1. adamrussell

    This was a certainty as soon as the bomb was invented. The ‘war on terror’ can do little to change history.

  2. Bill Jonke

    Must all be right-wingers.

    I’m not even going to worry about it, because if it happens, I’ll probably be dead afterwards, and I won’t care.

    Let’s all hide under the bed, shall we?

    I will say this though, if it happens in the next year or so, there’s nobody to blame except Bush, Cheney and all the locksteppers.


    Bush and his neo-con friends will probably make the next one on Iran, with the active encouragement of Lieberman and Israel.

    John Hanks, Laramie, Wyoming

  4. Nicholas

    Yep, Mueller’s just doing his job for BushCo. Got to keep the masses afraid so they can depend on the Bush regime to protect them. And what better way than to suggest nukular terrism?

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  5. Steve Horn

    FDR has been quoted as saying “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” – he was quite correct.

    Knowing that human benigs inspired by fear will be prone to take quite illogical actions, like pre-emptive strikes against soverign nations, wire-tapping the phones of regular citizens, the incarceration of individuals for indefinite periods without charge or accusation of crime, the application of torture to “extract” information from those whom we detain, the Bush administration has done it’s damndest to keep the average American dancing with fear.

    Fear that which you do not understand and you’ll find a reason to exterminate it. Ethics be damned you’ll do “whatever is required” to save your own way of life.

    Ours is not the first society to be subjected to messages of fear of those who are not “like us” – the Nazi’s used similar campaigns in the mid 1930’s to inspire normal, honest, ethical Germans to abandon what they knew to be correct and embrace the Nazi concepts of domination and the extermination of the unknown – the Jews.

    The Bush administrations constant vilification of Islam is having the same effect. Normally rational and ethical people are being drawn into the downward spiral of hate and fear.

    FDR was quite correct – we do have nothing to fear but fear itself – were he alive today I’m sure he’d add “and the fear mongers whom we’ve elected as “leaders””.



  6. Beelza B ubb

    Beelza Bubb
    Terrorists do not need to acquire nuclear weapons. There are over 100 nuclear plants in the United States and another dozen or so in Canada. I doubt if any of their containment facilities would stand up to the impact of a passenger jet aircraft as what happened in 911. A second scenario might involve a kamikaze style attack using a smaller plane laden with conventional explosives and crashing into a nuclear plant’s spent fuel storage facilities.
    Another possibility is where a demented operator in a nuclear plant might cause a meltdown by taking over the control room. The spent fuel cooling facilities next to the reactors contain much more toxic radioactive material than the more protected reactors. Whole cities near these nuclear plants might have to be evacuated were they to be attacked. A planned attack on just one of these facilities would make 911 seem like child’s play in comparison.

  7. Doreen

    Yes, and it will be compliments of our own terrorist-in-chief George W Bush and co!!!

    Impeach, Indict, Imprison!!!!

    No one is safe while these criminals remain in control. But the now “trillion” dollar question remains: just how do we rid “our” country of this venom?? The corporate owned Congress won’t do it, the lazy apathetic brain dead, wal-mart loving, yellow ribbon SUV/humvee, American Idol, Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton populus certainly doesn’t plan anytime soon to remove their fat butts off their comfy couches. So for those of us speaking truth to power and fighting the fight for all those mentioned above, it looks like unfortunately we will all be paying for our governments greedy evil deeds sooner rather than later. Sadly, we’ve had plenty of time to do the right thing.

    And to think the USA could have been so much more!!


  8. Wayne K Dolik

    This is just too laughable. It’s like saying “my daughter is going to get pregnant!”

    Do me a favor; just don’t bother me about this topic until after it has happened. I suggest that you discuss it amongst yourselves.

  9. Doubtom

    I grow weary of these self-professed experts on nuclear threats around the world; what they all have in common is that we can never see their names.

    Calling on others to be wary of the inevitable emergence of someone with a nuclear device, sounds hypocritical at best coming from the nation most responsible for the presence of these damn weapons and which harbors the most weapons on hand of any nation on earth. It’s easy to predict the eventual use of these devices by some rogue organization. Of course its only a question of time; so is the eventual visit by an asteroid. So let’s all cringe in some dark hole and be fearful.

    We’ve witnessed that everything is for sale in Amerika, so why would’nt nuclear material find its own market? We’ve already sold (out) liberty, self-governance, self-respect; what’s a little nuclear material compared to those?
    I imagine that there are some, probably many, who would view it as delicious irony if the only nation to ever use nuclear weapons was itself the victim of a nuclear attack. What goes around—–

  10. yarply

    When asked when a nuclear attack may occur, Mueller probably said,,,, When we say when. But The news media were not allowed to publish that though……