‘No confidence’ in Gonzales? Almost

Even with seven defections from their ranks Senate Republicans managed to block a non-binding “no confidence resolutions against embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Monday.

The measure fell seven votes short with 53 Senators, a simple majority, voting against President Bush’s appointee.

But the loss showed even Republicans don’t support Gonzales. Although GOP Senators spoke out against the resolution, they did not speak in support of the AG.


  1. Bill Robinson

    That piece of dog filth serves “at the pleasure of the President.”
    You cannot impeach him. You can pressure him, you can deride him, in the good old days you could tar & feather him and ride him out of town on a rail, but impeachment is a dish best left for Cheney and then Bush.
    What is more tragic is that seven Republicans voted along with the Democrats, yet the vote was only 53 to 38. Why weren’t there 51 Democratic votes? Why were there only 91 total votes? For all the money we pay these jerks in Congress, they should at least have the honor and courtesy to vote. Where are the “Not Present Nine?”
    They are so disgusting I could puke, and I would if I could be assured it would rain down on all their heads.
    Three year terms, one term only, for all elected officials. Also, let’s add another jewel–for every vote missed, the Senator or Representative loses 10% of their salary. For every day not in congress when congress is in session, the Senator or Representative loses 1% of their salary.
    Let these shiftless creeps work like the rest of the American People. Who but the voter is around to police THEM??? If we don’t vote, we suffer. We have noone to blame but ourselves. Shame on them but bigger shame on us.
    Bill Robinson

  2. atheinostic

    No one can stop the Gonz!

    He’s a pompous twat with staying power. Even though he turned the U.S. Justice Department into the G.O.P. protection agency, and lied to the Senators’ faces, he still lives on as Bush’s most trusted rubber stamp. The Republicans will never allow an impeachment vote, and Bush will never fire his most loyal crony.

    The Daily Awesome

  3. Helen Rainier

    This crop of Republicon obstructionists in Congress makes me so sick to my stomach I want to vomit.

    It turns my stomach to listen to and watch them defending this lawless and arrogant administration. Each time they open their mouths and/or take actions such as this, they solidify the belief that they don’t give a damn about this country nor upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States.

    They only care about themselves, power, and their loyalty to party. They are supposed to be loyal to the country.

  4. the Don

    I need some definition here–What the hell is a pompous twat? I think I understand twit, but I had a totally different definiton of twat-perhaps a misprint?
    aloha, the don

  5. Bill Jonke

    Never before had I heard the voice of Gonadsless; I relied on printed matter to get his views.

    Well it only took a few words out of him to make me realize that “Gonadsless” is the proper term for him. He sounds like a Texas momma’s boy. His “momma” appears to be George W. Bush, who is, in effect, MommyBabs’s boy.

    Actually, that lumps the two of them into the “momma’s boy” category quite nicely.

    It’s kind of funny, really.

  6. Steve Horn

    Pathetic. They can’t even pass a non-binding resolution of no confidence in a member of the Bush gang. A non-binding resolution.

    Could this be the same swaggering batch of cocktail party liberals we sent to DC to bring about change? It’s rather hard to distinguish them from the neo-cons they displaced following the election, is it not?

    Contact your senator, tell him/her that this is unacceptable.



  7. Elmo

    There were 7 “not voting” including:
    Senator Biden
    Senator Dodd
    Senator Obama
    Senator McCain
    Senator Brownback
    and the non-candidates
    Senator Coburn
    Senator Johnson

    It’s unlikely that these would have made a difference in the outcome but how about taking a verifiable position.

  8. Steve Horn

    In their own minds the candidates may have an excuse – they may feel it’s more important to raise money than participate in non-binding bullshit.

    As for the other two – perhaps they’re considering running for President!



    (by the way – Biden doesn’t surprise me – when it comes to ethics he’s got a skeleton in his cupboard – I’m sure he’d like to keep that plagiarism incident in law school (where he ripped off a British politicians speech) under the covers – as for Obama – he’s occupied with trying to convince the voting public that he’s NOT a product of his local political machine – good luck to both of ’em)