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Mainstream American media are amateurs when it comes to exposing politicians. The European press has done it longer and better.

From the British tabloids to the muckraking papers of continental Europe, no elected official is safe from investigations, spoofs and pointed barbs.

Just ask German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Wprost, a conservative newsmagazine published in Poland put a artist’s composite of Merkel on the cover this week — blouse open, breasts exposed and Poland’s governing Kaczyski twins sucking away.

The headline: Europe’s Step-Mother. Imagine Newsweek with former President Bill Clinton on the cover, trousers down around his ankles and Monica Lewinsky on her knees, noshing on the First Member, or current President George W. Bush with his pants down and Tony Blair kissing his naked butt.

Reports Spiegel Online:

It’s not exactly how one expects to see German Chancellor Angela Merkel: The broad, friendly smile seems completely at odds with her open blouse, two bare breasts spilling out. On each breast, one of Poland’s governing Kaczynski twins is affixed — Prime Minister Jaroslaw is suckling on the left, President Lech has attached himself to the right. One of them is holding up the “victory” sign right in Merkel’s cleavage.

The image is on the cover of this week’s Wprost, a conservative Polish newsmagazine that has not shied away from firing barbs at Germany in the past. The headline reads: “Europe’s Step-Mother.” As current holder of the EU’s rotating presidency, Merkel, the magazine seems to be saying, is treating the rest of Europe like her step-children. And during last week’s EU summit in Brussels, the article inside makes clear, she has been particularly condescending to the Poles. The magazine writes of Germany’s “post-colonial reflexes” and says that six decades after the end of World War II, “the Germans still aren’t able to treat Poles like partners.”


  1. Jenifer D.

    LOL!!!!!! Wonderful!

    Boy, can you magine what would happen if Time, U.S. News, or any other mainstream news mag printed a picture of Condi bent over the Oval Office desk being serviced by any number of certain elected bodies? The FCC would lose their minds! I love Europe’s attitude about censorship; there is none.

  2. adamrussell

    Funny, but it makes no sense.
    I dont see how germany is acting like a step-mom, and I dont see how a picture of a woman suckling is like a step-mom. Do step-mom’s in Europe often suckle their adopted kids? I guess its possible, but I think unlikely. Natlamp made more sense and they were high.

  3. Sandra Price

    You are right Joe, but I keep hoping for some sanity in the political world. To be honest with you, I’m tired of writing in P.J. O’Rourke’s name on the ballot.

  4. Sandra Price

    I don’t like it! Politics is a serious business and this kind of thing cheapens it.

  5. Electric Bill

    Nice chubbies. I wonder if this is what Bush was after when he groped her. We need more of this kind of irreverent and disrespectful coverage of our politicians and less of the awe-struck TV commentary that sounds like background for a golf tournament. Bring back The National Lampoon.


    Blame the Messenger! For-profit media always drives the getaway car for the rich. They got us into the Spanish American War and they have been blacking out the truth ever since. They don’t just tell us what to think. They tell us what to think about.

    John Hanks, Laramie, Wyoming

  7. bryan mcclellan

    Politics hardly needs a pair of breasts to cheapen it. In fact we’ve been taking a real screwing from the Jr. penis for the last six years,and he’s not done yet as evidenced by his amnesty push for more than 15 million felons who are here with no legal status,and I might add,want us to assimilate to their culture. Most Americans are so dull that shock is the only way to show them the light.Censorship in any form should be censored by truth,and if it offends,look away if you’ve not the stomach for reality .P.S. Chasing after Paris or O.J. is by far a lewder act than using human genitals to make a point…….

  8. Joe Lawrence

    Sandra worrying about politics being cheapend is closely akin to George Bush worrying that Dick Cheney might make him look naive, manipulated, helpless and ineffectual.

    It is far too late, as all trains have left the station.

    Joe Lawrence

  9. geyser

    Europe has always been more liberal especially, in their Entertainment and Advertising fields. Politics was the natural next to go. Actually the same thing goes on right here in America, the only difference, it’s done behind closed doors. We always have Ann Coulter to liven up the political scene. Her “XXX” rated comments rival any picture of sexual perversion.

    Taking One Day at a Time