Battered Bush runs home to daddy

President George W. Bush did not tarry before going fishing on arrival at the family vacation spot in Kennebunkport, where the Atlantic held more promise than angling in the dangerous shoals of Washington.

For Bush, Friday’s fishing trip with his father probably did not prove to be more disappointing than wrangling with Congress, run by Democrats, or the sight of fellow Republicans ready to bolt.

Late this week, the Senate buried what was to be his last great legislative initiative of his presidency: immigration reform. And some of his fellow Republicans in Congress have joined the growing chorus against the Iraq war.

Bush, uncharacteristically embittered, promised to meet with Congress after the July 4 Independence Day holiday to work on the budget.

However, with an increasingly aggressive Congress, cooperation looks more like wishful thinking.

Not only the Democratic opposition but also his Republican allies have placed Bush in the position of an unpopular president sidelined for the rest of his term.

He has repeated admirably that he will press on to the finish line, in January of 2009. However, any power he accrued with his re-election has crumbled, along with Americans’ backing for the Iraq war and the Republican majority in in 2006 legislative elections.

A poll by Fox News, the network that portrays the president most favorably, posted a 31 percent job approval rating for Bush, the lowest he has ever had.

In recent days, Bush has watched some of his fellow Republicans air more than simple reservations about his Iraq strategy, even joining the growing national impatience to see the troops come home.

He also watched Republicans help Democrats to give the coup de grace to an immigration reform bill in which he had invested so much.

The Democratic majority invited head-on confrontation when it demanded the White House turn over information on the most controversial of its anti-terrorist programs: allowing telephone wiretaps of Americans without a judge’s warrant.

Also looming is a possible legal tussle with Democrats over a White House refusal to turn over evidence Congress demanded to discover whether several federal prosecutors were fired for political gain.

Congress also is about to let the clock run out — at Saturday, mindnight — on so-called “fast-track” trade authority, which allows Bush to negotiate trade deals that Congress may either approve or reject, but cannot modify.

Vice President Dick Cheney has his troubles, too, with Congress since he refused to hand over information he contends is confidential.

Incensed after having been marginalized during six years in the minority, the Democrats want to restore to Congress the powers trimmed by a White House they accuse of “stonewalling.”

Besides foreign policy, where the president still holds sway, Bush said he is willing to veto, in the name of a “right to life,” a bill expanding the use of federal moneys for research on human embryos.

And he has threatened the veto against language in a bill making further financing of the war in Iraq dependent upon a timeline for troop withdrawal.

The debate over war funding for next year will be reopened shortly.

“The time has come to start talking about Iraq,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, soon after putting the immigration bill to rest.


  1. gene

    Looking at the above picture of father and son clearly (to me at least) represents ALL that is wrong with this world.

  2. Bill Jonke

    But but but Daaaaaddddddddieeeee…

    Let’s hope that this is the worst Independence Day Georgie has ever had while in office.

    Daddy can’t much help him now.

    “I don’t think I can get you out of this one, Veda!”

  3. bryan mcclellan

    The final months of this failed administration are going to be a hell unlike this country has ever witnessed.While this great Republic lies in ruin at his feet we will be witness to the greatest display of temper tantrums and stonewalling in our history.If dub can’t get his way he will surely sabotage any attempts to right this ship of state. I wonder if his old man can keep his food down when he looks at what is the fruit of his loins,and has he,like the rest of us wished we just could throw him overboard.

  4. gene

    “wished we just could throw thim overboard”….amen and amen..please strap at least 200 pounds of weight to his sorry ass. He might be able to swim to shore.

  5. mally1

    This is the kind of mess that happens when your Daddy buys you an MBA from Yale. I’m only grateful that Bush’s bright idea of granting amnesty to 20MM illegals is rightfully dead and buried.

  6. kent shaw

    “Congress also is about to let the clock run out — at Saturday, mindnight — on so-called “fast-track” trade authority, which allows Bush to negotiate trade deals that Congress may either approve or reject, but cannot modify.”

    This makes me crazy. The arrogance. Bush wants a co-equal branch to be bound from modifying legislation by the executive, which is nowhere authorized by the Constitution, while at the same time claiming authority to modify Constitutionally authorized legislation by Congress with signing statements, also not authorized by the Constitution. Congress thankfully appears to be letting this die. This fast track nonsense is, well, nonsense.

    Bush constantly, doggedly attempts to claim the powers of dictatorship under the concept of the ‘unitary executive’ which is just another word for dictator.

    We allow this to occur.

  7. opit

    I haven’t seen the zinger applied. Congress specifically disallowed monies for construction of permanent bases in Iraq – yet they have been built. Where did funding come from ?

  8. gene

    Opit….with Bush and Cheney, anything is possible. All you need is the kind of slow moving brain dead congress we currently have.

  9. kent shaw

    Funding redirected by executive order. He does what he wants, as do any other dictators such as the Bushes’ good friends the Saudi Royal Family.

  10. Bluesman2007

    IMHO Bush and Cheney are classic sociopaths. They obviously have no conscience. They’re removed and unaffected by the reality that the rest of us inhabit.

    Nothing they do or try to do is surprising. As far as I can see, these are two “dead men walking”. They just don’t realize they’ve completely lost their souls. They simply haven’t the good sense to stop moving. It’s only a question of time but, more and more, I’m seeing an atmosphere reminiscent of the Nixon era just before the feces hit the A/C.

    In my heart of hearts, I know they’ll get their just deserts sooner or later but they’ve done so much damage, it will take time to fix. I only hope this congress will awaken from it’s self imposed sonambulism. What a great opportunity for them to actually do their job! Mind you, I’m not holding my breath because guts just isn’t their strong suit.

  11. Bluesman2007

    “Presidnet bitter over recent defeats”

    PS: Who misspelled “president” 😀