The Paris Hilton of politics

Ann Coulter is the Paris Hilton of politics, the blonde bimbo liberals love to hate but also one that TV loves to promote because putting her on the air drives up ratings and public debate.

Outrageous? Damn right she is. That’s her stock in trade, her modus operandi, her act. Like Hilton, she’s a self-promoting media machine that feeds on a public appetite for excess.

There have been many debates over whether or not Coulter actually believes the hate she spews. The same questions circle around other right-wing demagogues: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Mike Savage, et. al.

Her fans claim Coulter is the right-wing’s sex symbol, a leggy blonde who favors short skirts and low-cut blouses but others wonder if her bile is fueled by anorexia. Her hard features remind us more of the skank we too often woke up next to after a hard night of drinking. A closer examination reveals she has been rode hard and put up wet a few times too many.

But her vitriol sells books, raises ratings and even helps the current target of her hate — Democrat John Edwards — raise campaign cash.

Opportunism, it seems, can be a two-way street.

Some, however, say enough is enough. Notes The Nation:

We can’t expect TV news to have standards, but it should have limits. Not many, but a few. At least one limit. When a guest on Good Morning America urges the murder of one of our leading presidential candidates, somebody has exceeded the limit. A person who does that needs to be, should be, ought to be, must be kicked off the air permanently. Please look at this:

On another occasion, this time on CSPAN, Ms. Coulter had suggested her targeted politician is a “faggot.”

Such epithets are tasteless but they fall short of deserving banishment from the airwaves. Making sport of the death of one of the Edwards’ children tends toward cruelty, but it still falls short of meriting exclusion from the TV cameras.

Urging murder does not fall short. It is one thing for Ms. Coulter, a notorious opponent of gun control, to argue that everyone ought to be able to own one, but it is a different kettle of fish when she says on national television which of her political enemies the gun should be aimed at.

We live in the 007 age. A time of termination with extreme prejudice, of targeted assassination, the surgical strike, men and women suicide bombers, hit men, button men, killers for hire, killers for religion, killers for politics. The air is heavy with menace. Every entrance and exit from the ABC network building in which Ms. Coulter urged the murder of John Edwards, is heavily guarded.

If confronted, Coulter will probably say that she was joking. A joke like that at the airport ticket counter would get her arrested. A joke like that should get her kicked off network broadcasting once and for all.


  1. Steve Horn

    Sex symbol? I’ll dispute that one to the grave – she’s more a shining example of beauty being skin deep – but ugly running to the core …

  2. bryan mcclellan

    Dear Sandra :AMEN ! You are soooooooooo correct.Wish I could say it so well..


    It’s not Coulter. The real problem is that the Nazi media won’t carry anyone who can counter her. The fault lies in our institutions (which are Nazi), not in our personalities.

    John Hanks, Laramie, Wyoming


    The problem is not in Coulter. The real problem lies in our corrupt right-wing media institutions which refuse to carry anyone who can counter her (there are plenty). Only Air America radio carries anyone in opposition.

    John Hanks, Laramie, Wyoming

  5. JoshuasGrandma

    You demean Paris Hilton with the comparison; Kiki is right on. But the attack on Elizabeth Edwards is shameful. Mrs Edwards is a class act; Ms Coulter is nothing but one of the puppetmaster’s toadies sent out to spew tarnish because the Edwards are clearly electable, clearly not wimpish, and smart enough to turn the tables by turning the attacks into fund raisers


    Coulter is a one woman hate crime with only a couple of wheels on the tracks headed for a train wreck. I would pay almost anything to hear her one on one with Randi Rhodes. Instead of just sitting there lapping it all up Rhodes would clean her clock. Why the hard on for this skank ? Now Valerie Plame… she’s a bomb. – EV

  7. JudyB

    MSNBC lost me as a regular viewer when they fired Don Imus.
    In their statement on firing Imus, they stated..
    “What matters to us most is that the men and women of NBC Universal have confidence in the values we have set for this company. This is the only decision that makes that possible.”

    When?, I ask you has Ann Coulter ever had even a modicum of decency that would inspire the confidence and values that MSNBC prouldy stated that they had set for their company in that statement? The answer to that question is NEVER!

    Giving air time to the ilk of those like Coulter, Limbaugh, O’Reilly and the “Swift Boaters” serve no purpose other than inspire other to spew hate and to get rich selling their books while doing so.

    If I want to listen to lies I can always listen to Bush/Cheney and their henchmen, and trust me, I don’t!

  8. ronjohnstone

    3 Cheers for Elizabeth Edwards for calling in and taking this Coulter person to task for her hateful speech! By doing so it was picked up by many news services and Coulter was widely shown as a truly nasty person. Perhaps her book sales will now drop off and she will disappear from mainstream media.

  9. Joe Lawrence

    Go back a few years. Search for and read the many observations of past acquaintances, contemporaries and colleagues of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and the rest of the currently prominent hate-mongers. The observations all speak of childishly belligerent, conniving, manipulative, selfish, self-aggrandizing and simply mean-spirited behaviors from the bunch of them.

    Whether it’s Bush endlessly demanding ‘do-overs’ in golf, tennis or cheerleading, Coulter’s back-stabbing of fellow law students, Limbaugh’s – then known as Geoffrey Christie – snide and inconsiderate upstaging of other radio personalities and staff at KQV (Pittsburgh), the same themes resound. These observations come from people with no axe to grind, all being successful people from varied political persuasions and backgrounds, and without any involvement in current national politics.

    What else is to be expected from these spoiled brats? Does anyone know someone like that? Sure, we all do.

    But to nominate Coulter as “sexy” in any way? Don’t make me laugh. Smart, maybe, but with very ulterior motives and for the most Machiavellian of causes – the demise of our constitutional form of government, as we have known it, while baffling us with their bullshit and dazzling us with their endless array of shiney objects of distraction. Each imagines himself or herself to be a part of some elite corps who will be in charge of the Brave New World, mush as the remaining thirty-percenters force themselves to believe that ANY of the above-mentioned care one rat’s rear end about them.

    It would all be very funny, were the stakes not so high.

    Joe Lawrence

  10. Electric Bill

    I’m down with Bryan McClellan on Coulter. She looks like either a botched sex change operation or a badly made up drag queen to me. I’d hate to be the one to see what’s under the “short skirts and low-cut blouses” she favors. It would probably put me off my game for a while.

  11. LurkingFromTheLeft

    …that HAS been among the talk about ‘her’ for sometime –

    …she surely has some big – er uh um ah – features –

    …and her style of dress is consistent/typical of transgendered sorts – they want to experience what they didn’t get to when they were younger –

    …I usually refer to ‘her’ as S.B. – rhymes with hanky ditch –


  12. Donnat

    It doesn’t surprise me that the blood thirsty right wing thinks this is the epitome of womanhood.

    I just wonder how fast the networks will finally drop her when someone finally acts on her urging and the surviving relatives file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against her.


  13. Janet

    First of all, Coulter is not a sex symbol. She appears to be a 6′ tall man in drag. How many women have you seen with Adam’s Apples? Women don’t have them. If you find her sexy, well, what does that say about you? Maybe gay?

    Second, Coulter adds nothing of importance or relevance to the discourse. She is not brilliant in my opinion. She is very immature, pathologically narcissistic and spews insults like a nasty high school girl. What does it add to any debate to call people names or insult their appearance? This is so high school and doesn’t deserve air time or press. She is no better than a KKK redneck.

    Joe Scarborough this morning compared Coulter to Bill Maher which is ridiculous. Maher is brilliant and speaks of the issues with coherence and thought, as well as humor. Coulter just insults people as if she is queen of the nasty girl prom. I can’t stand listening to her – and don’t. I switched the channel when she was being interviewed on Hardball and on Scarborough. Stop giving this tweener witch air time.

    She respects nobody, regardless of their office or accomplishments, and so deserves no respect or attention herself.

  14. kent shaw

    I’ve had my eye on you, Hanks. I like the way you think.

    Kent Shaw
    Mechanicsburg, PA

  15. kent shaw

    Let us not increasingly revert to juvenile invective, thus stooping to the exact level of this counterproductive, cloying, annoying and ultimately forgettable Coulter woman, whoever the Hell she is.

    Kent Shaw

  16. nuQler Ostrich

    The Ru-Paul of Politics…

    Born Jeremy Levinsohn became a drag queen in Key West some years ago, and then re-appeared as Ann Coulter, known as “Adams Apple Andy” around these parts.

    Google Jeremy Levinsohn or his pseudonym “Pudenda Shenanigans”

    It’s no secret.

  17. UpChukker

    Ann Coulter is the most arrogant, ugly bitch I can think of. She looks like she had an elephant sit on her face after an especially bad fecal moment. And that’s on a GOOD day. This hermaphodite is a slimy imbecilian bitch with terminal PMS. She makes Bill O’Reilly seem like a school kid. The last time I saw Ann Coulter on the slimy show “Hannity and Colmes” she excreted:

    “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren’t punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That’s war. And this is war.”

    And oh yes, another favorite:

    “My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building.”

    She, with DickFace Cheney, would make a fine set of Repukian candidates for Veep and President.
    The most despised slimy people ever on one “winning” ticket.

  18. gene

    What would you expect from someone with probably 2 or 3 functional brain cells. This nation can certainly do one thing in a most excellent way: turn out truely weird, insane, selfish, thoughtless, morons with tunnel vision. Bush and Cheney would certainly fit the above description except they know what they are doing.

    We all now wake up each day to issues that would have been impossible to imagine only a few years ago. What does that say for the next few years. If anyone discovers a portal (worm hole) I’m about ready to worm out of this demension.

  19. kiki

    To compare Hilton with Coulter is ridiculous. Hilton is vapid; Coulter knows exactly what she is doing. It’s pure and simple hate speech and she should not be given a national forum to spew it. The lame excuse that Coulter is “joking” is disingenious. She’s “crazy like a fox”.

    Calling for the assassination of the president is a crime-her remarks about Edwards should also be treated as such. Schoolchildren making untoward remarks about their teachers on MySpace have suffered more consequences.

    Poor taste is unfortunately not actionable. But if Imus can be fired for his remarks ( and I’m not a fan of his ), then Coulter can and should be, too.

  20. Rick Fuller

    I agree with Kiki’s well stated post regarding Ann Coulter.

    Having stated that, this is the article above:

    “There have been many debates over whether or not Coulter actually believes the hate she spews. The same questions circle around other right-wing demagogues: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Mike Savage, et. al.”

    I watch the O’Reilly Factor for sport. I view that “show” on the same level as “Access Hollywood” or “Entertainment Tonight.”

    Mr. O’Reilly’s show is fodder. His guests must agree with his ideology who he rips them a new one and humiliates the guest.

    Yesterday, the head of the California Nurses Association held her own to Mr. O’Reilly and it was GREAT to see an underdog do so.

    It’s quite fun to see Mr. O’Reilly puff himself up and believe that he is actually making “good changes” in the world.


    Important to remember here that the networks run what we tell them by our viewing habits are people or shows we want to see. Try e-mailing them when an occasion arises and telling them that you won’t watch their network for a week or two or forever…whatever suits you. A viewers “time out” as it were.

    A small gesture to be sure but if it catches on the media landscape could change for the better and perhaps no more bile from this poster hag for acid reflux.

  22. bryan mcclellan

    I was at one time a fan of Hardball on MSNBC .But lately Chris Matthews has shown his true penchant for emulating his hero’s on the right. This latest display of the Harpy from hell on his program pushed me over the edge.Matthews acted like he was sitting next to a goddess,and grinning like a cat eating shit urged her to hurl the invective with no regard for any form of decency or decorum.The crowds behind were drooling for blood as Ms Skelator ratcheted up the slime machine and Matthews laughing like a maniac to mask his stupidity displayed what really runs the conservative party, slime,slander,and mean spirited rhetoric.They have no real message other than bend over, and to cover that fact they employ these sad examples of oxygen wasters to foul the airwaves. Goodbye msnbc and good riddance.

  23. NancyH

    Nancy H
    Don’t forget that this is all about NBC and MSNBC ratings and money. They could not care a whit about the contex of Coulter’s M.O. or what she may say to rouse public ire. This morning Joe Scarboro at MSNBC had her on as well and he defended her prior to her appearance (couldn’t stand to watch her appearance).

    For Chris Matthews of “Hard?ball” to give her one hour to spew distorted quips, incite, and advocate hate versus civility for political discourse, was validating her position for the young people standing behind her in the MSNBC audience.

    As parents or grandparents, would we want to advocate this method of discussion or debate? Apparently NBC and MSNBC thinks it is just grand.

    Quite frankly Hilton’s blatant selling of herself is more honest than Coulter’s. Coulter is promoted as an intelligent author, political right wing promoter, yet she diminishes that image by off the wall hate statements regarding killing a presidential candidate, making statements that all Southerners are illiterate, and lying and distorting information each time I have seen her on TV.

    There used to be a name for women who sold themselves. It also used to be called the most honest profession in the world. Coulter just diminished that profession.

    I suggest we all vote with our TV “clicker” against NBC and MSNBC’s promotion and selling of Coulter because it diminishes the world opinion of all Americans; and it’s bad enough already!

  24. Elmo

    I wonder what makes her so unloving. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that there was someone who had a “special relationship” with her when she was very young.

  25. bryan mcclellan

    Here I am stooping to their level but I have to say it.Women do not have Adams apples and she obviously does.I suspect she is hiding male genitals under her little black dress and that is the true origin of her angst……

  26. Sandra Price

    Bryan, I turned off MSNBC months ago when they could not get off of tabloid reporting. The cable network will always go for the numbers and yet they fired their best rated program when Imus was shown the door.

    Coulter is a brilliant writer but tends to go for the main vein in everyone’s source of thought. We have seen this with Rush, Savage, and most of Fox News for many years. Getting the attention of the American readers or viewers is difficult but slamming everything seem to be the way to do it.

    MSNBC just went through a major change in their management and have lost a number of us who do not want to be surrounded with extremist points of view.

    Many of us love to watch Jon Steward and Bill Maher as they have the courage to speak out against our government. Coulter is green with envy at their popularity but does not have enough class to know when to quit. There is no sense of decency or humor in Coulter’s comments and she is best ignored. But she represents the basic morality and hatred shared by the majority of Social Conservatives.

    We need to vote them all out of office and stop buying Coulter’s books.