Bush’s public support hits new low

As public support faded for his failed war in Iraq, President George W. Bush could still depend on support from rabid Republicans.

No longer. With overall support for his botched war effort at a new low, Bush is also failing to hold on to approval ratings from GOP loyalists. Like the rest of America, the right-wing is walking away from the President.

And like the rest of Americans, an increasing number of Republicans want the troops brought home now before any more die for Bush’s folly. Bush and Congress may be willing to send more American troops to death but the voters they work for are not.

Americans are tired of rhetoric. They want action and they want it now.

Reports Bill Schneider of CNN:

Public support for the war in Iraq has fallen to a new low. Not only that, but Republican support is beginning to waver.

President Bush’s troop buildup, or “surge,” meant to quell the sectarian violence is now in place.

“The final surge was just completed in the last 10 days,” Senate Minority Whip Trent Lott said Sunday.

What happens now? “Come September, we’ll have to see how they’re doing and we’ll have to make an assessment,” Lott said.

But the public is already making an assessment, and it’s not good. In the latest CNN-Opinion Research Corporation poll released Tuesday, 69 percent of those polled believe things are going badly in Iraq. Seventeen percent think the situation is improving.

Thirty percent of Americans polled say they favor the war, the lowest level of support on record. Two-thirds are opposed.

Anti-war sentiment among Republican poll respondents has suddenly increased with 38 percent of Republicans now saying they oppose the war.

Moreover, 63 percent of Americans are ready to withdraw at least some troops from Iraq. Forty-two percent of Republicans agree.

Fifty-four percent of Americans do not believe U.S. action in Iraq is morally justified.


  1. Steve Horn

    Let’s see – we’re disgusted with politics in America – we’re tired of seeing the same old crew of interchangable rich white guys in $5000.00 suits parading about claiming to understand the average person while taking money from special interest groups and corporations – I’ve got a possible solution.

    Don’t support the major parties.

    That’s right – a radical as hell concept – abaondon the major parties. Don’t contribute money, time, effort or breath to their self centered causes.

    Come 2008, select only third party candidates for congress – make congress as diverse as possible. I’m not joking – this would be a really healthy thing – members would need to learn to compromise – they’d need to learn to listen – and they couldn’t count on power brokers with deep pockets and narrow perspectives to finance their campaigns.

    Come 2010, don’t vote for incumbents – vote different people in. In fact – at every opportunity – vote in different people.

    The congress isn’t going to impose term limits – why would you ever support a law that would dictate you could only be employed for a fixed number of years? But We the People can impose term limits – we can work to ensure that no representative or senator ever serves more than a single term.

    Get a good, diverse congress in place and the ghost of Richard Nixon could be president and do no harm.

    See – the framers knew the perils of accumulated, concentrated power – the current administration is a perfect example of what they saw as the potential downfall of the Republic – so they gave US the power to ensure diversity in the legislative branch –

    Let’s do it – imagine – no pork – no obligation to special interest or corporate sponsors – a true government of citizens who take two or six years out of their normal lives to serve in the house or senate – and then return to the private sector.

    That, from my understanding of the debate the framers of our constitution engaged in, is what they had in mind. What we’ve got now is what they feared the most.



  2. gene

    Steve great rant/respone to above article. Extremely good ideals you have but unfortunately so few are listening these days. So many americans living paycheck to paycheck assuming they even have a job. Aliens could land in most (clueless americans) back yards and it would take them weeks to notice. Oh well, everyday is a good day until the real shit hits the real proverbial fan.

  3. Jenifer D.

    Talking bobblehead atop a

    steaming dung pile of politics; essentially that’s what the U.S. Presidency has evolved (de-evolved) into in the last six to ten years.

    Most folks have been jaded into thinking that all you need to run for office is some BS college degree and a fat wallet; those alone do not qualify you to run for any public office let alone effectively run a town, city, state, or country.

    Bush’s empire will become yet another chapter in the big book of failed empires before this decade is complete. I say send ’em all to jail; looks like we may have to reopen Alcatraz Island for business, eh?

  4. gene

    Jenifer I just hope its not the final chapter in this nation’s history book refering to your statment “Bush’s empire will become yet another chapter in the big book of failded empires” This white house gain has done some very serious damage minus the fact that this nation is bankrupt (financially) a thousand times over.

    The dollar is now worth 1/12 of its value (last I heard) compared to approximately 100 years ago. Not much left of it.

  5. gene

    Sandra you stated that “I thought I was goin insane! I saw through Bush and his plans for America and was shocked” I imagine you are in a perpetual state shock now compared to “back in 1999”

  6. Sandra Price

    Back in 1999, I thought I was going insane! I saw through Bush and his plans for America and was shocked that the GOP would work for this man. It was the first time I was totally disappointed with the GOP and my every fear of this Administration has been proven justified.

    Of course it took time for the American people to learn about American values and freedoms and how fragile they are under a bad leader.

    I can only hope we can learn from this experience that “blind faith” is not an attribute to leadership but a firm grip on the Constitution is absolutely necessary.

    Will we make the same mistake in 2008?

  7. Elmo

    If only that were the first time I was totally disappointed with the GOP! Sigh.

    Will the same mistake be made in 2008?


    The Republicans will continue to whip the Rove/Norquist Fear/Cut Taxes horse and the Democrats will put up an empty suit afraid to speak against the excesses of the corporate bosses, the Wall St. bankers, and their K-Street cash fountains. That will leave people like me looking for something to vote for that isn’t the lesser of two weevils.

  8. Jenifer D.

    What I said was……

    The big book (not national book) of failed empires; I.E. Roman Empire, Napoleon, Nazi Germany…etc. Many despots have attempted to impose their will on the world by means of force, and lost miserably. Boss Tweed ran the world’s first political machine and look what happened to him; he died in prison.

    Good call on the current worth of U.S. currency, but, we can thank Tricky Dick for taking us off the gold standard. 😉

  9. Steve Horn

    Gene – I understand that people are living paycheck to paycheck – many of us are – what I don’t understand how that can inspire political disaffection and apathy. I’d think that people who are struggling to make it would have a greater interest in the direction their nation was headed, would have a deeper desire to understand just what’s going on and what the government is doing as regards their situation.
    It wasn’t apathy that got this nation out of the great depression, it was a willingness to work on the part of both the citizens and the government – and work together to make the nation and world at large a better place. It wasn’t a “me and them” situation – it was an “us” situation. FDR, for all his very human flaws, understood that as a leader he needed to inspire a nation, not scare ’em to death. The nation, for the most part, understood that the programs being implemented were a good thing – the WPA, the CCC and the many infrastructure projects – because they were getting Americans working.
    Tell me in 1931 that there was a job available that an “American wouldn’t take”.
    Maybe things haven’t gotten bad enough in this nation for the majority to pay attention, perhaps so long as they can work at McDonalds and buy cheap shit at sprawlmart they won’t miss their Union jobs and insurance. I mean, as long as the stock market is up, we’re doing OK as a nation – right? Isn’t the DOW the real, actual measurement of how satisfied people are with the economy? Not me, brother, I judge my personal level of satifaction on the 15th and 30th of every month.
    What we have to awaken people to is that life isn’t “easy” – there is no freakin “easy” button to fix problems – it all takes effort. Perhaps it IS more important to read the NYTimes than it is to watch “The Simpsons” or “girls gone wild” – perhaps the action or inaction of your representative in congress should be more important to you than the latest Paris Hilton news. Perhaps the change needs to come from the parents who are supposed instill the values into the children of this nation.
    I don’t know, man, but I’ll tell you one thing, for all its flaws, this is still the greatest place to live in the world – one of the few places where the poor are fat – and I’m not giving up on it anytime soon.



  10. dobermanmacleod

    Presumably, President Bush isn’t as stupid or as detached from reality as his Iraq war retoric suggests.

    Perhaps he has chosen the Lyndon Johnson strategy of knowing the war is lost, but being afraid of the political implications of changing course.

    Or, perhaps he figures the troop surge is keeping the lid on the Iraqi civil war, and if he orders a draw down of troops, the situation will deteriorate rapidly and severely.

    Or, perhaps he and his friends are making so much money from war profiteering, that he doesn’t want it to end. Or perhaps the Iraq war is an excuse to stimulate the American military industrial complex for more conflicts.

    All I know is that politically, Bush is ruining the brand name of the Republican party, and is leading them over a cliff in ’08. Worse, the army is overstretched, not prepared for another immediate conflict.

    Will Bush change course when a signficant number of Republican legislators defect this September? Frankly, I think it is more likely that those Republicans won’t effectively oppose their Commander and Chief’s stay the course strategy.

    Too bad for the nation, and especially our soldiers. Good news for the Democratic party, who will predictably win big in the next election.