How many more Americans must die?

As President George W. Bush continues to claim success in his failed Iraq war, the death toll of Americans dying in that “success” continues to increase.

Eight Americans, along with a British soldier, died Saturday — bringing the four-day death toll for U.S. servicemen to 25 (including one death the Pentagon called a “non-battle” related casualty).

Yet with American military deaths rising at alarming rates, the Bush White House still preaches the fallacy that the “troop surge” in Iraq is working.

In fact, violence in that civil-war ravaged nation spirals out of control and American men and women die for nothing.

Reports the New York Times:

Eight American servicemen and one British soldier were reported today to have been killed in Iraq, bringing the four-day death toll to at least 25 as insurgents continue to use huge roadside bombs to rip through combat vehicles.

The deadliest attack killed four American soldiers in combat operations today at an undisclosed location northwest of Baghdad. Insurgents detonated a roadside bomb near the soldiers’ vehicle. An Iraqi working as an interpreter for the Americans was also wounded.

Though the military did not specify the location of the attack, American forces have been stepping up patrols and other operations in the area immediately northwest of here as part of new offensives to try to bring some control to the insurgent-dominated “belts” around the capital. The area northwest of Baghdad has recently been left largely untouched, American officials say, allowing Sunni militants to use the sparsely populated area as a sanctuary.

Another attack by insurgents — this one a coordinated operation using rifles and at least one bomb — led to the deaths of two American soldiers in eastern Baghdad early today. The soldiers first were attacked with a roadside bomb, then they were fired upon by gunmen, the military said. Three other soldiers were wounded in the attack.

Another American soldier died from a “nonbattle related cause” today. No other details were provided by the military, which said the death was under investigation. An American airman also was killed in Tikrit today when an improvised bomb exploded near his vehicle.


  1. SEAL

    Snowcrash7 said it. The operation they are conducting in Iraq cannot produce anything other than death to both sides. The Iraqis will never stop fighting us. It is their country and we are the infidel invaders. Added to that is al Quida promoting it as a holy war. The Iraqis have no fear of death and will fight for their country and their religion to the very last man, woman, and child.

    Bushco knows this so they deliberately plan and launch any military campaign that will fuel the conflict. The only reason they do that is to produce mega-profits for the MIC. The ONLY reason. All of those at the top of the administration and congress have [hidden] vested interests in the MIC and are making huge amounts of money from this war.

    I find it impossible to believe that the democrats do not know this, also. All of them. I also believe that those controlling the democratic side of congress are profiting from the war in some way. That is the only excuse that makes any sense for them allowing the war to continue. Otherwise, any member of congress would consider it their duty to cut off the funds and stop it. And it only makes sense that it is those “career” members who are in control that would be profiting from it.

    Myself and the others here with military backgrounds see Iraq as Vietnam all over again. And the results would be the same if we pulled out today or anytime later. The toughest and smartest Iraqi SOB would wind up ruling the country and hating us. That’s why we will not leave.

    No matter which political party is in charge we are in Iraq to stay. We will eventually be able to turn over the “policing” of the country to the Iraqi military which will dramatically reduce the violence and they will eradicate alQuida from the country. Our forces will be established in permanent bases to back up them and insure our puppet government that has already given the oil magnates a contract for 70% of the Iraq oil. It’s the oil stupid. Plus the realization of the neocon dream of having a major US military force smack dab in the middle of all those “terrorist” nations.

    That is what is going to happen.

  2. kent shaw

    For sure. Let us play politics while our precious soldiers continue to DIE in ever increasing numbers. The following is a letter written by my friend Tim, a partially disabled (deafness due to a bomb detonation the other side of the tree that saved his life) Vietnam combat veteran. It appeared recently in the Harrisburg, PA, Patriot-News.

    ‘The Surge’
    Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    It’s time Americans gave President Bush’s plan, “The Surge,” time to work. A few dead GIs today, a few tomorrow and the next day and the next, but who’s counting?

    President Nixon had a secret plan for ending the Vietnam War and that worked, didn’t it? So maybe he filled a few cemeteries with dead soldiers and committed war crimes in Cambodia. Let’s not get technical.

    The day will come when the Islamists will see the wisdom of “The Surge.” The Shia will hug their Sunni brothers. The Kurds will be given territory from Turkey and Iran to form their own country. The Syrians will stop objecting to the Israeli bombing of people in Lebanon.

    American oil companies will start pumping all that wonderful Iraqi crude instead of French, Chinese and Russian oil companies, the way Saddam had it figured. And Osama bin Laden will throw his Quran into a camp fire and become a Quaker.

    So relax and stop counting body bags. You don’t see the congressional Democrats objecting, do you? We can easily set aside more land for cemeteries while “The Surge” has its intended effect.

    Timothy M.
    Monroe Township

  3. gene

    Raise your hand if you can read this…”ITS OVER PEOPLE”. This nation has shot its wad for the last time and their are many reasons why of which only a few (big ones) is necessary to change our “american dream” into an “american nightmare”.

    Don’t agree…fine…then what about the trillions of dollars in “financial toxic waste” our financial boys have created over the past several years.

    Have you heard of subprime collapse, foreclosures going through the roof, a trillion dollars worth of ARMS reajusting this year and another trillion in 2008 equals millions of families living on the street.

    And what about this nations 9 trillion dollar deficit that was just raised by congress. We pay interest on this miss-spent money to the tune of billions of dollars each day. And then our trade deficit (close to a trillion dollars this year) hell if not more, God what a joke. We (this nation) produce little so we import from everywhere on the planet (china especially) and we pay for their goods with our soon to be worth NOTHING dollar.

    If you believe the numbers this gov puts out to represent this nations financial health then you are very missled. Its like the stock market, for the most part a scam with the P/E ratio created to draw in more suckers. Just like all the world suckers that buy US Treasury bills. The good old USofA has to sale billions of this worthless paper everday to foreign investors (who like to throw their money away)..laughing..just to keep the “american dream” (laughing agian) alive.

    Most americans are clueless to the fact that this nation is bankrupt a thousand times over and soon the world will not accept our worthless paper in exchange for their goods we use everyday. We shut down our factories because the american worker priced himself out of the market. In other words our living standards have been to high for to long.

    How does all this relate to Iraq, well put the two together with a white house and congress made up of criminals, add to that clueless citizens and….wa-la…WE ARE FINISHED!!!!!

  4. SnowCrash7

    AS a retired combat arms NCO with combat experience in Vietnam and elsewhere, it amazes me that anybody would believe that this ‘surge’ is going to produce anything else than more American dead and more Islamic radicals recruited and motivated to join the terrorists cause. Not to mention the training those radicals are getting courtesy of Bush.

    In Vietnam we would go into an area, take casualties, clear it out…then leave. A month or two later we would do it all over again in the very same area. That is exactly what is going on here. It is the nature of guerilla warfare.

    We could flood Iraq with a million troops and the insurgents would only go to ground and regroup. This is truly a waste of our Warriors. As long as we are there Islamic radicals will be motivated to fight and kill Americans, everywhere.

    The politicians in Washington who are allowing Bush to waste American lives in the hope that he can pass off his mess to the next administration have American blood on their hands and their consciences. They should be ashamed. Please contact your reps and demand that our troops be brought home now.

  5. Bill Robinson

    Organized Crime IS the US Government. Perfect! Well put. You can consider that as the choice remark of the day.
    Regarding the question of How Many More Americans must die in Iran==the answer is 50,000. Bush won’t quit until he beats Vietnam’s casualty lists.
    Re the issue that cheney is the most powerful VICE president ever–possibly. Re his denial of Geneva Convention rights to prisoners detained from Iraq, I would like to see him captured by terrorists and then watch him claim protection under the Geneva Convention. Chop chop, with a rusty and dull sword.
    He is a disgusting and pathetic murderer. At least Bush can justifiably claim stupidity, Cheney can only say that “I can’t hear you all the way at the bottom of the salt mine.”
    Bill Robinson

  6. geyser

    The problem is still the Iraqis. The Soldiers and Police are being sent out into the field, poorly trained, poorly equipted and with a less then gung ho attitude, way less.

    Today in “Time” an article with a reporter speaking with an Insurgent, varified these facts. The Iraqi’s are being put at the Check Points. The Insurgent told the reporter, they were moving freely between Check Points with out being stopped once. He said, as long as you have a Woman or a Child in the car, you will not be stopped. You could have a trunk full of C4 and take it where ever you wanted to go.
    Insurgents have taken over Check points, dress as the Iraqi soldier and stop any car wanting to pass. They will inquire where the car is going, if it’s destination is a Market or Government building, the car is detained. Without the driver knowing the trunk is loaded with C4 and detonator. The car is then okayed to leave. Another car will follow the first car to its destenation, where it is blown up at the discretion of the Insurgent. (A Suicide Bomber is saved for another target.)

    The new trucks that are being made to withstand the roadside explosions, are already obselete. The Insurgents have replaced the explosive being used with a more powerful one. It is ripping through the new trucks like a hot knife through butter. Back to the drawing board.

    If the surge is working, the good news is being kept from us. It is said it’s working but, never told where. We were told the in one town or village the people were helping our soldiers, by informing where the strongholds of the Insurgents are hiding. I never saw a follow up to this, did you?

    Did you hear the latest from Bill O’Rielly? he is very upset with NBC for alloting 15 minutes to the story of allied Aircraft bombing and killing Afghan civilens, women and children among them. Bill must have forgotten that he doesn’t work for NBC. He claims that he gives us the “Good Stuff” like a piece he did about “Having sex while being asleep” the good stuff.

    This war is becoming tidious, our soldiers are being over used as are the equiptment they use. Damn the Democrats for releasing the funds, allowing this war to continue.

    Taking One Day at a Time

  7. kent shaw

    SEAL wrote: “The only reason they do that is to produce mega-profits for the MIC. The ONLY reason.”

    AND: “I also believe that those controlling the democratic side of congress are profiting from the war in some way. That is the only excuse that makes any sense for them allowing the war to continue.”

    In general SEAL’s message is right on the money. That IS what is going to happen.

    But, in regard to the two quotes I chose, we differ. I do not believe “The ONLY reason” and I do not believe “the only excuse” parts of those excerpts. In addition to the profit motive on both sides of the aisle, I also believe AIPAC/MOSSAD blackmail is involved on both sides.

    Just my humble opinion, and I can’t prove a thing, of course.


  8. SEAL

    Kent, I agree that there are other reasons for the war. Many things are involved. But in the context of why they are orchestrating these military campaigns like the surge, the only reason is profits for the MIC.

  9. SEAL

    There is one other thing involved here, too. The democrats are trying to time this thing so that when they take over, the Iraq army will be somewhat capable of beginning the take over of policing. Then they can take credit for the conversion and saving american lives,etc.

    They have pressured Bush into this surge and applying urgent pressure on the Iraq government to get their act together that he is trying to save his legacy with. He won’t be able to accomplish what he hopes but he will lay the grondwork that the democrats can launch the transition from. Bush will look bad and the democrats will be the heros.

    That is what they are attempting to set up. Watch as they keep the pressure on Bush in September when the funding comes up again.

  10. Sandra Price

    MSNBC was my source of news for years but new management or old worn out management has decided we need more information on American prisons and Oprah. I am so disappointed in MSNBC! I no longer bother to check in even when I receive their news updates by email. When I receive an email from them, I go to CNN. I may not get an accurate report but I get a report.

    Saturday evening I wanted to know how the Iraqi war was going. No report, as mentioned in this above article, had anything about losing 8 more soldiers.

    Many of us had hopes that around-the-clock news would be available to everyone but even the radio programs are overloaded with commercials and Bill O’Reilly.

    I alwaya have to come to CHB for the news of the previous day and count on this home page to bring me up to date. I’m always sad when Hillary’s maiden name takes top of the home page.

    I am a news junkie and have spent many hours each day looking for the news! I am always stunned by how many people do not know what is happening on this planet when they do not connect to the ‘net. I thank Doug everyday for this site.

  11. gene

    Well thankyou congress for your absolutely diluted effort to stop these mad, insane, power crazy devils. Only a revolt by the american public will stop this maddness but that is not going to happen.

    Joe public is up to his proverbial ass in debt and just wait to next week as this subprime hedge funded financial insanity takes off. I expect stocks to head south, who knows, mabe this is the real shit that will hit the real fan…this time. If not, it will happen soon.

    I bet my sister it would start flying next week as the “big boys” who set up this financial scam that amounts to trillions of dollars are forced into exposure. Its going to be hard to cover up this amount of “toxic financial waste” any longer.

    Congress was our last hope of stoping Bush and Cheney, hah, what a joke they are. I lay the deaths of these soldiers directly in their laps along with the masses that voted for these demons. I hope they have a nice ride to hell.

  12. long_rider

    I choose to respond to your comments for two reasons:

    1. What ever Congress passes has to go before the Senate, and the chimp controls them. So nothing is gained.

    2. I think that Congress should keep hammering at the chimp about this war, even if it a losing cause, this will place the chimp, and the American Communist Party (GOP) in a bad light.

    Americans have to band together to end this war. We have to go to Washington DC and protest in massive numbers, hoping the the American propaganda machine (our news media) will cover it.

    Cindy knows the answer, but no one would listen to her. The continued war in Iraq is as much the falt of the American people, as it is the chimps.

    Freedom has a cost, to some of us it will be our lives, and some may have to get off their asses (for once in their lives) and make a stand.

    We have elections approaching and our representatives (Ha! Ha!) are vulnerable to protests. I guess the ball is in our court, keep crying, or do something.

  13. Wayne K Dolik

    Prosperity is at hand. We can change this if we want to. If we all desire to get out of this we can. We need to focus on the positive thought.

    If our Congress is broke we can fix it. Just think for your self. Can we as ordinary citizens change Congress? Yes we can.

  14. Paolo


    You are kidding, right?

    This Iraq mess can’t be fixed, short of a complete pullout of US troops from the entire Middle East. On the way, we need to pull our troops out of Europe, east Asia, and just about everywhere else where we’re screwing things up.

    Non-interventionism is not likely to happen. More likely, the war and foreign adventurism will bankrupt the USA. At that point, we either come to our senses and start to rebuild our country, or we turn into a monstrously aggressive, warmongering megastate.

    If, after all the lies and propaganda that have already been exposed, the system cannot and does not react by taking the administration away in handcuffs, then the system is broken beyond repair.

    Kinda depressing, isn’t it?

  15. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    After 6 years of impotency the Democratic Congress had a chance to thwart the PNAC Machine with the Iraq funding bill. They did not. As Gene said, only a revolt by
    We The People could possibly change things, but the
    American Public is asleep at the wheel because it’s always somebody elses kid that is dying.
    BushCo learned that by avoiding a draft by pushing the
    military to its limits with extended tours, using the National Guard as fighting soldiers which it was never meant for & Blackwater private mercenaries, that the
    American public will go for the ride.

    I am always trying to be positive, have positive constructive thoughts about what needs to happen to
    get out of the war, but again, after 6 years, and a Democratic Congress that could have put the brakes on
    BushCo by denying it money to prosecute the war, positive thought is not enough. Wet noodle Democrats are now complicit in not starting the process to get us out of the war; they were largely complicit in getting us into it in the first place.

  16. Sandra Price

    Good points Klaus!

    I have a dream that Bush/Cheney will self destruct. If the truth about 9/11 is exposed they may be escorted out of the White House through the actions of the FBI or their lies finally catching up with them.

    America is too valuable a nation to have to put up with much more of this corrupt use of our soldiers. Something must trigger the action of making these two men pay for what they have done to our Servicemen and women and the damage done to the Constitution. Somebody must be ready to get our laws back into shape so no President will ever have the authority to repeat Bush’s actions.

    The Democrats are not focused on these actions and I would bet they will use them for their own agenda and we will be worse off, if possible.

    Where is John Galt?

  17. SEAL

    The concept of the surge is the american forces “take” Bagdad one area at a time, clean out the bad guys, and leave it occupied and secured by Iraqi security forces. Then move on to the next area until all of Bagdad is secure. Good plan. Should have done this long ago.

    But it isn’t working because the “Iraqi security forces aren’t up to the job” according to the US commanders in the field. They say the Iraqi’s don’t have the training or the basic equipment they need. Very few vehicles, short on weapons, and so forth. One commander said “they don’t even have enough bullets.” Why is that?

    Over the past four years we have been told how we have been training the Iraqi military. As of today they tell us there are 159,000 Iraq soldiers. A great deal of money has been spent on training and equipting these troops. So, why can’t they do their job? Why don’t they have the equipment, vehicles, and enough “bullets?” Where did the money go?

    Anyone who has been in our military knows that a buck private right out of a 3 month boot camp is capable of guard duty over an area. We put new recruits through basic and send them to fight in Iraq right now. What the hell have they been doing over there for four years that the Iraq troops aren’t trained and equipted well enough to stand guard over a small area of town? Where did the money go?

    They’ve screwed the hell out of the taxpayers the past four years, stealing their money instead of training and equiping the Iraqi military to fight and take over the security of their country and now that they have the heat on them to do something and need that Iraq military, they have nothing but a bunch of shop keepers and neer-do-wells with not enough bullets. That’s why american soldiers are dying. So Bushco could steal our money for four years. They haven’t even provided our soldiers with all the equipment they needed.

    Why aren’t these people in Handcuffs?

  18. kent shaw

    As the Iraqis stand up we will stand down. This shouldn’t take more than another sixty or seventy years or until the oil is all gone, whichever comes first. Organized crime has not taken over the U.S. government, organized crime IS the United States government.