The American dream is a fantasy

As we pause this week to observe the founding of our nation it may not be out of place to point out that “America” is more of a dream than a reality. From its very foundation, it was more something to look forward to than something actually experienced.

The lofty statements of the Declaration of Independence and later the Constitution were visions of what might be possible not descriptions of present conditions. When Americans (and pardon the temporary U.S.-centric use of the term) speak eloquently of our freedoms they speak of that which they seldom exercise and have only foggy, often false, notions about.

Few of us can name but one or two of the Bill of Rights. Few have any idea of the structure set forth for government in the Constitution. Few can name more than one or two politicians despite the fact that they control some 40% of what each of us earns every year.
We are a nation of wannabe fans of freedom, pretenders to liberty, and as such we are the real enemies of those principles. Those who proposed this form of government knew well the risks involved and many doubted its success. They were correct.

The dream has descended to the nightmare of a President and Vice President who claim a status beyond legal restraint and Constitutional limitations. The dream is spoken fervently by those who protect our flag and our borders from the infidels but who also refuse to take part in community issues that require attention and seldom even vote.

We are a nation who likes the fashion of democracy but finds it difficult to pay of the credit card of citizenship. As America observes its birthday it might be time to face reality.

The American dream is failing of neglect and complacency.

We are traitors to liberty.


  1. Carl Nemo

    Phil Hoskins…Truly a spot-on indictment of “we the people’s” negligence concerning our failure to duty; i.e., maintaining our freedom through eternal vigilance along with necessary action…Amen!

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. justanothercoverup


    I agree somewhat – and once wrote a piece entitled “Complacency in America,” as I was attempting to understand why a nation of 300 million people would allow our Constitution and Bill of Rights to be shredded without so much as a whimper…

    Americans are complacent to a degree, but that complacency, IMHO, has been brought about by a complicit, corporate controlled Mainstream News Media! If you don’t know the house is on fire, you don’t call 911 – and quite naturally, the house burns to the ground, much like our country is self-destructing – while the media shows more interest in Paris Hilton or anything else they can conjure-up to detract from the crisis we face as a people and nation.

    If, and it’s one hell of a big “if” – the MSM would actually concentrate on the destruction of our nation, expose the many aspects of the Bush Crime Family and the subsequent effects that it’s having on our economy, education, health care, etc., etc., we as a nation would actually come together and remove these tyrants from office!

    I honestly believe that many people in the White House and throughout the Beltway are guilty of subversion, sedition, and treason – but if the MSM refuses to report the facts – and keep-up the pressure on this corrupt administration, “the people” will remain complacent – snug in their beliefs that “everything is OK…”

    The corporate controlled media is as complicit in the destruction of America as Bush and Cheney, and I have hopes that if somehow we are able to rid ourselves of these tyrants – and the actual facts are made public, those in the MSM who have helped to subvert the Constitution and Rule of Law will also be charged and convicted of the very crimes they have refused to report!

    Imprison Rupert Murdoch for a start – and then watch the rest of the corporate whores straighten-up or run for cover. If we don’t figure out a way to disseminate the facts to the majority of the populace – the dream of America will no doubt turn into an utter nightmare.

  3. Sandra Price

    Blaming the Media is a cop out. If the media is responsible for the downfall of our freedoms then all we have to do is turn if off! I did in 1965 when I did not allow a television in our home. I saw the influence of programs and commercials that were not in my plan for well rounded and well educated children. I located a school who shared my goals for the kids.

    I’m not influenced by the MSM as it is full of lies about events that simply did not happen they way they describe them. Get over it!

    I often want to scream at people to be individuals! Stop following like sheep after every pretty thing we see and every perfect model we admire. The one perfect thing about humans is our individuality. We are raised in different locations, we often speak different languages and the minute we are rounded up and told to live a certain way, have the same values, with the same Gods, we end up throwing up our hands and following the nearest leader.

    Schools teach us how to learn not what to learn. Churches set laws for our morals and then that it all they do. Parents, schools, police do nothing but look that what we do, does not hit the courts.

    If we allow the MSM to choose our government representatives, then it is our problem to vote as individuals. Murdock is not the evil one; it is evil for anyone to accept his word as gospel. We have a brain, let‘s use the damn thing!

  4. maitski

    The government has become a nightmare. Whether it is the Bushes or the Clintons. They are all pretty much the same. It’s time to get the government back to it’s constitutional limits and get it out of our lives.

    There’s only one candidate who is talking about making govenment smaller. Do your own research. Find out what Ron Paul is talking about. Decide for yourself whether or not it makes sense. Don’t let people tell you that it’s a waste because he has no chance of winning. Change happens one person at a time.

  5. Carl Nemo

    Maybe we are all living in a “Matrix” type of situation that these cunning NWO elitists have intentionally created for us; ie, our tank, their aquarium…! They are so entrenched and smug that they laugh their collective asses off daily at our ineffective thrashing about, concerning both our public or private maunderings as to how bad things have gotten.

    Once our government became seriously involved with creating a social safety net for people since the days of FDR and the “Great Depression” we seem to be on a never-ending “death spiral” to societal slavery administered by a government that has become as frightful as the robot monster from the future as in the “Terminator” movie.

    Stick your head up too far and they’l surely hammer it down, no different than a protruding nail! I ran across a superb article on Information Liberation today written by Mike Waite, one of their contributing editorialists and thinkers who writes for “Strike the” I advise folks to sign up for the Information Liberation site and get an emailing of their weekly extracts. It will bring you up-to-date news concerning the monstrous, freedom destroying activities with which our government is currently engaged. This is not conspiracy theory etc, but what’s happening in hometown AmeriKa right now!

    To Doug Thompson our host, his contributing editorialists, and all of my fellow CHB readers and contributors have an enjoyable 4th of July 2007. Be safe, and if you drink…don’t drive!

    “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.”
    … John F. Kennedy

    Carl Nemo **==


    The human race has always been a bunch of crooks, suckers, and lazy cowards. False hope is a powerful weapon for crooks to use on the rest. The real power of media is the power to change the subject.

    John Hanks, Laramie, Wyoming

  7. kent shaw

    This government is too far gone, and the MSM is its handmaiden. Politics is totally fraudulent and does not work except to the advantage of the politicians and their corporate masters. Voting is useless. Who ya gonna vote for? Hillary or Rudy? Please. Just do the best you can for you, your family and your friends. Start by laying aside a 90 day supply of non-perishable food and water. Gun owners should stock up on ammunition. Those with enough land to grow food should stock up on seeds and agricultural tools. Think about barter. Learn a useful skill like carpentry or plumbing. Its all going to fall apart but there will be ways to survive. The dollar will soon become useless. When I was 21, a pint of beer in a bar cost 50 cents. Now its $4 in the same bar. (I’m tired of the loaf of bread anecdote). If we last until the end of the decade it will be $10 a pint and gasoline $15 a gallon. And its going to get worse and worse and worse.

  8. Sandra Price

    I checked out the link that was brought here and the question asked was “what do we celebrate on the 4th of July.” I remember the flags and parades and bands all marching in our city and all of us standing and applauding when our flage were carried by service men walking and on horseback. There was a pride in America that I believe has been removed since it was told to the American people, that our nation was based on God not our founders.

    On the 4th of July it was a custom for many to go to the Hollywood Bowl and listen to the band play all kinds of American patriotic songs. The fireworks were great but nothing brought us to our feet as quickly as the presentation of colors under the shell.

    I notice a decrease is this demonstration and even a number of people who did not stand up when our colors were presented. The focus of American values was changed and our flag represented God. I was long out of school when those two words were so misplaced in our celebrations that I felt a chill that people would begin to back away from these patriotic demonstrations. I know I did. Why? I’m asking why since the day I had a fear that Americans were being asked to change our patriotism for a revival demonstrtation.

    This is my memory of the 4th of July and it saddened me that my children had to learn a new focus for the Birthday of the nation.

  9. hank-the-nite-watchman

    Sandy, your comment that our flag has come to represent God brings to mind my immediate impression after 9/11, that surely our Islamic adversaries had succeeded in making us duplicate their approach to life’s struggles. Only our approach was the flip side to theirs. With them it is their way or the highway; with us it is our, the Christian way, or the highway. It is indeed sad that we now, more than ever, have assumed their system of hatred of the other. Too bad we cannot all grow up and expand our horizons and be tolerant of other faiths, other societies, other cultures. Is it just another branch of the divide-and-conquer strategy shoved in the path of the weak by the privileged and powerful? Perhaps now is the time to look more charitably at the tenets of agnosticism or atheism.