I’ve been so busy, so preoccuppied, with trying to get our town’s residents to accept that our New England town wouldn’t turn into a den of drug fiends and prostitutes if we let a casino in that I’ve barely paid attention to the news.

Have I missed anything?

With a few hours with nothing to do and overwhelming guilt for being behind on Capitol Hill Blue columns I’ve turned on CNN and have been scanning the online news.

It appears that nothing has changed since I tuned out two weeks ago.

Tucker Carslon is interviewing Dennis Kucinich who looks and sounds very earnest as he talks about Iraq. Tucker wants specifics. He “wants to be very specific here.”

He asks who is going to keep the peace if and when we leave and the specific answer from president hopeful Dennis “closes his eyes and tap taps heels together three time” Kucinich is that we have to go to every country in the region.

Now he asks the same question again but adds a question about who is going to stop genocide from breaking out.

No allowing the rope-a-dope, Tucker “Rocky Balboa” Carlson wants numbers. How many troops from Jordan, for example. Kucinich, rope-a-doping, mentions that Saudi Arabia want to help.

Next up, this chunky guy built like the aging jowly Marlon Brando is in a clip talking to Jay Leno. He looks a lot like the District Attorney on Law and Order. This guy makes Al Gore look svelt.

Apparently he may or may not want to be president but he wants to do things only presidents can do therefore he tells a talk show host that the answer to the question as to whether he wants to be president is “yes”.

Then, Obama is flip-flopping about coal technology.

Next, Congress is issuing a subpoena to one of Bush’s office wives.

There’s some mention about a failed attempt to have a vote of no confidence in Alberto.

Hmmmm, this is interesting, or not. Young females with college degrees support Hillary just a bit more than Barak but they think Hillary is more likely to lie than Barak.

The scroll on the bottom of the screen is about O.J. Simpson’s daughter and something about the book that never made it to the market “If I did It” and, egads, real news barely mentioned about an earthquake in Guatamala

There, I’ve almost finished my column and I’ve managed to write something about nothing. Call it minimalist prose.

In a few hours I will be going to a selectman’s meeting which may decide whether our town goes into the rest of the 21st century as one of the richest towns in the state or continues to teeter of the verge of bankruptcy.

I actually managed to have some influence on this vital local issue by helping develop a website (good photo essay on it today), so win or loose I’ll know I fought a good fight. If your interested in finding out how this went click here for Google News on this subject.

Now with this admittedly lame column hopefully I’ve bought myself some time to think of something important to write about next time.