Bush hires new lawyers to fight Congress

President Bush is signing up legal help as he girds for battle with the Democratic-led Congress.

Faced with a flurry of document requests and expanding congressional investigations, the White House announced Friday that Bush had hired nine lawyers, including five who’ll fill new jobs in the president’s legal office. The recruits have solid experience in white-collar crime, government investigations and constitutional law.

Legal experts said the hires indicated that Bush was gearing up to fight congressional inquiries that he considered an encroachment on presidential power. The president has accused Democrats of seeking to score political points by delving into White House deliberations on a host of issues.

“This indicates a war-on-all-fronts legal strategy against congressional oversight,’’ said Washington lawyer Bruce Fein, who served as the deputy attorney general in the Reagan administration.

Some of the lawyers named in Friday’s announcement already have joined the 22-member White House legal team.

Emmet Flood, a Republican who served on former President Clinton’s legal team during Clinton’s impeachment proceedings, left his Washington law firm last summer to represent Vice President Dick Cheney in the CIA leak case,

More recently, Flood has resisted Congress’ efforts to obtain White House e-mails that were sent through the Republican Party’s e-mail system. He previously clerked for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Another White House hire, Francis Hoang, represented a civilian translator who was suspected of abusing detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Three of the new employees once worked at White House counsel Fred Fielding’s Washington law firm. Three are former federal prosecutors. Three clerked for Supreme Court justices. Most come from top-ranked law schools, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Georgetown.

Bush, who’s tested the limits of presidential authority on issues ranging from electronic eavesdropping to the control of presidential papers, has made no secret of his frustration with congressional investigations.

After six years with a compliant Republican-led Congress, the White House is facing a host of congressional investigations and demands for top presidential advisers to testify. The White House and Congress could be headed for a showdown if Democrats follow through on threats to subpoena White House adviser Karl Rove and former White House counsel Harriet Miers for an investigation into the firings of nine U.S. attorneys.

“The White House is laying in its stone wall,” said John Flannery, a former federal prosecutor and a Democratic activist. “They are preparing to deflect the subpoenas for Rove and Miers from the beaches of Capitol Hill to the heights of the Supreme Court if necessary.”

White House spokeswoman Emily Lawrimore acknowledged that the hires are directly related to the change of power in Congress.

“Our goal is to simply have the right people in place to adequately address issues and requests that come our way. Obviously, there’s been an increase with the new Congress,” she said. “While we do recognize some requests as legitimate and responsible requests for information, others are unfortunate fishing expeditions.”


  1. Access Of Evil

    Are attorneys. Many of them are damn fine Constitutional scholars. We have a conservative Judicial branch, and a Dumbass in the Executive. But I have a hard time thinking that Dumbass can fudge out of Congressional torts just because he’s hired a brace of weasels for his kingdom.

    Now if the Demos could just find some cojones . . .

  2. KayInMaine

    …is getting nervous. Woohoo! Well, he should be nervous because the words ‘voter caging’ are being thrown around and if it’s found that Karl Rove helped his emperor steal the 2004 election to keep him in power, oh boy! He’s gonna need 20 attorneys. And let’s not even get started on the lies to take our nation to war and all of his unconstitutional acts for the past 6 years or so!

    Imprison them all.


  3. Donnat

    is the first sign you have something to hide.

    Of course, Bush is probably getting ready to hire his impeachment defense attorneys as well. I hope Bush and all who supported him are hauled up before the Hague, it would at least seem like justice.


  4. Doubtom

    Finally we’re going to be exposed to a “national level” example of lawyers manipulating the law for the benefit of the powerful and rich.

    This will be the best example yet of lawyers being able to twist the LAW to say whatever is needed for the moment. This group of scumsuckers will jump through their own anal orifice to find some way to erase of expunge whatever sins IdiotBush has committed–and they are many.
    And there are still those who look on the legal “pseudo-profession” as an honorable pursuit.

    Along with getting private money out of our political process, we would do well do outlaw the participation of all lawyers. They sell LAW to the highest bidder and what they can’t win outright they will endlessly delay through, you guessed it, manipulation of the LAW.

    There is a direct correlation between the way LAW is manipulated and the healthy disrespect for the LAW so evident in our society.
    I micturate on all lawyers!

  5. RSW

    Tax dollars to hire the marionettes initially. Tax dollars to bail ’em out.

    Georgie’s daddy said it best: Hang on to your wallet!


  6. Carl Nemo

    We need to get legislation passed that if either elected, appointed, or hired government employees commit crimes while in office or on the job they are liable for the costs of litigation. The U.S. will provide the necessary legal support, but if they lose in court due to the fact the parties are found guilty of their alleged crimes, then the cost is placed upon the defendents with necessary property and assets attached as settlement with the excess amounts paid by the taxpayer. That way these sob’s are cleaned out. This would make elected, appointed, or hired officials think twice before they engage in illegal acts while on “we the people” ‘s time and dime!

    Bushco has blatantly violated the law and the Constitution while in office, spending this once great nation into oblivion to the tune of many trillions of dollars and now they are wiping their dogcrap covered shoes on “we the people” ‘s carpet all the while grinning. Fie on them all and may they not prevail in their efforts to weasel out of their ongoing criminal enterprises and conspiracy.

    Bushco has damaged this nation greatly while in office and we are mortally wounded in a financial sense. People just don’t get it that we are broke as a nation and these mattoids are the equivalent of identity thieves who’ve managed to steal the national credit card issued by the U.S. Treasury and have been using the card unfettered for 6 plus years or at least since 9/11. And no Virginia, we aren’t protected for the first $50 of their stolen card transactions…! : (

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. bryan mcclellan

    Chimp is deploying another blanket of flies to cover the gigantic pile of SHIT that is his administration.Who is paying for this septic sucking gang of insects? Guess Who……Me and You….Medicinal papers anyone?

  8. gene

    Excellent comment (Bryan) above. This piece of shit we call a president needs to be skinned alive in front of the white house, along with Cheney. Can’t think of two more disgusting people or better yet, human trash. This f**k-up country is getting just what it (they) voted for.

    The world knows how corrupt and evil these bastards are, yet clueless americans continue to try and maintain their “american dream” lifestyle. IT AIN’T GOING TO LAST MUCH LONGER!!

  9. Sandra Price

    I wonder how many of those new attorneys got their degrees from Pat Robertson. Does anyone realize the added cost of these new men being paid the big bucks for their duties. Trying to keep Bush afloat will be costly and a diversion to his possible last efforts to destroy Iran. He needs a keeper more than a staff of attorneys.

    Do we know if Bush has a copy of the Constitution? It might be cheaper than hiring all these attorneys.

  10. Bill Jonke

    It takes a shyster to know a shyster, and bush is the shyster extraordinaire, and he isn’t even a lawyer.

    With his total disregard for the law up to now, only a shyster would be useful to him.

    Maybe he’s going to hire them from one of the 800 number lawyers on daytime FOX TV.

    I’m sure Tony Snow has a few ambulance chasers in his hip pocket.

  11. LurkingFromTheLeft

    …would someone not guilty of anything really need a coven of lawyers? –

    …as I said to a friend yesterday about the news of Peter Pace’s fate, the plot thickens –


  12. vietnam vet

    vietnam vet

    You are right(Lurking from the left) follow peter pace, he is the key that will unlock the gates of hell for bush and his gang.

  13. kent shaw

    … and the general response among the great unwashed, Joe Sixpack and Donna Camaro, will be either “ho hum?” among the informed, and “whuh?” among the rest.

    At the risk of asking the choir, I pose a question.

    Suppose, if you will, a few years back, the press had just informed us that Clinton had just hired nine lawyers having “solid experience in white-collar crime, government investigations and constitutional law.”

    Can you imagine the headlines?

    And the moral of this story is that some presidents fuck interns and other presidents fuck the whole country. So bend over.

    Anyone know the current status of the Paris Hilton story?

  14. mojibyrd

    Now pray tell, why is it Bush requires lawyers when he does not give too shit’s about our rights and feels the constitution is ‘just a goddamn piece of paper’ and our lives and all those in iraq are worthless, unless we come with oil in our veins…so again why is it bush requires lawyers?

    Impeach the bastard before it is too late for the citizens and the country.

  15. Jenifer D.

    That’s the message our elected body delivers to us on the impeachment issues and the illegal, and immoral, war in Iraq. Let’s not forget they don’t have the grapes to do it, but, they see fit to blow off the registered voters repeated requests for justice. Like I’ve stated before, maybe the country’s voters should just impeach the entire house, the senate, and anybody else who is involved in the attempted destruction of America and all she used to represent (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness).

    I’m sure there’s a lawyer(or a few thousand) who will happily represent the U.S. in this historical lawsuit.

  16. Carl Nemo

    Thanks Jennifer D. for your novel idea of suing the sob pols for malpractice! Hey, there’s a zillion class action lawsuits being pursued all the time. So maybe it’s an idea who’s time has come!

    Case #060907

    “We the People of the United States” vs. Congress, the Senate, and the Executive Branch charge herewith,criminal malfeasance in their oath-given duty to Uphold, Defend, and Protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all Enemies both Foreign and Domestic as attested and sworn to, under their oath to do so.”

    Carl Nemo **==

  17. Bill Jonke

    I say send the whole lot of them to exile in Texas.

    They can create their own country; get the good people out, and the administration and their families can make themselves miserable for all I care.