Bush’s war czar pick doubted troop surge

President George W. Bush's handpicked "war czar" doubted the President's latest "troop surge" would work and expressed his doubts during a White House policy review.

Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute has confirmed he voiced his skepticism that the plan would work unless the Iraqis stepped up to the plate and launched its own "surges" to stop the actions.

The revelations come as Lute faces his first day of confirmation hearings before the Senate.

Writes Ann Flaherty of The Associated Press:

In a written response to questions by the Senate Armed Services Committee, Lute confirmed news reports that he had voiced doubts during a White House-led policy review that led to Bush's Jan. 10 announcement that 21,500 more combat troops would go to Baghdad and Anbar province.

The buildup was hotly contested in Congress, including among several Republicans who favored greater pressure on Iraqi security forces to take over combat.

"During the review, I registered concerns that a military 'surge' would likely have only temporary and localized effects unless it were accompanied by counterpart 'surges' by the Iraqi government and the other, nonmilitary agencies of the U.S. government," Lute wrote in a document obtained by The Associated Press.

"I also noted that our enemies in Iraq have, in effect, 'a vote' and should be expected to take specific steps to counter from our efforts," he added. "The new policy took such concerns into account. It is too soon to tell the outcome."

Lute was scheduled to testify in public for the first time Thursday since being picked for the position.


  1. Carl Nemo

    What’s not so funny about these confirmation hearings is that the “republicrats” on the panel will ultimately confirm this guy when they unanimously should not! Lute had his chance in the past to publicly speakout then retire, but no he’s hanging on for more rank and a fatter pension check going into a job that he “knows” has no resolution. It never did, nor ever will!

    Our Congress wasted 524 million bucks building a grotesque embassy in a country that we should be exiting;leaving Iraqi’s to sort out their issues.

    Not one of our Congressman or Senators ever talk about fiscal responsibility to this nation. We are grossly broke now with a new debt ceiling at 9.7 trillion dollars. It was unpayable when it was only several trillion bucks. Our nation is virtually laying face down in the sands of Iraq with our national life’s blood, what little is left seeping into the sandy, rocky, Iraqi desert.

    Saddam was right when he said, “invade Iraq and you’ll be carrying your coffins home on your backs”. If anyone knew the complexities of the region this vicious dictator did so and regardless of what he might have been it’s amazing that he was able to control the region for so many years. Saddam’s life hero was Joseph Stalin and he modeled his dictatorial style after old Joe’s, evidently getting results.

    In summation after much questioning and blustering the panel will confirm the new War Czar and off they’l go like Mad Hatters to some other inane hearing/investigation, confirmation, or useless law-making session, chanting their mantra;ie, “spend, spend, spend and spend some more supported by maniacal. mad laughter…! America is in “harms way” with these mattoids at the helm. “We the People” are on a cruise that’s headed to the bottom!

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. kent shaw

    We are wasting way too much money in Iraq.

    So far we’ve spent around a half trillion dollars ($500 billion). We’ve killed, what, around 650,000 Iraqis according to the Johns Hopkins study? And we’ve lost, oh, let’s call it four thousand U.S. troops. A bit of simple math shows us a couple of things. Currently, the cost of this occupation comes in at around $77,000 per dead Iraqi. To be fair, there is an Iraq civil war underway, and that does cost many Iraqi lives, so let’s round down the cost to U.S. taxpayers. Let’s call it $70K U.S. dollars for each dead Iraqi (or, to put it another way, $125,000,000 per dead U.S. soldier, but who’s counting?).

    Now, admittedly, a kill ratio if 162 to 1 dead Iraqis to U.S. soldiers is nothing to sneeze at, but its still costing us an awful lot of money. Shouldn’t the world’s most powerful military machine be able to kill Iraqis for maybe $10,000 each at a cost of, oh, I don’t know, maybe a million dollars for each dead American?

    American Capitalism lives and dies by “the bottom line”. I think its time to call for a fraud, waste and abuse investigation in consideration of the human and monetary costs of this occupation. Things just don’t add up. I mean, I don’t mind paying taxes, but someone is making way too much money on this war. I don’t think I’m receiving fair value for the money I’m spending. But then, on the other hand, I guess it really doesn’t matter all that much because I really don’t know anyone who has died in Iraq, what with the all volunteer military and all. And , I do have a shopping date tomorrow. I guess I’ll just put it all out of my mind. It really isn’t relevant. I’ll just have another beer and watch another American Idol rerun.

  3. LurkingFromTheLeft

    …true –

    … the costs of this Bushian Ego Trip are too great to really concept –

    …the deaths –

    …the lives ruined forever –

    …the families that will never be THAT again –

    …and for WHAT??? –

    …the dollars that could have been spent on oh so many other things –

    …but then how would ‘we’ have fought the ‘Rich Man’s War’ ? –


  4. Carl Nemo

    Superb spot-on arithemetical analogies Kent Shaw…! When you reduce this ongoing madness to glaring numbers then it might just get people to sober up from their ongoing malaise concerning this debacle. There’s an old saying that figures don’t lie, but liars can figure as with our ever-scheming duly elected disappointments in D.C.

    This war is “off-budget”; i.e., over and above the 3 trillion annual budget; for sure all “debt-money” with tax revenues not covering the expenditures. The MIC is on an obscene “roll”. They not only get their 465 billion per annum for more military “pulltoys” but this extra quarterly beggars-ration of nominally 100 billion as Congress just granted Bushco so they can pitchfork more “debt-money” money down this MIC sponsored Iraqi rathole.

    Inflation is already here as most folks are witnessing at the gas pumps, the grocery stores and as contractors; now noticing ever-increasing billings from their materials suppliers etc. The next step will Brazil style hyper-inflation in it’s infancy where prices start to change weekly, then daily and finally hourly as the American dollar goes “phhtttt” into oblivion. People can think I’m a naysayer, but you do so at your own risk. It’s happened many times before in history including modern times and the U.S. is not invulnerable to the ravages of hyper-inflation anymoreso than other nations that were taken out due to their bankers running the printing presses relentlessly to cover governments’ spendthrift ways. So get ready down below…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Sandra Price

    I’m so disgusted with President Bush and have held a small hope that he might make a good decision on this war. I now fear he might make a tragic mistake and flex his power in Iran.

    I hope the Congress has some kind of guilt in their lazy minds to realize they could have simply removed the funding when they had the chance.

  6. gene

    Sandra (above) I understand your hoping that Bush would make a reasonable/realistic decision concerning Iraq but this guy is pure evil and crazy. He was a looser from the very beginning of his pathetic, silver spoon fed life. As you well know this so called war was based on nothing but fabricated lies to allow or force this nations will inorder to acquire Iraq’s oil reserve, the second largest in the world.

    Its all about greed, power, and money with evil, selfish arrogant maniacs controling (for now) this global community. God only knows what might happen over the next few months. I am personally learning to live day to day simply because this planet has become a very explosive chunk of dirt.

  7. Sandra Price

    I spoke out against the way he was Governor of Texas and battled against his representing the religious right. Everyone around CHB remembers my fears of electing this man.

    Basically there is a law of averages that nobody can be a perfect idiot. Apparently Bush has proven that it is possible.

  8. Donnat

    And later, when the failures of Iraq are pinned on him and he’s forced to step down, publicly disgraced, he’ll learn that it doesn’t pay to cast your lot with thieves, liars and murderers.


  9. JudyB

    The moment I heard that Bush was APPOINTED President by the Supreme Court, I instantly felt betrayed coupled with fear & trepidation. Little did I know at the time, how this would play out. Now, after having experienced six and a half years of Bush & Co. at the helm, I know I had good reason to feel betrayed and to fear what lay ahead. We are a nation divided now more than ever, led by a delusional moron who’s thinking is done for him by intelligent but smarmy, unscrupulous liars and crooks…having caused me to fear even more what could take place during the remaining time in this their reign of ruin.

    Lt. Gen Lute, I’d like to know… why didn’t you make your skepticism known earlier? Your words mean little now.

    More troops, more sitting targets!

  10. kent shaw

    Yes, and it is the plan of the democrats to allow the occupation to continue so that Bush can dig himself and his party deeper and deeper into the quagmire. The democrats (as well as the republicans) care little about the many deaths and maimings to come as long as they have a shot at the presidency in 2008. The system is broken. Both parties are criminal enterprises beholden to corporate bribery and AIPAC blackmail. I will not vote for either party in ’08. I shall, rather, “waste” my vote on a Green Party candidate. At least my conscience will be clear in that respect.

    I keep hoping some other country will invade the United States to restore our democracy. After all, the precedent has been set for this, as well as for preemptive war. The United States has proven itself to be a rogue nation. It should be only a matter of time until a “coalition of the willing” forms to preemptively invade the U.S. I should imagine that we would welcome them with flowers and chocolates as liberators.

  11. SEAL

    Of course the democrats are not going to stop the occupation of Iraq. But to believe the reason is strictly for political party gain and when they take over in 2009 they will get us out of there, is wrong.

    Both partys, i.e., the United States Government, has invaded, occupied, and set up a puppet government in Iraq for the purpose of controlling the massive oil reserves and estabilishing a permanent combat-ready military force of at least 50,000 American toops plus a private seurity force of many more thousands. Regardless of which party controls the government, that is the plan.

    The mind set of our corporate government is that we must be in control of, not only the OIL, but the region. One is just as important as the other. Iraq is strategicly located right smack in the middle of all the problems. We will arm our presense there to the teeth with the capability to launch in all directions and utilize “quick strike” units to continue the myth of the war on terrorism by raiding “identified” al Queda hide outs.

    The reality is that we plan to be a powerful and feared force there forever. The only difference between to two partys is the methods used to accomplish the plan.