DC madam can now tell all

A woman accused of running a prostitution ring in the nation’s capital is free to distribute thousands of pages of phone records after a federal judge lifted a restraining order on Thursday.

U.S. District Court Judge Gladys Kessler’s order granted the request of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, 51, of Vallejo, Calif., to quash restrictions by government prosecutors that prohibited her from giving away the list.

“As a result, Jeane has determined to release those records under certain conditions to qualified individuals or organizations,” wrote her attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley, in an e-mail.

Palfrey and her attorney have said the list contains up to 15,000 names and could shake up Washington by revealing high-profile individuals.

Prosecutors had won two temporary restraining orders to prevent her from distributing the list, first to preserve its availability, and then to prevent the harassment of potential witnesses through its distribution.

But prosecutors’ arguments did not hold up, the judge ruled. The availability of the list is not in jeopardy and it was not seized or listed with her other assets that were subject to forfeiture, Kessler wrote.

Freezing “the personal property of an individual, not yet convicted of any crime” would be an extraordinary step, the requirements of which government prosecutors failed to satisfy, the judge wrote.

Palfrey is facing federal racketeering and conspiracy charges for running what she says was a legal escort service. Prosecutors say the business netted more than $2 million from 1993 to 2006.


  1. mojibyrd

    Quick call AT&T…

    Bet half of the whitehouse is calling for a phone number change by now…of course the corruption that has gone on in that little house in the capitol is more than enough already for a few heads to roll why should using the services of a prostitute be any worse….oh because some of those politicians pretend to be god fearing christians…yeah rite

    Oh and by the way, according to other websites Dickhead Cheney is on the list.

    Impeach Bush Now

  2. SEAL

    On a serious note – I assume some serious amounts of money are being offered to keep a few names off the lady’s list when she releases it – if she does. I can imagine all the offers she is getting for exclusive rights to publish. And, of course, there will be a book deal.

    But what interests me the most is: what will be the result if about 80% of congress, the White House staff, and all the other movers and shakers in Washington are on the list and she releases it? I guess the impact on the individuals would be less if everyone is on the list. But maybe not.

    The general public is already disgusted with the government according to the polls. What if 2 out of 3 senators and congressmen are on it? That would present a great opportunity for their opponents and all those who want a “new” congress in the next election. We rant about kicking them all out and starting over. Could this be the tool to make that happen and get rid of many of those “career” congressmen and senators?

    It will be interesting to see what happens if she publishes the list. But I suspect it will be more profitable for her not to publish.

  3. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    Unless George Soros buys her out, then we’d get to see Madams List.
    She should go on Ebay and take bids, but alas, as you said she’ll probably get
    shut up money.

  4. gene


    By NO means would I ever suggest that I’m (as a male) would judge these individuals if they did (as we might say) “hanky that panky” or “juice that goose”.

    To all the ladies that post here please excuse this comment. To all you males “WE HAVE NO EXCUSE”!!!!!

  5. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Hey Gene –

    …no excuse necessary from this ‘lady’ –

    …hey, we need ‘it’ too –

    …if only it was legalized –

    …think of the tax revenue it could generate –


  6. gene

    (LFTL)…I guess you (we) and whoever else could always move to Nevada. I think (could be wrong) its legal in that particular state.

  7. Donnat

    Only American Republicans would shrug their shoulders at at 3,000 American deaths caused by the lies of a sitting president, but are outraged by a blowjob given to a sitting president.

    They will be the ones glued to the tabloid TV shows waiting for the list to be made public so they can indulge in that special form of prudery again.

    America, grow up, lose your puritan streak about sex and learn to be outraged at violence, not entertained by it.

  8. Bill Robinson

    Hell, the American People have been getting screwed by those jerks in dc that I feel like one of the clients…

  9. gene

    HaHaHa…now thats funny Bill. Just call us a bunch of “american whores”. Bend over.. cause here it comes again.

    Please excuse the crudeness!!

  10. JudyB

    Ummm..just who’s trouser trouts have been in Lake Paltrey??? It seems to have been a popular “fishing hole” so surely we can expect many creative “fish stories” to be told by the sportsmen as to why frequented it.

  11. gene

    “Trouser trouts” hahahaha…now thats funny too. Just how many of (you guys) here CHB are fishermen.

  12. LurkingFromTheLeft


    …a client or service provider ?

    …not sure his heart could take it –

    …provided he has one –


    P.S. Are you crazy about heading to NV – haven’t you seen their temperatures ?

  13. Jenifer D.

    No Kent

    You have it all wrong; Dick likes putting it to the young CIA mind-control slaves; you know, the quickies he doesn’t have to pay for? I wonder what Lynn must think about all this?

  14. adamrussell

    Makes me wonder what legal eccentricity was use to block release in the first place. Executive privilege?

  15. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    That would be a dream come true if Big Dick Cheney got
    caught in an act of Sexual Congress in Congress!!!

  16. gene

    Yeh…Klaus…I can see the headlines now….”Dich (Cheney)in serious legal trouble for
    miss-appropriating his..huh..huh…”dick” Cheney.

  17. Sonorous Pest

    Sonorous pest

    I don’t think Bush will be on the list proscute isn’t in his vocabulary.