Internet gossip monger Matt Drudge, who never met a rumor he couldn’t publish if it is anti-Democrat or pro-Republican. pulled a post from his web site after the Democratic National Committee threatened legal action. But that’s just one of a rash of "just quite get it right" screwups on the ‘Net these days.

In his "retraction," Drudge said:

The Democratic National Committee strongly denies it placed political operatives in the city of New Orleans to work against the reelection efforts of incumbent Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin.

Well-placed DRUDGE REPORT sources claimed DNC Chairman Howard Dean made the decision to back mayoral candidate and sitting Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu (D-LA).

The DNC says the report is "unequivocally and absolutely false."

DNC Communications director Karen Finney explained: "The DNC does not as a policy get involved in Democratic primaries… The only thing that the DNC did was a campaign helping ensure that displaced voters had an opportunity to vote."

The DRUDGE REPORT takes chairman Dean and his spokesman at their word.

What Drudge didn’t tell his readers is that he pulled the story after getting a letter from the DNC’s lawyers.

Reports Raw Story:

DNC communications director Karen Finney said the move came only after the Committee’s lawyer had penned a note to Drudge asking him to take the story down.

"Because of the seriousness of the inaccuracy and the reckless disregard of the facts I did ask our lawyer to send a note to Drudge asking him to take the story down," Finney told RAW STORY.

“I’m disappointed that Drudge would run such a grossly inaccurate story particularly when it comes to protecting the people’s right to vote,” she added.

The Democratic National Committee consulted its attorneys Monday after a story claimed that Dean had intervened in New Orleans’ recent mayoral race.

Raw story also found it interesting that Drudge’s quote of DNC Communications Director Karen Finney was, in fact, pulled from their web site and used without attribution.

Said the web site:

Finney was amused to find her quote — given only to RAW STORY — in Drudge’s story. She said she had not spoken to Drudge.

Drudge has a long history of retractions and pulled stories. He was sued by former Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal after he claimed Blumenthal abused his wife. The case was settled out of court.

Tim Grieve notes in Salon’s War Room says the "just can’t get it right" malady is running rampant::

How hard can it be to get things right?

Matt Drudge reported earlier today that Al Gore and his "entourage" took five cars to travel the 500 yards from their hotel in Cannes, France, to the theater where "An Inconvenient Truth" was being screened. As Think Progress reports this afternoon, a Gore spokesman says the former vice president and his associates walked to the screening.

In defense of his claim that Karl Rove has already been indicted on charges of perjury and lying to federal investigators, Truthout’s Jason Leopold said last week that he had "five sources" to back him up. In its latest defense of the story, Truthout says it "now" has "three independent sources" who confirm what Rove’s team denies — that Rove’s lawyers were given a copy of his indictment on May 12 or 13.

Wayne Madsen, who has been running hard with the "Rove indicted" ball, checks out that Friday’s daily calendar for the U.S. District Court in Washington and notes one case called "U.S. v. Sealed" and several more called "Sealed v. Sealed." Could one of those involve a Rove indictment kept under seal while Rove and Patrick Fitzgerald work out a plea deal or while the Bush administration intervenes to fight off an indictment? Could be, but maybe it’s worth noting that a search of the U.S. District Court’s database reveals more than a thousand cases with such "sealed" captions over the past couple of decades.

Finally, the Note raised a tantalizing question this morning. Just what was Karl Rove doing that Friday evening at O’Hare, the airport that serves the city where Patrick Fitzgerald usually works. Wonkette has the not-so-interesting answer: He was headed to a fundraiser for Republicans in a northern Chicago suburb.