Me vs. George Bush

The radio said that George W. Bush is a birthday boy turning 61. It got me to thinking that I am only 63, just two years older than our president. Could I do a better job? I mean, Bush, he seems like a perpetual adolescent playing at being president to me.

Bush bikes, I can swim a mile and a half. Bush feigns empathy. I have it. Really, not all shrinks do, but I don’t have to fake it.

Bush tried to feign this gravitas thing Fred Thompson, even with his trophy wife, is supposed to save the Republican Party with. But none of his coaches could teach him how to keep that smirk off his face. How could he even pull off a reasonable fasimile of gravitas when he’s spending so much time with his good pal Karl “Turd Blossum” Rove?

I save gravitas (i.e. dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner) for funerals and for when relating to people who are hurting because of a loss or other personal tragedy. When I have it, it’s real.

I think I’d have more than enough when dealing with issues when hundreds of thousands of lives are at stake.

Bush is supposed to be far smarter than his critics give him credit for. He isn’t. He has above average intelligence but lacks analytic ability. Even if he wasn’t a narcissist, even if he actually had scrupples, a moral compass that told him he was wasting lives in a failed Iraq policy, and the ethics of a saint, he just doesn’t have the native ability to reason out complex problems.

I’m pretty smart as far as overall intelligence, but when it comes to my ability to reason out complex problems, with little old me there’s no contest against Bush. Spending 37 years as a therapist has taught me how to understand the most complex and convoluted interpersonal problems.

I think problems and conflicts between nations are in many ways similar to problems and conflict between people.

How about it? A shrink instead of a politician for a president? Maybe that’s who this country needs.

If the country can accept that I need a 45 minute nap in mid-afternoon, I figure that I’d make a much better president than George Bush.


  1. And will honour it…

    …for the reasons it was created by those who got away from that OTHER King G –

    …I mean someone can read it and understand it –

    …don’t mean they’ll abide by it! –


  2. I remember the 2004 British headline (was it in the Guardian?) “How can 48 million people be so dumb?” the day after GWB’s election over Kerry. At the time, this nation could have used a national shrink. Now, I just want a public servant who has read and understands the Constitution and will bring our country back from its decline into torture, rampant corruption and other shameful practices.

    Like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in and sees you through — Jiminy Cricket

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