Gonzales lied about Patriot Act abuse

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales lied to Congress two years ago when he claimed he there were no documented FBI abuses under the controversial USA Patriot Act.

Gonzales told Congress in April 2005 that “there has not been one verified case of civil liberties abuse” under the rights-robbing act that was passed by a shell-shocked Congress after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In fact, reports The Washington Post, Gonzales received at least a half-dozen reports detailing violations three months before he lied to Congress. The Post, using the Freedom of Information Act, obtained internal FBI documents detailing the violations and reports to Gonzales.

The violations, the Post reported, included unauthorized surveillance and an illegal property search.

Justice department officials backpeddled Monday, saying they did not know whether Gonzales had read the reports.

Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse said, “The statements from the attorney general are consistent with statements from other officials at the FBI and the department.” He told the Post that many of the violations were not illegal but merely involved procedural safeguards or even typographical errors.

Writes John Solomon in The Post:

As he sought to renew the USA Patriot Act two years ago, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales assured lawmakers that the FBI had not abused its potent new terrorism-fighting powers. “There has not been one verified case of civil liberties abuse,” Gonzales told senators on April 27, 2005.

Six days earlier, the FBI sent Gonzales a copy of a report that said its agents had obtained personal information that they were not entitled to have. It was one of at least half a dozen reports of legal or procedural violations that Gonzales received in the three months before he made his statement to the Senate intelligence committee, according to internal FBI documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

The acts recounted in the FBI reports included unauthorized surveillance, an illegal property search and a case in which an Internet firm improperly turned over a compact disc with data that the FBI was not entitled to collect, the documents show. Gonzales was copied on each report that said administrative rules or laws protecting civil liberties and privacy had been violated.

The reports also alerted Gonzales in 2005 to problems with the FBI’s use of an anti-terrorism tool known as a national security letter (NSL), well before the Justice Department’s inspector general brought widespread abuse of the letters in 2004 and 2005 to light in a stinging report this past March.


  1. Dorothiea



    Scary! Sen. Arlen Specter’s endorsement Of Bruce Castor, DA of Montgomery
    County concerning the illegal wiretapping and breaking into my family homes,
    and The Attorney General and President Knew what was going on and lied about
    it to Congress:

    For Your Information And Awareness:

    You Need To Know!

    Sen Arlen Specter, endorsement on June 11, 2007 of Bruce Castor and
    James R. Matthews Board of Commissioners, and Risa Vetri Ferman as Bruce
    Castor’s replacement as DA is a disgrace to our Judicial System, and a slap
    in the face of the Constitutional and Bill of right that every citizen in
    this country has.

    Arlen Specter is well aware of the illegal and unwarranted wiretapping
    and servileness that is going on in this county, of which my daughter are
    two of the targets. Specter is well aware the Bruce Castor as well as Risa
    Vetri Ferman, and Mike Marino have crossed the line into illegal behavior,
    obstruction of justice, perjury, and a host of other crimes against my daughter
    and myself.

    they have shown themselves to be nothing but thugs and

    Know for sure that when you see Specter chairing any investigation,
    concerning NSA, wiretapping and surveillance’s, etc., it is a joke and nothing
    but a show for the public, both George Bush, and Gonzales as well as the
    FBI Director and the CIA Director were aware of the illegal breaking and
    entering into my daughter’s and my homes, both here in Montgomery County
    Penna., and in Washington DC, and the wiretapping and surveillance. Specter
    gave and interview on June 11, 2007 to the Philadelphia Bulletin, were he
    express his admiration for Bruce Castor (scary) He stated that Castor was
    “a young man whom I have watched over the years,” he said the DA has “set
    the model in this state for being district attorney.”

    Arlen Specter has taken leave of his senses, and shown very bad
    judgement. He knows full well that what Bruce Castor is implementing here
    in this county is illegal. Please check out this site:

    then read the article below: This is very scary, and a disgrace to
    our country!

    Arlen Specter is a perfect example of why we need term limits in
    our Senate and Congress. He is a disgrace and promoting prosecutable misconduct,
    etc. He has shown by his endorsment of Castor that he is without morals or

    Below find a copy of that article, then check out:

    What is going on here in this county, makes Castor and Marino and
    Risa Vetri Ferman is a disgrace to our country, and constitute an egregious
    and unacceptable abuse of public trust and power. The American people rightfully
    expect the highest ethical standards from their elected leaders, Bruce Castor
    is a disgrace, and should have been disbarred years ago, along with Marino,
    and Risa Vetri Ferman! The President Of The United States, George Bush is
    aware of this atrocity of injustice and has condoned it! George Bush and
    his entire administration should be Impeached!

    The media is just covering up this matter, because of their involvement.
    I use to have respect for Specter, but it is a fact that he has as poor of
    judgment as the rest of this administration and believes in rewarding those
    who have no respect for the laws of this country! He too is a disgrace to
    this country!

    Specter Jumps Behind Montco Republicans

    By: Bradley Vasoli, The Bulletin


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    Norristown – Sen. Arlen Specter joined Montgomery County’s slate
    of Republican row office candidates to express hope that this Philadelphia-border
    county, staying Republican by decreasing margins in recent years, remains
    a GOP mainstay. The county, though overwhelmingly Republican in terms of
    voter registration, poses a difficulty to some local GOP campaigners. It’s
    an area that never turned out a majority for President Bush and did not lend
    much support to Rick Santorum in his unsuccessful reelection effort last
    year. But Specter remains exceedingly popular in this area and has conveyed
    much confidence in his Republican brethren who control all of its county
    departments. “I’m very grateful to the voters of this distinguished county
    for that support over the years,” he said. “And the county has been Republican
    and has produced really outstanding public service to manage the affairs
    of the county. Strenuous efforts have been made to hold down the tax rate,
    to hold down spending and to have very, very strong law

    The senator attributed some of the successful containment of crime
    to Bruce Castor’s service as district attorney. Calling Castor “a young man
    whom I have watched over the years,” he said the DA has “set the model in
    this state for being district attorney.” Specter said Castor’s work as top
    prosecutor indicates he will competently oversee all of the county’s functions
    if elected to the Board of Commissioners. “Bruce has a tremendous background
    to take on the job of commissioner,” the senator said. “He is really a
    straight-arrow [possessing] a lot of talent.” Risa Vetri Ferman, Castor’s
    second in command, is now vying for election to his job and the senator endorsed
    her bid, referring to her as a “terrific prosecutor and has had the background
    and the experience to do the job.” He continued, “I’m sure she will carry
    on the tradition that DA Castor has established.”

    Specter also urged the reelection of James R. Matthews, the Board
    of Commissioners’ present vice chairman. Democrats have set their sites on
    capturing a majority on the board and have nominated former congressman and
    erstwhile Commissioner Joseph M. Hoeffel to run with current Commissioner
    Ruth S. Damsker. “Regrettably, [Matthews] wasn’t taken away from Norristown
    to Harrisburg in the last election,” Specter said of Matthews’ run for the
    lieutenant governorship under gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann. “As county
    commissioner, you’ve done superb work.” Matthews said he and other Republicans
    he has served with on the Board of Commissioners would have had a more difficult
    job without “this icon of Pennsylvania politics there in Washington for us.”
    Specter, he continued, “is ahead of the game as far as knowing our priorities
    and what we have wanted to achieve.”

    Matthews specifically cited Specter’s support for extending Lafayette
    Street in Norristown to the turnpike, a project expected to bring new commercial
    vitality to Norristown. Specifically, the federal government has contributed
    funds for engineering studies associated with the project. “That is just
    one area where the senator has always been out in front for us,” Matthews
    said. “There is no greater champion.”

    Matthews and Castor have contrasted their approach to the revitalization
    of Norristown in recent days with that of their opponents. They have said
    the Democrats’ plan to hire a county grant writer to secure federal, state
    and private contributions to redevelopment efforts in Norristown and other
    densely populated communities is an unneeded expenditure. They also criticize
    Damsker and Hoeffel’s plans to increase revitalization by $2.5 million annually
    as to costly to taxpayers. “They say they want to be accountable for their
    promises, but how do they account for all of this empty political rhetoric
    with no plan in place to pay for it?” Matthews said.

    Castor has described the Democrats’ plan as “completely unrealistic”
    and said, “Once again, either Hoeffel and Damsker are completely clueless
    or writing checks they will never be able to cash.” Specter concluded his
    remarks by urging voters to keep Montgomery and other counties in the region
    Republican-run to provide balance to the power the Democrats exert in
    Philadelphia government. “Right now, if counties do not provide the balance
    for the Republican Party – candidly, to offset Philadelphia – that balance
    will not be present,” Specter said. “The state has always relied on the four
    suburban counties to provide balance to Philadelphia to make it competitive.
    That’s the tradition of this county.”

    Bradley Vasoli can be reached at bvasoli@thebulletin.us

    ©The Evening Bulletin 2007

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    up the rights of others, for these poor ignorant souls know not that the
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    self-government.” — Thomas Jefferson, June 24, 1826.

    “He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy
    from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent
    that will reach to himself.” — Thomas Paine

    “Should I keep back my opinions at such a time through fear of giving
    offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country,
    and of an act of disloyalty towards the majesty of Heaven, which I revere
    above all earthly kings.”

    “A time comes when silence is betrayal.” Rev. Martin Luther King

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    At a time when the landscape of our culture is changing rapidly,
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    conventional ways of viewing those areas.

    “Until The Lions have Their Historians, Tales of This Hunt will be
    told Only by The Hunters” Praying we all become Historians.

    Much Love and Peace,


    While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things
    which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things
    which are not seen are eternal.

    II Cor 4:18

    Check out:

    Also: Dorothiea Speaks Truth To Power:


    Friends and Family


    Daily Journal:

  2. SEAL

    Well….. We could all stick our heads out the windows and yell that we are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it any more.

  3. Dayahka

    Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, all three should be impeached. However, impeachment no longer has any meaning or utility now that the most impeachable administration in history has been given a free pass by the Democrats. As they say in China, if you lie down with dogs you’ll wake up with fleas, and the Democrats work hand-in-glove with these liars, so there’s really nothing to do except do what is being done here, make note of the shame–but expect no change.

  4. gene

    Adding to my above comment/rant, I guess we just have to ask is enough, soon enough and is it big enough and if so, will it last. Only time will tell but I suspect “I need a dam drink”.

  5. Steve Horn

    Ahh Gonzales – perhaps we should put him on trial for perjury, then if he’s found guilty Bush can grant him a full pardon, further mocking the judicial system and constitution of the United States.

  6. Rick Fuller

    “Ahh Gonzales – perhaps we should put him on trial for perjury, then if he’s found guilty Bush can grant him a full pardon, further mocking the judicial system and constitution of the United States.” –Steve Horn


  7. Joe Lawrence

    Will the wuss Dems NOW move for the impeachment of Gonzales? And, will CHB support the call?

  8. gene

    YES and NO Joe (above). No the dems will probably remain a bunch of “wusses” and yes (if given the opportunity) CHB will support the call.

  9. RSW

    No, the DEMS won’t move for impeachment. Won’t move on Gonzoles, won’t move on Bush. Won’t move on Cheney, either. None of these elected officials will move on any kind of impeachment. After all, it could happen to one or more of them someday, should they find themselves occupants of the White House.

    No, none of them will do this. And it’s probably likely that if we throw them out, that we will replace them with the same sort of high catering low life that is there now.

    Remember Frederick Douglass? At the risk of overkill on this one, he said, “Power concedes nothing without demand. It never has and never will. Show me the exact amount of wrong and injustices that are visited upon a person and I will show you the exact amount of words endured by these people.”

    Our elected officials haven’t even heard us. I think it is time to admit this and start to set the house in order.



  10. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Actually –

    …all of this so called administration will qualify –

    …and in the pit of my stomach, I think that should Congress get the bucking falls to impeach, Mr Decider/Commuter/Uniter will NOT abide by their actions –

    …he’ll claim “EP” – after all, we all know what The Constitution is to him –


  11. mterry

    OK,OK!! I think I see a plan here…

    (climbs up onto his soapbox)

    Let’s break out the clown cage, toss him in with the “Decider”, his puppet master, “Scooter” boy, and the entire supporting cast of con men (con women) and crooks from both sides of the aisles, throw the entire seething controversy ridden mass into prison….for a long time.

    Make sure that the U.S. Supreme Court actually uses the CONSTITUTION to decide constitutional law. They are no longer the unelected life long rulers of the nation. They serve for a maximum of 10 years.

    STOP voting for any incumbent of ANY stripe.

    Require term limits for all levels of this type of service. Because folks, it was meant to be just that…not a career, but a temporary service.

    Next, make sure that the future occupants of these offices have it firmly reinforced (any of you out there good dog trainers?) that they work for We the People. They aren’t working for the special interests (any more).

    Failure to conduct themselves correctly will result in immediate dismissal.

    Outlaw lobbying. I know that it provides a serious living for many out there…TOO BAD! Lobbying is a cancer on the People’s business, and as such must be excised in totem.

    Next exorcism, is pork barrel politics. NO more earmarks. If you are there to “return favors” then you are in the wrong place.

    Lastly, stop slipping BS bits and pieces of legislation into other unrelated bills. If it can’t stand on it’s own…TOO BAD, then it’ll never be law. Sneaking in through the back door needs to stop.

    (climbs down off of the soap box) THANKS.

    M. T.
    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
    ~George Washington

  12. Steve Horn

    MT – I’d love to agree with you, but you can’t outlaw lobbying – it’s protected under the constitution as freedom of speech. What you CAN limit, however, is what sorts of gifts and contributions politicians can, under the law, accept. In fact, there are legal limits, but there are numerous ways to bypass them.

    One way to do this would be for those who receive gifts to be responsible for the income tax on them – as they represent income. You pay tax if you win the lottery, right? You pay tax on a bonus at work, right? Why not on other gifts at retail value?

    Better still, as Senators and Representatives are employed by us, why not have their daily schedules public records – where every meeting is logged – where every appointment and who it’s with and for how long is logged – on the internet. Now a bit of simple research would let you see which members of congress spend the most time with lobbyists – derive whatever meaning you wish from the data.

    And never, ever, vote for an incumbent …

  13. Joe Lawrence

    And never vote for any member of an ex-incumbent’s immediate family. I, being originally from Kentucky, am okay with cousins.

    Note to Sandy: Why will CHB only report, and not support, the impeachment of Gonzales?

    The prime benefit of impeaching him is that most of BushCorp will have to testify at the Senate trial…..UNDER OATH AND FOR THE RECORD.

  14. kent shaw

    The democrats need to impeach. Any republican who wants to assure reelection in ’08 simply needs to join with the democrats. Why are they being so dense about this?

  15. Cailleach

    I have just finished re-reading Robert Heinlein’s “The Puppet Masters.” A saucer arrives on Earth carrying slugs from Titan (a moon of Saturn). The slugs attatch themselves to humans and take over control of them. making them slaves of the titans’ will. Most of the projection of the future is way off base, but one thing has not changed at all–the way the government works and responds to the crisis.

    Oh yes–the date of the of the landing is July 12, 2007, THIS THURSDAY!!! Uh-oh.

  16. gene

    Something interesting is happening here at (CHB) as I read the rants and comments. Their very good rants and comments by the way. I respect the ability of many here to express themselves through stringing words and sentences together to express their ideals or particualr points.

    “BUT”…got to watch them “buts” they will get you everytime. We can probably (rant) until all of us are blue in the face and taking our last breath, its the American way. Unfortuneately as I look out upon the land scape of the “American dream” I see individuals (again) who are clueless and only interested in their “little world”.

    It takes numbers, very large numbers of intelligent, knowledgeable, motivated people with concern for their rights and the rights of others to make the changes this nation so desparately needs.

    “BUT” it ain’t going to happen!!!!

    So add to the above “but” a global financial implosion such as the world has never experience and (I) will see (you) on the other side of Hell.

  17. LurkingFromTheLeft

    I’ll concur…

    …it has been my understanding that as soon as you add the ‘but’ to the thought, all the stuff prior to ‘but’ goes unheard or becomes forgotten –

    …a few years ago, a supervisor wannabe was attempting to convince us we were doing a good job –
    …he praised us and then said BUT and then added all the negatives he had for us –

    …needless to say, the praise he had given us was not believed –

    …we can’t give up thinking we can make a change – make a difference –

    …if we do, we let THEM win – we let THEM take away our rights to choose – to make decisions – to be HUMANS and not sheeple –

    …I’ve never been one of the herd – so I’m doing all I can NOW to be HEARD! –


  18. Sandra Price

    Shhhh, Joe, Doug is non-partisan. He is wonderful at pointing out what is wrong in our government but you will never find him behind any candidate. We the ranters take care of our own opinions and actions and demands for impeachment processes. Doug simply furnishes the arena.

    I am so delighted with this home page comments and replies, there is no place like this anywhere else. Reader Rant is much more impressive when one looks at the number of members who use it and then look at the number of visitors who read it. We do and can make people think. If this site were strictly right or left, it would fall apart. We can score points for our own side by simply and intelligently answering and debating others.

    When I was writing for the home page, Google had us all in their space in less than a couple of hours. Once in a while I run into a writer I like and I will email him/her this web site. I’ve done this for years and did locate some great people.