoils and killing his enemies. He has made 9/11 the excuse for another crusade and he somehow believes he represents the good things in the world.

    He has rubbed America into the sores of other nations and then wonders why we are hated. Even we Americans despise his actions and arrogance but he keeps on going with renewed batteries and is killing our reputation all over the planet.

    We elected politicians to put a stop to this arrogance but they did not have the strength or intelligence to see where Buah and his neoconservatives went wrong.

    Lying and abuse of power are accepted as common actions in our government and the American brain is being driven by faith, not constitutional laws.

    I’m not convinced that America will ever be restored and that our White House has done a job on all of us making us the target for every terrorist movement on the earth. We will have to get used to it and hopefully be more careful when we find ourselves guided by the faith-based citizens instead of our American-loving voters.

    We are being driven by a movement to bring on the end of times under one man.

  2. gene

    In the above article it stated “disillusioned American public”….what the hell does that mean? WOW!!! If someone is trying to impress me (I suspect not) they definitely did with that puke. I’m not even going to start, its already been said a thousand times plus. Some people see them as idiots and some see them as “knowing what they are doing”. I agree with both, ie. idiots that know exactly what they are all about.

    “But” and those dam “buts” will get you every dam time. You, me or anyone that has knowledge of this scam tries to tell one of the (local yokles) who live primarily in their (ON) little (me first) f**king worlds….well good luck sucker.

    Again is their enough, is it soon enough and will it last? Don’t bother asking me, you know my answer. Besides, I just took (2) blessed (ativan) and in a few minutes I want/want to kill these bastards. A nice (legal) heart attack would be welcome though for most of our wonderful leaders, I might even fake a tear or two.

  3. www.nazilieskill.us

    I don’t blame Bush so much as the royal and imperial institution of the Presidency as framed by the founding fatheads.

    John Hanks, Laramie, Wyoming

  4. Carl Nemo

    I marveled as Bush moved about in front of his Cleveland based audience yesterday. The audience seemed to be all overdosed on Prozac or would have to be in order to give this guy the respect he gets at these staged gatherings. They all had an emoticon “Smiley Face” demeanor. Maybe they are all paid shills that travel in a follow-up plane wherever he goes to give him hand-clap support? Come to think of it I’m beginning to see the same faces in the audience no matter where he shows up. They even have uniforms if they wish to stage a military hand-clap gathering. Truly both ingenius and Orwellian at the same time… :))

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. jennbeez

    It’s tempting to believe the bottom 29%ers don’t exist but I live in NC and I’m sorry to say that they do exist. I see them every day. They are the admirers of Miss AnnThrowPee Coulter and Rush and the rest…they keep their tv set to Fox where they hear things are going better every day for the lucky Iraqis whom we are helping to rid of a Satanic regime.

    They believe the democrats are trying to pull the rug of victory from under their dear president by bringing our troops home before they can achieve victory for the USA. They believe the democrats are only doing this out of bipartisan hatred for the republicans.

    They never read or watch anything that doesn’t reinforce their own fantasies. They believe left wing liberal bias has infected every other news media except their beloved Foxnews. They see themselves, their truths, and their patriotism as victims of the elite liberal educated class. They despise public education and consistently vote against raising taxes to improve it. Many of these people receive some type of government aid themselves, yet they despise the people who suck on the government tit. Many of them believe the neocons are instruments of God who will bring the world to the brink of Armageddon. They believe they will be taken up to heaven in the Rapture before the ultimate destruction of the world.

    That’s who we are up against.

  6. Bill Jonke

    Every morning when I read the news on the current administration, I wonder if this is all a dream.

    Wimps, crazies, escaped lunatics, bi-polar individuals, you name it, are holding sway here in America. The cream of the crop of the dysfunctionals is taking this country by storm.

    This is beginning to sound like the beginning of the end for all of us here in America, and the hits still keep coming!

    When is enough enough? Bush will test everybody’s limits until he’s impeached and convicted, dies, or whatever. He has not matured by any means, regardless of the fact that he’s 61.

    This is the result of the dumbing down process we’ve attained, it amounts to mass Schizophrenia.

  7. Carl Nemo

    Bill Jonke the simple answer is “bad drugs” courtesy of “Big Pharm”…! Sixty million Americans are on fluoride (halogen) based anti-depressants that have been linked to a variety of ill side effects from suicide to mass mayhem and general “vapidity” most associated with “feedlot” animals. People have been turned into semi-vegetative morons that no longer can discern between right and wrong good vs. evil etc.! They’ve been reduced to consumeristic, ever-hungry for new toy/s mall-rats! Their government is AOK as long as doesn’t infringe on the “Right to Shop Until They Drop” their only remaining freedom…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. SEAL

    The American people go wherever the media leads them. That’s why the neocons engineered the legislation under Reagan to allow media conglomerates. Now only 6 corporations control all the media. Find yourself some foreign newspapers and compare them to the US news and you will see the difference.

    The only way for the people of this country to be informed of the true situation is to change the message from the media. To do that, they would have to reverse the law and force the conglomerates to divest themselves of most of their media holdings. And, of course, revoke the Fox license for falsely masquerading as a news station.