Hypocrisy, thy name is Fred Thompson

The non-candidate that Republicans claim is their great conservative hope lobbied in 1991 for abortion rights — an action that contradicts his claim to Ronald Reagan’s right-wing legacy.

Fred Dalton Thompson, the on-again, off-again actor and sometimes Senator, represented the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, a pro-abortion group, and lobbied the administration of President George H.W. Bush to ease regulations that prevented clinics that received federal money from offering abortion counseling.

In true Reagan style, Thompson says he “has no recollection” of the lobbying activity.

Reports The Associated Press:

At the time, Thompson, a lawyer, worked as a lobbyist at Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn, a Washington firm.

“He may have been consulted by one of the firm’s partners who represented this group in 1991,” Thompson spokesman Mark Corallo said Friday in a statement. “As any lawyer would know, such consultations take place within law firms everyday.”

The newspaper cited minutes from a meeting of the association when Thompson’s work was discussed as well as the recollections of five individuals.

Judith DeSarno, the association’s former president, told The Times that she had specific memories of discussing Thompson’s lobbying work with him in phone conversations and during meals at Washington restaurants.

Minutes of a Sept. 14, 1991, meeting of the association, cited by the newspaper, states: “Judy (DeSarno) reported that the Association had hired Fred Thompson, Esq., as counsel to aid us in discussions with the administration.” According to The Times, DeSarno said Thompson told her he discussed the abortion restriction with John Sununu, then chief of staff to Bush.


  1. Sandra Price

    The way I look at candidates is based on their political agenda. They are either for or against Individual Freedoms. Any candidate who has a list of freedoms to be supported and another list to be denied is not what I consider a moral candidate.

    Fred tried to be a copycat of Reagan who did change his agenda in his last term. He caused meny of his long-time supporters to throw up their hands and back awsy from him. It was during this time that the “Republican Majority for Choice” was formed and many of us signed up to not allow this change of agenda to ever be done after an election. I will never fogive President Reagan for his action as his word had always meant something to the Party.

    Fred changed his to get the religious right money and support. Sorry Fred many can see straight through you.

  2. Boudicca

    “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone; the people themselves are its only safe depositories.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    Folks, America is morphing into a totalitarian police state and our uber militarism is a foreign policy nightmare. The only candidate out there who stands for human liberty and limits on government power is Ron Paul. He has consistently opposed the war and its funding, and he opposes NAFTA/CAFTA/SPP and other initiatives of global governance that are creating a new industrial feudalism under the rule of the elites.

    Really, there are no differences between the Republicans and the Dems – they all have the same agenda and they are all funded by deep pocketed special interests. The Libertarian Ron Paul is our only hope because he takes no PAC or special interest money.

    Although I consider myself a constitutionalist and an independent voter, I also know that there are no candidates in the Republican or Democratic POTUS lineup who are committed to less government power, with the exception being Ron Paul.

    Fred Thompson is a neocon hack who will follow in the steps of Bush, as will the rest of the GOP neocons. The Dems aren’t any better as they promised to end the war but instead opted to give Bush $95 billion in war funding in exchange for $25-30 billion in pork.

    To be sure, most of this Congress needs to be voted out of office. That’s the only way the “we the people” can convince these elitist and corrupt bums that they are elected to represent us.

  3. Sandra Price

    I’m not impressed with actors portraying leaders on the screen being accepted as leaders in person.

    I have never met a single person who is pro-abortion but I know millions who will not hand this over to any federal government. Big Daddy should never be our moral guide and nothing ever shocked the GOP as the time Reagan changed his opinion on federal authority on this subject. I knew his daughter Maureen very well and she, as well as Nancy were shocked at his change of attitude.

    Fred Thompson has his script ready and waiting for his chance and it is as phony as anything I have ever seen. He is just another politician pandering to the religious right and I’m tired of this.

  4. Oneinsixbillion

    The candidate Liberty is referring to is probably Dr. Ron Paul, the only candidate with a freedom agenda in the ’08 election so far.

  5. Joe Lawrence

    Ron Paul is my guy! Why? Because he at least brings some Republican voters back to the previously abandoned point of actually thinking about for whom they will vote, thus sending shock waves which MAY have SOME chance of affecting the outcome of the Republican primaries. Likely not, but he’s still my guy for that purpose.

    For being the POTUS, though? Not a chance in hell.

    So, as many have said or implied above, it comes down to those such as we who follow Doug’s lead at CHB to try our best to influence our friends, neighbors, churchfolk and as many others as we can reach. The imperative is to get them to think for themselves, and to vote accordingly.

    Remember, you still cannot swing a dead cat without hitting either a Nixon or a Bush apologist.

  6. Billyking2007

    He was a lobbist give me a break. Another one bits the dust. Sometimes a smile is an upsidedown froun. lol

  7. gene

    Yep…another right on (Seal). Always enjoy reading your post along many others, ie. Sandra, Carl Nemo, and good old (LFTL). Anyway you mentioned in your above post “feel” good. Those two words (to me at least) represent what this nation has been (mostly) about for the last several decades….”feeling good” at any cost.

    For example, Americans “feel good” when they can fill their (road tanks) with gas at a cheap price, ie. we need Iraq’s oil as well as other countries oil supply to continue to do this. If we have to murder their citizens, so be it…who care as long as we Americans can continue to “feel good”. Hey its the American way, part of the “American dream”. As Cheney said, the American way of life is “nonnegotiable”.

    Other examples of “feeling good”…eat until you way 400 pounds, buy a home in the suburbs with 5 thousand sq ft with 2 or 3 airconditions to keep it cool and probably a family of 3 living in this “American dream”. I could go on forever with examples but (why?). This nation is bankrupt a thousand times over along with most of its brain-dead citizens. Our “last breath” is not for off.

    Of course if everyone would wake up soon and start acting sane, caring for each other and become conservative with the resources we use everyday to sustain life then things would change. But we know it just ain’t going to happen.

  8. SEAL

    You can make anyone look bad simply by searching through all they have said over time until you find a phrase or sentence that you can use out of context to show them as you wish. Left in context it would not be injurious to the person.

    Also, people change their attitudes [for better or worse] over time and experience. In order to have a realistic picture of the person you have to spend the time and energy to look at their entire history because their basic philosophy will not change no matter how their attitude about things changes or how hard they work to make it sound different. But, herein is the problem. Who, besides retired people, have the time to do that with all the different candidates?

    The thing that makes Fred Thompson such an appealing candidate for the party is his familiarity with so many people due to his constant exposure over the years in TV roles that inspire one to “feel” good and confident about him. He has been given that presidential look. The party knows what motivates people to vote for someone. Also, the party knows he would be such a lazy president they could pretty much do as they pleased while he warmed the chair in the oval office a few hours each day and looked presidential on TV while reading the scripts they hand him. That’s what he does best. Fortunately, no republican has a chance in hell of winning the next election.

    Instead of wasting time and energy pointing out what is wrong with all these republican thugs and phoneys, we should be concentrating on the democrats to sway people towards the best of their bunch. We may not think any of them are worth a damn but some, like Hillary Clinton, we sure as hell don’t want to be their candidate. The reality is that whoever they select is going to be president with a party majority congress behind them. So, it is critical who they pick. Let’s work on that and try to engineer the lesser of the evils into the oval office.

  9. Renbook

    Fred Thompson’s earlier support for abortion rights is not totally contrary to being a Reagan conservative. In 1967, Governor Ronald Reagan signed the most liberal abortion law in the nation for that time.

    Gene Berkman

  10. SEAL

    For Liberty, I’d like to know who this miracle person is, too. I’ve never known any politition that believed in a free society. Also, I’d like to know what you consider a “consevative socialist.” As I understand that term it sure as hell doesn’t apply to anyone posting here at CHB. The only label that fits these people is “Americans.”

    Everytime there is a presidential election there is always some guy out on the fringe that spouts about freedom and equality and there is always a small group of people who believe him. They are so hungry for what he has to say they don’t bother to investigate and look at his track record.

    George Bush is a classic example. Look at what he said before he became president and compare that to what he has done. But anyone who looked at his history would have known the man was lying like hell and would not have voted for him. He was a nobody out on the fringe before the republican party went to work, spent a fortune, and sold him to the voters.

    Those seeking office tell people what they want to hear. The reason we wind up with so many “bad” people in office is because the voters base their decisions only on what the candidate says and how they feel about him. As long as people are that lazy we will have bad government.

  11. Helen Rainier

    I hope the people who “support” Thompson are completely blindsided by his “tough” talk either — before they do, they should look at some of his other affiliations. He is also a “fellow” at the American Enterprise Institute — where Wolfie just slinked into — after his disgraceful stints in the Administration and at the World Bank. Once a snake, always a snake.

  12. Jenifer D.

    Good point, however,

    the fact that #43 quietly rescinded a law, in October of ’06, prohibiting military forces from interfering in civilian affairs in the U.S. in the event of a national crisis and a declaration of martial law demonstrates a clear intent to suspend the 2008 presidential election until further notice, thus, keeping him, and his ilk, in power for as long as they choose. I suspect this little event should occur right around this time next year.

  13. Sandra Price

    I remember when Reagan stood up for individual freedoms but that was before the GOP turned their agenda over to Pat Robertson. It was a terrible shock to his original supporters and promoters. It tainted him in our hearts.

    I’ve never met anyone who is pro-abortion but millions who stand for individual freedoms. Apparently the Republican Party is still pushing women out of the top tier.

    The Republican Party seems to know their members better than the rest of us and they state constantly that Americans have no freedoms other than what the government issues them.

    As long as we continue to vote for any Republican at this time, we must be prepared to bow to the Christian Coalition.

    These Republicans are control freaks. They believe they were voted to tell us what we cannot do. Let’s show them what we can do and vote them out of office. All of them!

    It won’t be easy as the churches are all behind this control push and Americans are told we are not intelligent enough to know right from wrong. I still claim that adding “Under God” to our pledge was the first step into what we face today.

    Fred Thompsom knows he only has to pander to the religious right and he is in. He is dangerous because he has no set morals and wanders only where he is told to wander. The first step is to control the Supreme Court and Bush took care of that.

    All Republicans have an agenda and it is to destroy all Liberals. This will destroy the balance that our founders had hoped would work. Even our founders did not realize the threat of the Christians to control America. I fear our own voters may want this control too.

    This is not the Republican Party I dedicated nearly 50 years to support; this Republican Party is a terrible force for the Christian Coalition and I walked out when I discovered this fact.

  14. Rick Fuller

    “In true Reagan style, Thompson says he “has no recollection” of the lobbying activity.”

    Perhaps Mr. Thompson is at the beginning of alzheimer’s just as his “hero” Ronald Reagan was during his run for President.

  15. bryan mcclellan

    Freddie is just another in the long line of money changers in the temple. Jesus kicked them out long ago and stated that faith in gold and the worship of earthly gain is an abomination and that salvation is not for sale.Why then is it that people follow these politicians and so called evangelists and shower them with contributions and blind faith when the scripture plainly spells out the opposite is the true path? What makes anyone follow a man who rides in a limo,lives in a mansion,and panders for their hard earned wages all the while spewing that if you don’t support me you go to hell or your country will fall.All religious text is perverted by these men for their own purpose,that being, look to me for I am the light, knowing full well in their zeal it’s the light of hell not of grace.It is wrong to label these people as Christian.The only true Christians were eaten by lions in the coliseums of Rome.Real faith means you will put your life on the line against evil and I’ve seen very few so called men of the cloth or political hacks where this is the case.However,I don’t think it’s fair to paint all religion as being the cause of our problems today. Much like a gun it is benign until it is taken up with evil intent.I for one would not have much of a moral compass if not for the lessons learned as a child in Sunday school,and to that end I also feel that it opened a window of comparison whereby I’m able to distinguish fact from fiction when I hear the call of the perverted moral majority.The republican party has and always will be evil as are the democrats.Until we take money out of the political equation we will continue to suffer these fools. As I stated in an earlier post,take all the campaign donations put them back into the treasury and earmark them for rebuilding our education system.Then and only then, with an educated public we may yet survive…

  16. gene

    Very good post Bryan, appears you know alot about the “truth” and probably would agree that these are the last days and judgement is soon to fall on this “God will soon foresake planet”. The “man of sin” is here and the stage is set. Digital Angel a company in Florida has the chip ready.

  17. For Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness

    There is only one candidate who believes in a free society. Then, you try to smear him. You guys are just Conservative Socialists. Freedom actually works. Though, you will make any excuse to squelch it. You think by shutting off debate within your website that you have won. You have a perfect right to do it. But you guys should be ashamed of what you have done.

    Between Neoconservatives and Conservative Socialists such as yourselves, the Dark Ages are just around the corner. Freedom has lost and warlords will rule just as in many third world countries. Rags like yours, will survive only as long as your side remains in power. Collectivist mobs will rule. Freedom is an old quaint inconvienent idea to you.

  18. bryan mcclellan

    Hey Liberty, please name this champion of our freedoms if you would .Everyone gets a fair shake in my little whacked out universe,so by all means enlighten me and bring on the hounds of debate….Quaint I ain’t.. Gene: I wish I was a thousand light years off base, as I believe there is good in all men, but alas………. Rick: old Ronnie was high on 20 mule team flatulent, Freddies just full of gas.