Bubba’s back in town

Bubba’s back and Hillary’s Presidential ambitions may rise or fall on his all-to-obvious desire to hog the spotlight.

We wondered how long it would be before Bill Clinton took a more active role in his wife’s campaign. Bubba is not the type to fade into the background. He’s too much of a publicity junkie to play second-fiddle.

Stand aside Paris Hilton: Time to take notes from a real master of media manipulation. Bubba is on the case.

Beth Fouhy of The Associated Press writes:

Bill Clinton used to be a stealth presence in his wife’s presidential campaign, raising money and schmoozing supporters largely out of the public eye.

This week, the former president stepped into the spotlight, from his humorous turn in a new Web video to the announcement that he will join Hillary Rodham Clinton on high-profile campaign visits to Iowa and New Hampshire.

Aides say Bill Clinton has long planned to campaign publicly for his wife, and Hillary Clinton often promises audiences they’ll see a lot more of him.

And, as anyone who watched the web video spoof of the much-discussed final scene of HBO’s The Sopranos can testify, there’s a lot more of Bill Clinton to see. With his shirt tail out to hide an ever-increasing girth, Clinton waddles into the diner and becomes the focus of the video that some campaign operative thought would be a good idea.

Obviously, some in the Clinton camp are inhaling. The video is a labored attempt at humor by showcasing a marriage of political convenience. The contrived ending of The Sopranos was bad. The attempt by the Clinton campaign to spoof it is even worse.

Bill Clinton is, always has been, and always will be, the epitome of Arkansas trailer trash (with apologies to trailer trash). He’s a fast-talking con artist who lost his law license for lying under oath, disgraced the Presidency by letting a White House intern, and God knows who else, use the First Member as a Popsicle and milked his two-terms in power for personal gain and carnal satisfaction.

Yeah, I know, all he lied about was sex. I’ve heard that pathetic partisan excuse many times but like so much partisan pap it doesn’t pass the smell test. He lied about a lot more than just letting Monica Lewinsky lick his Johnson but had the good fortune to be followed in office by George W. Bush, a President so vile that even Hitler comes off looking good by comparison.

Bush’s many crimes against humanity are real and should be punished but they do not give Bill Clinton a free pass for his misuse of the Presidency to destroy his enemies and pad his bank account. Bush’s failures should not become a relative yardstick to let Clinton escape.

Clinton is a misogynist bastard and Hillary’s willingness to use him in her campaign is an indicator that she, like too many other politicians, puts ambition above decency and political expediency ahead of honesty.

Hillary has attempted to rewrite history by portraying herself as a victim of Bill’s adultery but she has always been a willing accomplice to his philandering nature, conveniently ignoring it because dumping him does not serve her political agenda.

In many ways, Hillary is worse than Bill. She’s cold, calculating and driven by a dangerous lust for power. She’s a political dominatrix ready to get out the whips and chains and beat a willing nation into submission.

Yet for all of her lust for domination, Hillary remains surprisingly submissive to her tail-chasing husband, a trait not unusual for supposedly strong women trapped in an abusive relationship.

Which bring us to the real question: Is Hillary using Bill to gain the Presidency or is Bill using Hillary to regain it?

Either way, the answer should send all of us screaming for the exits.


  1. Sandra Price

    So what are the Republicans using to defeat the Clintons? Religion! They have their prohibitions lined up to build the American police state to control everybody. It was the Republicans who have turned me into a Democrat!

    America is corrupt! America will be more corrupt under the leadership of anyone currently running. We may have to learn to swim in the sewer and not make too many waves.

    Just looking at the Republican candidates would send the best of us “screaming for the exits.”

    Good one chief!

  2. bryan mcclellan

    By all means,apologize to the trailer trash.They get their hands dirty from hard work and most are able to wash them clean. Politicians have the blood of our liberties which is a permanent stain on their souls( that is if they a soul) and hands. You have all seen the clenched fist with thumb out gesture,this is a tactic used to hide the evidence of their guilt and culpability in the raping of America.The thought of hil and bub in the WH is indeed frightening,even more so than any or all of the other choices.I personally do not want to have a conversation or live in a village.Catch phrases, slogans,and theme song searches prove that idolatry is their main and only goal. Please, someone step forward to lead this country in a manner that befits our charter.

  3. kent shaw

    “He’s a fast-talking con artist who lost his law license for lying under oath, disgraced the Presidency by letting a White House intern, and God knows who else, use the First Member as a Popsicle and milked his two-terms in power for personal gain and carnal satisfaction.”

    And let us not forget that he gave us NAFTA, GATT and membership in the WTO. Sold us right down the river — the Yang Tze.

    And, it is the Democrats and the Republicans that have made me into a “no party affiliation”.


  4. www.nazilieskill.us

    I just don’t buy it. Clinton is not a Bubba, nor is he a master media manipulator. He does have considerable personal charm, which is one of the main reasons that the right-wing smear machine got to work even before he took office. And, they were largely successful in crippling his presidency. (Truman would have had them tried and jailed for sedition.) Despite all of the crime and blunders, the right-wing machine is still at it with an overwhelming control of the air waves. It is time to make all media non-profit. It is too vital to be privatized by thieves.

    John Hanks, Laramie, Wyoming

  5. anthny

    In my humble opinion no matter who is president they are being run by others from the New World Order.
    This New World Order is not new and they are not orderly, they steal from the poor and give to the rich. And they have been in power since Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve into law.
    I can’t think how our country would be if another Clinton would get in office. Two Bush’s and a Clinton have run our country into the ground, thats been 20 years of shit
    Notice how Bush Sr. and Bubba Clinton hang off each other and advertise saving New Orleans “Hypocrites” the both of them. I wish someone in the Senate would follow the Constitution and impeach themselves and the rest of the crooks who are playing with our lives.
    But like that famous quote from Scar Face say’s.
    “First you get the money, then you get the power, and then you the women”, or in the case of some of these creeps, the Senate Page.
    “So What we have here is a failure to communicate” which is quote from Cool Hand Luke.
    This regime has done a hell-la-va job dividing our country with the stupidest of issues. Like abortion and stem cell research, when the regime can go to war and kill and torture other humans they could care less about killing a fetus or using after birth to help with reserch to fight cancer.
    The hypocrites in this regime are only in it for the money and the problem is all politicians have been in office for just that reason.
    The problem today is with all the big Lobbiests who control our politicians, from Bubba Clinton to Bush SR and JR. they are in someones back pocket and do not work for the people who hired them, the voters.
    But lets not forget that quote from Stalin “He who counts the votes wins the elections”
    When I was a kid the dollar was worth forty cents, today the dollar is worth four cents, and we the little people are feeling the pinch Check out Friends of Article V http://www.foavc.org/

  6. Rich

    Stephen Marshall of Guerilla News Network recently referred to the Clintons as ‘invertebrates’ because they will bend to any position to gain political power – regardless of ideology. So Doug you better apologize to trailer trash because they do have backbones.

  7. JudyB

    I am 69 yrs OLD and have lived through enough Presidents to know not to favor one party over the other. NONE of our former Presidents, including Clinton has ever scared me like GWB has, and continues to do. The fact that GWB has proven himself and his administration to be a corrupt oneway ticket to hell for America & Americans, means we need now more than ever to elect someone who can BEGIN to get our nation back on the right path. It’s too early to know who I will vote for, but I can say for the first time in my life IT WILL DEFINTITLY NOT BE A REPUBLICAN! I’ll make my choice without fear that they will be better..far far better, than who we’ve had to endure this past two terms. The damage has been done and we will have to live with the results of it for the unforseeable future..it will take more than this next president to pull us out of where we are now, it will take several.

  8. Calliet

    I have voted for Republicans in the past, but have gradually drifted away from that party. I refuse to vote for any of them, even at a city council level. The brush with fascism was enough to make me swear off voting for them for good. I don’t necessarily trust the Dems, but they are the only party with enough power to put the Republicans out to pasture. If the Dems don’t clean up their act, then they can be a relic of the past, too. But, for now, they are useful idiots.

  9. RSW

    Having reached six score, I agree. GWB (and “Pappy”, too, for that matter) is indeed scary. We’ll have to wait and see if he really tries to be the dictator.

    It will take more than a few presidents to cure this. In fact, it may be beyond any presidents to rally us back to just more than a piece of paper. Certainly, it won’t be any of the scabs dancing before us at the moment. We may need to do this ourselves.


  10. kent shaw

    No more! Please, no more!



    I will not vote for any democrat or any republican. That leaves me with a wasted vote for some minor party candidate, but at least my conscience will be intact.


  11. SEAL

    Doug, I don’t know why you are complaining about what Bill Clinton is doing and going to do to assist his wife in her campaign for the presidency. Would anyone expect otherwise? Even if they were not the second worst people to be king of the hill the spouse always helps the candidate as much as possible. Why rant on about the obvious? Seems like a waste of your talents.

    Those who are declaring they would or would not vote for so and so or would throw away their votes on one who has no chance and perhaps cause the one they sure as hell don’t want to win [just like those who voted for Nadar last time] are wasting their time anyway ranting at this point in time. You will have no say in what your legitimately electable choices are come election time. The two political parties pick those. And unless something happens to change the landscape those will be Hillary Clinto and one of the bad actors from the rethuglicans.

    Only a blast of the reality that she is the least electable of the eleigibles among the democrat power brokers or some very smart campaign tactics by the only person with a chance, Obama, could change that. We aren’t the only ones who know how many voters are vehemently opposed to Hillary being president and the object for the party is to win. It is going to be so easy for the democrats to win the next one it would be very stupid to run someone that is such and easy smear target. Maybe they will wake up in spite of all the money that will be thrown at them. But don’t hold your breath.