We’ve seen a lot of conspiracy theories come and go but a lawsuit in Durango, Colorado, is the first time we’ve seen a newspaper sued for not taking part in one.

Printed in Friday’s Durango Herald:

A Durango woman issued a court summons to The Durango Herald, its publisher and its chairman on Thursday, demanding the newspaper compensate her for her attempt to uncover what she believes is a conspiracy to suppress the truth about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Judith Pfeif, representing a group called Caring for Our Community, obtained a summons requiring the Herald to appear in La Plata County small-claims court on June 1.

Pfeif wants $7,500 compensation – the maximum allowed in small-claims court – for expenses incurred researching the attacks and publicizing her view of what happened.

Pfeif wrote in her petition, "The defendants are guilty of complicity in covering up the truth about the 9/11 tragedy, thus making every one of them accomplices in the greatest crime of this century."

Pfeif could not be reached for comment because she did not have a listed phone number.

Publisher Richard Ballantine responded to the summons Thursday, saying "I don’t think the Herald is withholding anything that pertains to a conspiracy.