Powell: Gitmo should be closed now

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell says the torture chambers at Guantanamo Bay should be closed immediately because they aren’t worth the grief they cause the United States and the world.


  1. Carl Nemo

    I admire Powell for several reasons. One is that he disassociated himself from Bushco during his second term. General Powell is a savvy guy and once he realized that he was setup by Wolfowitz-Feith-Cheney with their rogue intelligence pipeline op he wanted to distance himself asap. I honestly believe he was setup concerning WMD’s and even got bad intelligence support from his own state department services. I personally forgive him for having been “duped”. They used him for his superb reputation as a General of the United States military.

    He did his best running around the Middle East trying to act as peacmaker, but he soon realized no matter what his efforts might be that Bushco wanted to inflame the situation and continue the conflagration for the benefit of the MIC and the “oil patch”.

    He’s spoken out on a number of Bushco related travesties whereas he could have simply kept his mouth shut all this time. I don’t think the neo-con Republicans would have him back because he doesn’t demonstrate that he’ll be a “braindead” loyalist.

    There are many truly honest rank and file republicans that would disassociate themselves from the main party if Powell should choose to run as a break-away faction.

    I have family members that know him and have had interface over the years and they’ve told me that he’s a “stand-up”, good guy! I’ve listened to him speak and I can tell the man has his head screwed on tight. I think if he ran as an Independent, choosing a running mate up front with similar credentials and community standing that he just might be the first to win the Presidencey as an Independent, or for him to form a wing of the Republican Party like Teddy Roosevelt’s “Bullmoose Party” in the early part of the 20th Century;i.e., anything to breakstep away from the Republican party that’s been hijacked by crazy war-mongering neo-cons.

    We have to be realistic that a President cannot make all the people happy all the time, but what Americans need most is someone in the Whitehouse they can trust, and will not backstab us while are sleeping as Bushco. Powell with his long military career can appreciate the ugly side of warfare and will assuredly not be flipping his mouth off with such juvenile crap that comes out of McCain, Lieberman, Cheney and others as to how quickly we should be nuking or attacking some nation.

    It’s too bad Powell has associated himself with the Republicans, although I’ve heard he’s registered as an Independent. I think he and Obama would make a great Presidential/V.P. pairing and it would be a slam-dunk decision as to who would win the Presidency. I’m a white man and I’m very tired of seeing white Republican and Democratic crooks land in the Whitehouse all too many times in the past 60 years. Enough is enough….!

    I say Colin Powell for President! If he should do so the rest need to pack their bags and get outa town…:))

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. UpChukker

    Powell wants to stay the course in Iraq. Maintaining the bloody killing field is his thing.

    When he was asked what steps he would take in Iraq, Powell said, “I think there is little choice but to keep investing in the Iraqi armed forces, and to do everything we can to increase their size and their capability and their strength,” he said.

    “What we didn’t do in the immediate aftermath of the war was to impose our will on the whole country, with enough troops of our own, with enough troops from coalition forces, or, by re-creating the Iraqi forces, armed forces, more quickly than we are doing now. And it may not have turned out to be such a mess if we had done some things differently. But it is now a difficult situation, but difficult situations are there to be worked on and solved, not walked away from, not cutting and running from .”

    When asked what he would have said to Cindy Sheehan, he said he’d tell her what he’d tell any mother who suffered such a loss: “We regret the loss, but your loved one died in service to the nation and in service to the cause.”

    Sorry, this does NOT sound like someone we want for President…another Feed The Killing Field hero!

  3. Doubtom

    Thanks for your inspirational message Powell; where the fuck were you when it really mattered?

    Do us a favor and slink off into a well-deserved obscurity. You made your choice now live with it –if you can.

    You had a chance at the brass ring and you “went along” instead.

    The “cause” you cite was never justified and was built on lies and you knew it!

  4. Even Steven Monton

    Carl, while I agree with you a great deal, I do not think Obama and Powell would be the way to go.

    Obama has went before AIPAC pledging his allegiance.

    Powell has done what he has done, and helped the “cause” but what exactly “is” that “cause.”

    “They” should define “cause.”

    “Cause” as in the “cause” of all of America’s miseries?
    Well, that would be the Middle East, and our involvement therein.

    Americans should not be dying in the Middle East.

    The Founding Fathers warned us……….in no vauge language…..the “experts” in government haven’t listened.

    I’ll say it again….Americans should NOT be dying in the Middle East.

    Not for oil, and not for Israel.

    We need a President who looks after America, and the legal Americans who live here…period.