Instead of sweating outside in 98+ F heat, I decided to brave the motion picture industry and see a movie.

Mike Moore’s Columbine was over the top. His F-911, while creative and amusing, took took too many liberties or swipes without a basis (although I enjoyed it and agreed with his message).

So I was expecting to find some excess, some pandering to a particular audience, and some questionable holes in his documentary about health care in the United States. I was sorely disappointed. No excess, no trash, no pandering, just an extremely well-done indictment of our Health Care Conspiracy.

Being a lawyer, I deal with many aspects of this industry, from malpractice issues, to unpaid bills, to medical provider liens, to negotiating treatment for uninsured clients just so they can survive, while I pursue the one who injured them.

My personal and professional experiences with the industry have been uniformly bad. I can attest to every single example highlighted by Moore, and more so. Let me amend that. Every doctor and nurse I have dealt with have been professional, courteous (to a lawyer yet!) and informative. They are not the problem – they are victims no less than you and me. Their insurer based headaches are constant. How would you like being told that a necessary treatment is “experimental” and therefore, denied? Every day. Every week. Every month. Every year. Given their hippo-critical oaths, I can understand that it stresses them out horribly.

But Moore deals not with doctors, at least not US doctors. Instead, he interviews a 24hour SOS doctor who travels from home to home, providing in house emergency care. In Paris. He talks to several English doctors who are SHOCKED at the idea that care would be withheld because there is no insurance. He interviews Canadian staffers about how UNIVERSAL COVERAGE WORKS, and works well.

All those horror stories that you read about? Those are paid political announcements – via your congresscritter and well-greased and lobbied senator – directly from the 1,000 or so highly paid lobbyists on K-Street representing Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and Big HMOs and for-profit Hospitals.

There are too many examples to choose from, but the story of the guy whose planing tool removed two finger tips, and he could only afford to have one re-attached is probably one that you cannot forget.

I guarantee you this. Walk into this movie, even with your mind made up to criticize and complain, and you will walk out a changed person. The evils behind a for profit, destructive and disfunctional health care system are obvious, and so are the advantages of EVERY OTHER HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN THE WESTERN WORLD. Only ours is so profit driven and ready for total collapse.

It is not working here. Our health care system is worse than broken. It is destroying families, lives, and shattering hundreds of thousands’ futures. It is a moral and ethical crime that must be eradicated. Ok, we have some of the best health care opportunities in the world – except that 99% of us won’t see or experience it. Not the 50,000,000 (Try to wrap your brain around that astounding number for a bit. Talk about a crime.) uninsured, but neither will the 250,000,000 who pay for or who have health insurance. We are as badly screwed as those uninsured.

GO SEE THIS MOVIE. It will change your mind about what our country is all about.


  1. There may be health care rationing in countries with a national health service, and it may be a total bore – especially if you want silicon implants. But we have health care rationing here and it isn’t just for elective surgeries! Ask the lady who died on the floor of Martin Luther King hospital here in L.A. about health care rationing. Ask the paraplegic guy who was thrown out of a medical van owned by some Presbuyterian hospital into the gutter on Skid Row, so that his colostomy bag burst. Ask the lady that Kaiser turned loose in a hospital gown on Skid Row.

    Those guys don’t even qualify for the rations……………………….

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