Can Hillary control Bill’s ego?

Love him or hate him, anybody who’s followed Bill Clinton’s career knows it’s always been about him – as in No. 1 or “me,” “my” and “I.”

Now it’s about her.

Considered by friends to be as self-absorbed as he is brilliant, the former president checks his ego at the curb this week to fly to Iowa and take a surrogate’s role in the presidential campaign of his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

Her advisers privately fret that the former president will overshadow Sen. Clinton with his unparalleled campaign skills and career-long habit of drawing attention to himself. One of her confidants, still stinging from the Monica Lewinsky affair, refers to Clinton as “Mr. Me.”

But the senator needs his help and her staff is betting that Bill Clinton is ready to be Mr. Her.

“He’s going to talk about her and she’s going to talk about the country,” campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson said. “And nobody can do better than him.”

Wolfson pointed to a powerful, five-minute campaign video in which the former president outlines Sen. Clinton’s biography. Framed by a lamp’s soft yellow glow, Clinton talks about his wife’s commitment to public service, starting in law school, where they met, and continuing throughout their years in Arkansas.

“She just kept plugging away with new ideas, making progress, day in and day out,” Clinton says. “That’s the kind of leader she is.”

The video is a taste of things to come in Iowa, New Hampshire and beyond, campaign officials say.

Still, a few discerning Clinton associates note that he used the words “I,” “me” and “my” 16 times in the video. They wryly observe that the taping was a model of self-control when compared with his past habits.

One friend, who refused to be identified because the couple frowns on anything close to criticism, said Clinton’s rhetorical style brings to mind the hit country song by Toby Keith, “I Wanna Talk Talk About Me.” The chorus goes like this:

“I wanna talk about me.”

“Wanna talk about I.”

“Wanna talk about No. 1, oh-my-me-my,

“What I think, what I like, what I know, what I want, what I see … .”

This friend, and several other associates, said Clinton truly wants to promote his wife’s candidacy and is getting better at it every day. They note that former presidents – much like former chief executive officers – find it difficult to stop talking about their accomplishments and the people who benefited from their leadership.

“Remember how good he was at describing what his presidency was about?” said former White House press secretary Mike McCurry. “And yet, he wasn’t an ‘I’ person. It was more about what we’ve done – what we can do as a country.”

Clinton’s job now is to evolve from the singular “I” and collective “we” to the servile “she.”

“He’s like a great batter adjusting to pitching,” said former Clinton aide Chris Lehane. “He needs to adjust so she comes out the star.”

As a campaign surrogate, Clinton bats better than average. He draws huge crowds, enjoys a high approval rating among Democrats and can lay it on thick for those he endorses.

But there’s always an “I” hook.

In 2005, New Jersey Democrat Jon Corzine was so pleased with Clinton’s appearance on his behalf that he turned it into a campaign ad.

“If you ever need a governor who’s strong and smart and good and experienced and full of new ideas and capable of implementing them, you need that person now,” Clinton said, before dropping the I-bomb five times in his next three sentences:

“And I’m here to tell you I did that job for 12 years. I served with 150 other governors. I don’t know of a better qualified person I ever saw present himself or herself for the office of governor than Jon Corzine.”

In 2004, seven weeks after quadruple bypass heart surgery, Clinton campaigned for Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry. The Kerry camp, like Al Gore’s team in 2000, was deeply divided over whether the former president’s appeal to hard-core Democrats outweighed his tendency to turn off swing voters.

Kerry’s aides had another concern: Clinton’s habit of hogging the spotlight. One of them, a consultant who had worked with Clinton, was given the unwelcome assignment of urging the former president to avoid overshadowing Kerry.

The advice didn’t take.

In a 1,400-word speech, Clinton talked about his heart, his record and his presidency as much as he did about Kerry’s campaign. He even gave a nod to Kerry’s rival, President Bush, by telling the crowd, “You’ve got a clear choice between two strong men … .”

Pleased with his performance, Clinton walked off stage, winked at McCurry and said something to the effect of, “I toned it down a little.”

Not enough for some. At Kerry’s headquarters, a few old Clinton hands who had just joined the campaign were thrilled. A few others, those who had been with Kerry for months, were dispirited – even angry.

They could be heard muttering to each other about Clinton: Why is it always about him?

Ron Fournier covered Bill Clinton for The Associated Press during his years in Arkansas and Washington.


  1. Steve Horn

    Yeah – when all else fails you may as well yank someone else onto the stage with you. Someone who has faced impeachment, someone who sat back and did nothing to halt the genocide in Darfur, someone who watched as Mugabe raped Zimbabwe and turned it from the bread basket of Southern Africa to a hell hole, someone who from the perspective of a domestic agenda got really lucky with the boom and the surge of internet commerce (much of it porn, in fact, coincidence? I doubt it – I don’t believe in coincidence) and who, through his inability to keep his zipper up helped to prepare the world to laugh at us in his wake, when we did the American inevitable and elected someone WORSE than the joker of the day.

    Sure – bring him back – personally I’d prefer to NOT see another Clinton in the oval office …



  2. gene

    Steve don’t you know thats what “Joe clueless public” is interested in…Bill’s zipper.

  3. Sandra Price

    There is nothing as appealing as a man with self confidence. But to a woman this same man with self confidence can be a detriment to a happy and long involvement.

    I feel Hillary’s pain. Don’t get me wrong, I will not vote for her but I can sympathize.

  4. gene

    WOW!!!!for a moment their Sandra you had me worried. “I feel Hillary’s pain” I just wonder if Hillary cares what Billybob does on the sideline as pertaining to his zipper.

  5. Sandra Price

    Of course she cares Gene. One more Monica would reflect on Hillary. She can run on the pity of the voters only once. She has her own money, her only child is now an adult and Hillary has the best of all possible worlds. Many women take pride in the sex appeal of their husbands but many more do not. I was married to Mr. Macho Man (actually Dr. Macho Man) and it got very annoying and embarrassing. He was not a dog lover and that was the final insult.

    I can’t imagine the stress she is under with that alley cat living with her. I hope she loses the election, throws Bubba out on his tail, divorces him and she lives happily ever after. It would nice not to have to see her daily.

    I am a consistant politco but also a woman. this is a dangerous combination. Wot?

  6. gene

    Sandra I think I see your point. Just one of my many “slow” days. So many angles to so many issues. Hard to stay sane in a (ever increasing) insane world.

  7. Carl Nemo

    Both of them are an “eyesore” for sure…! Just look at the ads for “Billary” on CHB’s front page. I hope Doug’s organization is extracting healthy compensation for their ads. Also this is a great plan in terms of showing her hard-faced mug so overly much to so many people, that she won’t even place in Iowa… :))

    Folks need to get it in their heads that the Bushistas and the Clintonistas have an unholy pact, familywise to help each other establish NWO/AIPAC dynasties. This pact was hatched in the 80’s when Bush as Ronzo’s V.P. was building the CIA’s drug-running empire. Clinton is a Rhodes scholar and I’ve suspected for years that both he and Hillary are either employees of the firm or HUMINT exploitation targets. These are the people; i.e., Bush/Clinton ushering in their crackpot Cecil Rhodes hatched scheme of a “New World Order”. It’s not Fantasy Island, but a fact. They look upon the peoples of the U.S. and world a nothing but groundlings, they the predators and we their prey! They are very dangerous elitists to the core. To write my commentary off as that of crackpot is at your collective peril!

    Required reading for folks that are interested in the Bush/Clinton alliance should acquire a copy of “Compromised: Clinton,Bush and the CIA How the Presidency was Co-opted by the CIA” by Terry Reed and John Cummings published by SPI Books a Division of Shopolsky Publishers a 1994 release. I suggest people read it twice and let the contents percolate into your consciousness as to what’s happened to this once great nation.

    Reagan/H.W.Bush 2x > H.W.Bush/Quayle 1x > Clinton/Gore 2x > G.W.Bush/Cheney 2x > Hillary/? 2x ~ ?!

    See a pattern here folks?! Are “we the people” that stupid or masochistic as a nation that we wish to endure anything that has to do with either the Bushistas or the Clintonistas again?! I surely hope not, but who knows? We live in interesting times for sure!

    Carl Nemo **==