Over lunch last week, a friend speculated that Vice President Dick Cheney must have some interesting Polaroid photos of President George W. Bush.

“Nothing else explains why Cheney has so much power,” she said. “He’s got something to hold over Bush.”

Interesting thought. Like most politicians, Bush has a closet full of skeletons, although most have been thoroughly vetted by now: Avoiding the Vietnam War by hiding out in the Texas Air Guard, hard drinking, rumors of cocaine use, etc.

So what’s left for Cheney to know? What could the Polaroid shots show?

  • The aging frat boy getting it on with an underage Mexican whore in Tijuana? Nah. Even Mexican whores have standards.
  • A White House intern on her knees servicing the First Member? Not likely said my friend. As she noted: “Who’d what that man’s Johnson in her mouth?”
  • Bush snorting up a mountain of coke? If past rumors are true Bush doesn’t have enough mucous membrane left to use a Vick’s Inhaler much less nose candy.
  • The Bush twins getting it on with their college football teams? That’s not news. Both Bush girls were known party animals.
  • Laura in leathers wielding whips and chains? Let’s not go there.

That’s the problem with Bush. He’s such a miserable President that it’s hard to suspect him of normal human weaknesses. We know Bill Clinton would cop a feel but Bush is such a failure on so many levels that suspecting him of carnal weaknesses doesn’t come into play.

It’s also a disturbing commentary on the American political system. Clinton can be impeached for lying about dalliances with an intern but Bush can’t be touched about lying about a war that sends thousands of American men and women to their deaths.

Paul Wolfowitz helped manufacture false intelligence to sell the Iraq war to a gullible Congress and American public and was rewarded with a cushy job at the World Bank. It took promoting his girlfriend and giving her a big, fat raise to bring him down.

We punish people for human failings and give them a pass for far more serious crimes against the nation and the Constitution.

In such an environment Dick Cheney doesn’t need Polaroid pictures of George W. Bush or anyone else.

All he needs is the failure of the American political system.


  1. The hidden secret about Bush is that he’s bisexual. He’s had sex with both sometimes together.

  2. Can any of you spell 9/11? The ultimate evil in America? Who knew? When? Building 7? The Pentagon?

  3. I think Dick has some hot photos of Bush and Victor Ash together, who has a reputation of being George’s long time homosexual Lover.

  4. Bush and Cheney are errand boys at best. Round up the heads of the central banks and you’ll have a good start at finding out who pulls the strings.

  5. Cheney does not need to blackmail Bush. THEY ARE PEAS IN A POD.

    The big risk of this cult of personality is that the opposition will buy into the idea that it is just a couple of megalomaniacs named Bush and Cheney, and we will be on firm ground when they are gone. Problem is this: It is a faction, a very wealthy and very powerful faction, and they are out for world conquest. Bush and Cheney are not even the top of the chain of command in this movement. Rupert Murdock holds some of the reigns. William Kristol is another public figure in the command and control structure. We have a problem in the USA, and it is a lot deeper than a couple of well known political figures.

  6. “Never stop questioning.” Einstein

    The comments concerning Boy George and Rasputin, the Snarl, Cheney are terrific! What a dynamic duo we have in the White House with BG’s inability to chain together five or more words in intelligent fashion and DC’s transforming into our resident Morlock coming out at night to eat the unwary and control the dolt who is our “president”. I’d rather have the Joker running things at Batman’s expense because at least the ensuing insanity would be somewhat entertaining, something that is severely lacking in this floating ship of fools.

    Keep it up. Heartfelt commentary like this is good for the soul.

  7. Doug,

    I have to agree with you on this one. I can’t see any other reason that someone who has committed some of the most backstabbing acts of treason I have ever witnessed, has not been impeached 5 times over, or simply forcibally removed from the White(Black) House for mental insanity.

    Are We The People going to have to do this? Is that what it’s going to take to get Darth Dheney out of office?

    Because frankly, people, I just don’t see this criminal group of thugs ever leaving office, either willingly or unwillingly. At this point, all it would take is just ONE catastrophe of any kind, and BOOM! instant full blown Martial law, suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights. No 2008 elections.

    Think hard about it, but don’t take too long. To quote a very famous Star Wars line, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”. And I have and even worse feeling that it’s going to come down this summer or early fall unless we get off our collective butts and take action now.

  8. anthny
    Anybody remember Jeff Gannon?
    The fake journalist who posed nude in homo mags.
    The boy toy visited the WH everyday. They even hid the sign in books after the scandel borke.

  9. Doug;

    I agree that Cheney must be “holding the goods” on Bush, and probably half of the Congress and MSM – but I sincerely doubt they are photos, although I won’t discount that possibility 100%…

    With the NSA wiretapping program in full-swing, as it has been since Sept. 11th, and the SWIFT banking scandal, where the government illegally gained records of almost every international banking transaction – it isn’t much of a stretch to suspect that Cheney and his “shadow government” is blackmailing many of our politicians, news sources, and anyone else that he needs to “exert pressure” upon to further his agenda and effectively muzzle all but the most courageous of opponents.

    We know that J. Edgar Hoover used these kinds of tactics to keep an iron-fisted grip on his political opponents – and Cheney makes Hoover look like a choir boy in regard his penchant to break the law to further his agenda! I’d bet everything I had that this administration is guilty of blackmail on a scale that would shock even the most jaded of critics – but as you stated, there isn’t any other logical explanation of “why” an individual as thoroughly hated as Cheney is able to wield such raw, unfettered power – with no REAL opposition from either side of the isle.

    Lots of words and rhetoric, but when you look at his crimes, disregard for the constitution and rule of law, coupled with his contempt of Congress – anyone with half a brain (That excludes Bush…) would probably reach the same conclusion!

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