Singing the lame duck blues

Things just keep getting worse for President Bush. His job approval ratings are in the crapper, the Iraq war worsens with each passing day and he gets no respect on Capitol Hill.

What’s a lame duck to do?


  1. remoran

    Everybody is waiting for the BA to GO AWAY! Trouble is, can we survive 18 more months of these incomptetent, arrogant and increasing crazy fools running this country into the ground? One can only hope but with Warrior Joe on his side along with the Dick, “the Snarl” Cheney, one never knows.

    “Never stop questioning.” Einstein

  2. long_rider

    So long as the chimp supporters are in charge of the Senate, chimpism will continue.

    The chimp has as much power as he has ever had, the war is still going on, he is still in office, cheney, rove, and the rest of the thugs are still in office. I just don’t see a lame duck here.

    The only thing lame is the American people for permitting this farce of an administration to continue.

    Americans must like a neo-Nazi Senate, and having the chimp at the helm. Of course if we had news media who would present the truth, the chimps support would be non-existant, but America keeps believing the swill dished out by the media, hence the chimp is still powerful.

    All of the action being taken by the Democrats is nothing more than political eye wash. All of the hearings have not produced anything at all. The over sight committies keep asking for documents and the thugs keep responding no.

    Everyone in Washington DC is scared of the WH thugs, and will only blow smoke in front of the cameras, and then run from the chimp.

    AH! Who are the lame ducks?

    Don’t forget the GOP is now called the ACP (American communist party).

  3. Steve Horn

    All he needs to do is attack Iran – use nukes – as various nations launch in retaliation and we launch against them all the worlds problems will be solved, and he’ll be able to take credit for providing the solution.

    The fact that the worlds population will be devistated and we’ll be in a nuclear winter that will likely kill off most remaining life (with the exception of the cock-roaches) is secondary.

    George and the other politicians will, of course, be safe and secure in their bunkers, but without others to do their work and thinking for them – they won’t last that much longer than the rest of us.