CIA’s secret prisons revealed

The CIA ran secret prisons in Poland and Romania from 2003 to 2005 to interrogate detainees in its war on terror, European investigator Dick Marty said in a report released Friday.

The report, citing unnamed CIA sources, said top terror suspects Abu Zubaydah and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed were secretly held and interrogated in Poland, and that the "highest state authorities" in countries involved knew of the alleged detention centers.

Sheikh Mohammed is the self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States. Abu Zubaydah is a suspected senior al-Qaida operative.

Marty also accused Germany and Italy of obstructing his probe into the alleged secret detentions by the CIA.

The report said collaboration by U.S. allies was critical to the secret detention program, which took place in the framework of NATO's security policy.

"The secret detention facilities in Europe were run directly and exclusively by the CIA," said the report. "While it is likely that very few people in the countries concerned, including in the governments themselves, knew of the existence of the centres, we have sufficient grounds to declare that the highest state authorities were aware of the CIA's illegal activities on their territories."

Poland and Romania hosted the prisons under a special post-Sept. 11 CIA program to "kill, capture and detain" so-called high value terrorist suspects, wrote Marty, a Swiss senator investigating the alleged role of Council of Europe states in the CIA program.

Evidence of secret flights — at least 10 flights to Poland between 2002 and 2005 — show the pivotal role played by Poland and Romania as drop-off points, the report says.

"There is now enough evidence to state that secret detention facilities run by the CIA did exist in Europe from 2003 to 2005, in particular in Poland and Romania," the report said.

Jerzy Szmajdzinski, who served as Poland's defense minister from 2001-2005, sarcastically brushed aside the accusations.

"Of course, I organized everything and gave them a red-carpet welcome," said Szmajdzinski. He declined further comment, saying: "I don't deal with political fiction."

Romanian Senator Norica Nicolai, who headed an investigation for parliament into the allegations, rejected Marty's findings as "totally unfounded."

In Germany, government spokesman Thomas Steg strongly rejected the accusation that it hindered the probe.

"The government knows of media reports about apparent prisoner transports and secret prisons, but the government itself has no information on such transports and facilities," Steg said. "To date, Mr. Marty has in his other reports also failed to provide any evidence that was is alleged is actually true."

Steg said the government would examine the new report.

Marty did not name sources from his information, but said that the report was based on discussions with people "who had worked or still worked for the relevant authorities, in particular intelligence agencies."

"We have never based our conclusions on single statements and we have only used information that is confirmed by other, totally independent sources," the report said, adding that where possible information was "cross-checked" in the European countries in question, in the United States or through documents or data.

"Clearly, our individual sources were only willing to talk to us on the condition of absolute anonymity," the report said.

Last year, Marty accused 14 European nations — spanning a swath from Dublin to Berlin to Bucharest — of colluding with U.S. intelligence in a web of rights abuses to help the CIA spirit terror suspects to illegal detention facilities.

Marty said evidence suggested that CIA-linked planes carrying terror suspects had landed at airports in Timisoara, Romania, and Szymany, Poland, and likely dropped off detainees there.

His second report confirms Szymany as a drop-off point in Poland, where at least 10 flights — six coming from Kabul, Afghanistan — landing there.

The report lists eight of the CIA flights, with one each originating in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates and Rabat, Morocco, and says it can be "demonstrated" that the majority of them were "deliberately disguised."


  1. Carl Nemo

    To many Americans this news seems distant; i.e., remote from their event horizon and not applicable to them, because they think they are law-abiding, so-called “good citizens”, but I advise you all to think again!

    Visualize Bushco’s next act after some engineered home-brew terrorist debacle to declare martial law. Then the roundups begin! Delta Force and Blackwater Security flying the infamous black helicopters are landing in neighborhoods to interdict and detain American citizens because they’ve been picked up on the NWO/AIPAC radar screen as being enemies of the state. These designated trouble-makers are then whisked off to Camp Halliburton or some simply taken out over the ocean and booted out at several thousand feet!

    This is the kind of justice that’s been rendered in Honduras, Nicaragua, Argentina and other places in South America all with the knowledge of our State Department in the past and some cases with encouragement and complicity. So if you think it can’t happen here then you best think again.

    This crap needs to be stopped…period! So I advise citizen/patriots to get motivated and contact their reps demanding that this deadly rendition be stopped. Be afraid, very afraid of your government in these Orwellian times!

    I’ll provide the duty links to facilitate my aforementioned recommendation. As they say “just do it”…!

  2. Carl Nemo

    My singular post was made concerning this CIA rendition debacle several weeks ago. I found it interesting that no one other than myself made a comment. I hope it wasn’t fear-based that one would end up on their radar screen to for a “pick-up”…! :))

    Today Yahoo in the News posted two links to the long history of this rogue agency conducting activities outside of it’s chartered bounds. Rest assure the DIA, NSA and many others are doing the same. To these agencies “we the people” are their enemy even moreso then offshore threats. The reason being is that rogue intelligence organizations find the best kinship with tyranny, and leaders who have designs on establishing tryanny! It’s also easier to prey on docile, law-abiding citizens than to confront the “bad guys”; i.e., it’s easier to bully and control sheep as opposed to wolves. :)) There’s nothing American about any of them other than they are sucking us dry as many government agencies with their “black budget” fangs sunk into the U.S. Treasury.

    I suggest citizen/patriots get off their dead butts and contact their reps and demand this nonsense be seriously audited and reigned in wherever violations are validated. They are all running “hog-wild”; i.e., out of control and represent a grave threat to “we the people” ‘s continued freedom.

    Carl Nemo **==