Veto? We don’t need no stinkin’ veto

When the Republicans were in charge of Congress, President Bush was the most spendthrift chief executive since LBJ and the Great Society. But now that Democrats are in charge the president has decided it’s time to hold the line on spending.

He has promised to veto any spending bill that exceeds the amounts he asked for in the budget he submitted in February.

So far he’s off to an uneven start.

He threatened to veto the funding bill for the Iraq war. After some impassioned back and forth, the president got a bill free of timetables for withdrawal and the Democrats got $17 billion in additional funding that Bush hadn’t asked for.

Now the president is threatening to veto $37.4 billion for the Department of Homeland Security because it’s $2.1 billion more than he asked for. Even so, the House passed it but with enough dissenting votes to sustain a veto if Bush chooses to do so.

But the White House backed down on a threat to veto a bill that exceeds the president’s request by even more money than Homeland Security, about $4 billion.

That bill contained $64.7 billion funding, among other programs dear to legislators’ hearts like military construction, veterans’ health care. There might be times when it is possible to stint on care for wounded vets but right now isn’t one of them.

The bill passed late Friday, 409 to 2, and even the White House could see which way the wind was blowing on that one. Instead of a veto, there probably will even be a signing ceremony.


  1. Stoney13

    Let me say this one time!!!!!

    There is Never, NEVER a right time to stint on Veteran’s health care!!!! Nor the health care of their wives, husbands, widows, widowers or orphans!!!!!

    The blood and sacrifice of our veterans have made this country! Sure I know we’ve had some screw-ups, but we can get through them if we start pulling together to take this country back from those that seek to destroy it, to enhance their bottom line, and put it back in the hands of We The People!!!

    This isn’t a Republican problem, or a Democratic problem! It’s a problem that affects EVERY American, and it’s going to take ALL of us to make it right!

    This isn’t the worst this country’s had it! We got through The Civil War to be destroyed by a bunch Neocon Nazi Wannabes! NO!! Not no but, HELL NO!!! We’re better than that!!!

    I know that money is tight, and this administration has made some of the most bone-headed maneuvers known to man!! If anybody knows, I know!!

    I was against this war from the start, and anybody that knows me knows that’s true! But this is a no-brainer!!!

    Hate the war!! NOT the warrior!!!

    Anybody that says it’s the right time to stint on ANY of the support structure in place for our veterans, know not from which they speak! And is deserving of the harshest censure that can be mustered!!

    Stoney Browning