Bush still thinks immigration bill will pass

The handwriting may be on the wall for President George W. Bush but he’s not reading it. The President still thinks his controversial immigration deal can pass Congress.

Members of Congress aren’t so sure.


  1. Carl Nemo

    No one thought that the Dems would rollover concerning the Iraq funding issue but they did.

    So maybe it’s time for Karl Rove to pull out all the nasty dossiers they’ve built on key members and to send them their “brown envelope” with incriminating photo’s, or a list of their offshore account numbers with balances, along with summary instructions on how they best get “right-thoughted” on the issues… :))

    Bushco has almost svengali-like control over these elected disappointments in the Senate and the House.
    They evidently have some racket going to pull of these amazing turnaround votes.

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. bryan mcclellan

    Carl: in the words of Ed McMahon ,YOU ARE CORRECT SIR! The answer to the question I’ve been asking is a four letter word, rove.And the right-thoughted coercion comment is right on the mark.Brown is truly the color of this cabal of crap that passes for governance.

  3. Steve Horn

    No matter what, if the bill fails again it won’t be GW’s fault, nor will the war in Iraq, the lack of response to Katrina, the demise of the middle class, the flight of jobs overseas, the complete lack of an energy policy – Georgie boy is setting up his pawns to take the fall so he won’t have to.

    A true hero in every way, is he not?

    Remember when, as a kid, you looked up to the President and thought “Man would I love to be HIM?” – not any more boys and girls – not any more – last time I can recall feeling that way James Carter was president – I was in college – that’s a damn long time ago.