Curses, foiled again!

Like so many of the dubious claims of foiled terrorist plots, last week's announcement that the Bush Administration's Keystone Kops Department of Homeland Security had uncovered and blocked a plan to blow up New York's JFK Airport reeked to high heaven.

According to the same federal guardians of national security who place six-year-old kids and infirm grandmothers on the airlines' "no fly" lists while waving a TB-infected traveler through customs with no questions during an international alert, a group of evil men with all the intellect of a five-year old planned to blow up the airport by setting fire to a fuel depot several miles away.

The plan, if you can call this comedy of errors one, was that the fire would spread to the airport and destroy it.

Of course, this "plan" depended on the ability of slow-burning kerosene to explode – something it doesn't do – and a number of other impossible actions that violate the laws of gravity and physics.

Announcement of the "plot" came as the Bush administration came off a particular bad month in the failed Iraq war and just as Democratic candidates for President headed into another debate.

It might have worked had not everyone with an ounce of common sense – from local beat cops to real terrorism experts – been willing to explain how the plan wouldn't work as laid out by the FBI and other lemmings ready to run off cliffs for the Bush Administration.

Revelations of the plot that wasn't also came as a military judge was set to rule that Bush's use of cobbled-together military tribunals to detain terrorism suspects without the usual protections of the Constitution fail not only the smell test but the rule of law.

Every time Bush suffers a setback on his loophole-filled "war on terrorism," his minions come up with claims of a foiled plot. He suffers a lot of setbacks so we get a lot of breathless claims.

Like the recent announcement of a foiled plot by other terrorists who, the Administration would like us to believe, planned to dress up as pizza delivery men to sneak into Fort Dix, kill as many American soldiers as they could, and then escape in their pizza truck.

According to the laughable premise of this plot, this handful of gun-wielding terrorists were not on a suicide mission but thought they could roar into a military base filled with soldiers trained to fight, shoot it out with them, and then escape unharmed.

The laughs you hear come from security professionals who wonder just when Bush and the Department of Homeland Security hired the writers from Saturday Night Live to devise phony terrorist scenarios.

These latest claims of foiled plots show the frantic desperation that drives the Bush White House and its complete, utter loss of touch with reality.

In Bush's fantasy world, terrorists are akin to the villains in a vaudeville skit, threatening to tie young Nell to the railroad track unless they get the deed to the ranch until a cardboard cowboy President rides in to save the day and Osama slinks back into his cave to twirl his mustache and utter "curses, foiled again."

But before we buy into this vaudeville act, we should remember that the word "foiled" is a derivative of "foil," which the dictionary defines as "to obscure or confuse."

A perfect definition of the goal of the administration of George W. Bush.


  1. anthny

    The thing about Tim McVeigh was he did not do it alone. Proof of bombs going off inside the Federal Building by witness’s. Just like the bombs exploding in the basement of the twin towers.
    The first twin towers were put together by the FBI and one of there informants, he did not want to do it but they forced him to.
    So the conspiracy theories are alive and well, but are they theories?
    The US government has been accused of a couple of black opts that were brought to light by FOIA, and informers.
    Ruby Ridge, the Branch Divanians, were these people a threat to the government? I don’t know but they were taken out first with propaganda and then with fire power.
    Of course when I hear of these plots and think about what Bush screwed up last I have a good idea that they are fake.
    Write on Doug you got there number, I think there will be one for Scooter after he’s pardoned by his Cheerleader.

  2. JerZGirl

    As a resident of NJ, I am aware of the plans of some wannabe terrorists to attack Ft. Dix. But, contrary to your statements, it wasn’t fake – it was very real. I don’t recall anything about using a “fake pizza truck” to get onto the base. I do know that one of the young men used to work with his father at his father’s pizza place and had delivered on base several times. He claimed that this gave him a knowledge of the base’s layout which would help them. It appears that he exaggerated his background a bit because his father said he didn’t work as long as he had claimed to his co-terrorists and that he hadn’t seen his son in over a year. However, the guns and ammunition that were found make it clear that these men, buffoons though they be, did plan to attempt an attack and may well have used a pizza delivery ruse to get on base. But, Homeland Security did NOT discover this attempt to cause damage to a military installation – a local and attentive CVS photo clerk did when these imbeciles brought their training tapes to be transferred to CD. Without this clerk’s awareness, this group of wannabes might have actually succeeded in getting on base and caused at least a fair amount of carnage before being sent home to their maker.

    Believe me – I am not pro-Bush and don’t think in the least that his illegal wiretaps and inhouse spying have produced anything that has helped secure this country. But, that doesn’t mean idiots aren’t going to try to do us damage.

    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.

    Wisdom is knowing not to put it in fruit salad.

  3. Richard Kanegis

    Richard Kanegis

    You are wrong to condemn airport screening, screening children.

    Why couldn’t al Qaeda disguise themselves and Grandparents and the Grandchildren. Israel doesn’t deal with al Qaeda. — Muslims who get drunk before battle to better their disguise like, as the 9/11 hijackers did. Someone could attend and graduate from Rabbinical school or finagle a paycheck as a policeman.

    Remember Robert Hanson who disgused himself as a super patriot but was a Russian spy. There is no reason al Qaeda members couldn‘t avoid prayer or contact with other Muslims for 20 years in order to get there version of God’s kingdom upon the earth

    An al Qaeda asset is it’s image of being little David against gigantic Goliath, despite bin Laden 6’2″ and Bush a somewhat cowardly slightly stubby mental midget.

    If they can get an attack to big to worry about image, or to pretend to be Iranian agents instead of al Qaeda, this country might resemble a fireworks display.

    There are low tech ways of screwing up this country royally, but since al Qaeda might be listening none of us can mention them. After one meeting of an expert on phony terror threats, I whimpered to him privately on ways of screwing this country royally, in a low tech manner, and he said he heard it before, but I didn’t get to ask why he then claimed the terror threat was bogus.

    Crying wolf is helping the wolf turn this into a planet of hate including Central Africa and the Asian subcontinent.

    Why did terror bombs distract from Britain’s biggest peace demo, and Senator Frist unable to call for detention reform, became he was cut off by a news bulletin, during his grim Congressional report of the additional Abu Ghraib photos Congress privately viewed (that of Nick Berg being beheaded). And Moussaoui almost got himself sentenced to death so al Qaeda could re-post video of bin Laden bragging that the only for lead pilots knew of the target, the others only that they would “probably be going to heaven”.

    After bin Laden demanded that Iraqis not vote, antiwar organizing around the theme that the war in Iraq had nothing to due with fighting terror seemed to fizzle.

    We’re all in great danger, but the biggest danger is confusing subsidizing al Qaeda with opposing terror.


    Richard Kanegis, 215-563-2866 22s22ndStApt305PhilaPA19103.
    PS I love phone calls and letters but suspect we are going to be put in cyberprison where nothing selectively will work. Unless we are capable knowing each other’s address and calling up if the doorbell doesn’t selectively ring. Meanwhile our cable bills and email bill will be unpaid and electricity bills too, except in Philadelphia were people can line up in person with cash, and too many people claiming they paid and have an account would keep their electricity bills to stay being paid. If we don’t very shortly wake up, we might as well bow down to bin Laden because he will soon be proving that evil not goodness rules the universe. The dollar will collapse from bin Laden forcing Bush to spend like crazy, and a depression worst then the last where cockroaches and rats will become delicious morsels.

  4. kent shaw

    to constantly be living in that kind of fear. Sure, every gasoline tanker truck is a bomb. Of course it would be a simple matter to derail trains. And it might even happen some day. But guess what? Everybody dies. No one gets out alive. 3000 people died on 911 and yes it was a huge tragedy. But something like 40,000 a year die in traffic accidents and a large portion of those involve alcohol, but guess what, no one much cares and alcohol is still legal. The WAR ON TERROR (misnomer, a war on an EMOTION?) is bogus. A war on terrorISM would also be bogus – a war on a TACTIC? How about a war on FEAR? Thwarting terrorists or would be terrorists is POLICE WORK, not an excuse to invade any country that we THINK might be a threat SOME DAY? Throw away your duct tape and plastic sheeting and go to work trying to change the corrupt government of the United States — admittedly a probably futile endeavor. Or continue to live in FEAR, the promotion of which is the TACTIC promoted by Boy Emperor Bush to keep us all in line so the war profiteers of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex (Ike’s term in his first draft, later dropped at the request of CONGRESS) can continue to rip off your tax dollars.

  5. Wayne K Dolik

    Doug you are spot on in your piece. In the days of normalcy in our Country and “normal law enforcement” it used to be that, they used to have to catch criminals in the act of committing a crime.

    Now days they only have to think “you” might be thinking about a crime to be deemed guilty. And, forget about a Jury of your pears. Your guilty until proven innocent. And, do not forget about government facilitators urging dumb people to commit crimes. The legal word is sting, but the real word is entrapment.

    And as far as Nell is concerned, I’m sure she will find herself in Gitmo sooner or later at the call of the decider and this bunch of Whacko’s and Moles working undercover at our expense.

    But, don’t forget they couldn’t stop a bunch of Arabs with box cutters from flying into our buildings. Hey Congress here’s a real good idea, why don’t you haul up the FBI in front of you and demand an explanation of the anthrax that was sent to you? Perhaps you could consider de-funding them if they don’t level with you?

  6. billtc

    Ever since September 11, the administration has perfected the strategy of rolling out a terrorism threat any time it’s facing heat for any of its innumerable screw-ups or illegal acts. Tragically, this strategy has worked all too well for them – in 2004 it bought them another four years to complete the process of dismantling the U.S. Constitution and destroying the rule of law in this country. Who can forget the ever-changing terrorism threat color codes in 2004 that were so carefully timed to events of the presidential campaign? Bush’s “War On Terrorism” (?War OF Terror) is indeed bogus, and ironically his own approach to it will ultimately undermine it Members of the administration obviously never learned the lesson of the fable about the boy who cried wolf. They play the fear card so frequently that people will eventually pay no attention to them, even if there is a serious, legitmate threat.
    Bill in SE Texas

  7. geyser

    Something was wrong with the Fort Dix story. I don’t remember a Pizza Delivery truck either but, the story received so little attention, I would have missed it anyway. It struck me as being very odd, the amount or what there was of it, attention by the media. Why does it seem that the East Coast is taking all the hits. The West Coast deserves the next few plots found out.

    Taking One Day at a Time

  8. KayInMaine

    …the Bush Regime is on it! They’re the best at combating terrorism! Oh yeah right. Funny that one of the guys had been followed by our intelligence agencies for 10 years now and funny that our intelligence agencies didn’t get the idea that kerosene is not explosive after all that time, but yet, the Bush Regime comes along and “blows this terror plot out of the water”! *rolling eyes*

    Yes, there are REAL threats and then there are LALA LAND THREATS. It’s the LALA LAND threats that are directly connected to George W. Bush and his Band of Warmongering Propagandists. It’s either done for fear or for diversion and nothing else. These guys could care less about protecting the homeland. They come across like they do, but then we find out that one of these “terrorists” connected to the NY airport plot is connected to our CIA!

    We can’t trust any of them. They are not working on behalf of Americans. They’re working on keeping Americans scared so they can continue to control and manipulate us (well, control and manipulate those who can’t think for themselves!) to get what they want.

  9. Calliet

    There have been a lot of terrorist threats to this country. Some of the terrorists are home-grown ones, like Timothy McVeigh. Think of all the scared sheep who voted for Bush in 2004, because of his use of the terror alert system. (What color is it today, Ethel? I don’t know, Frank, haven’t checked yet.)

    I am not going to live in sheeplike fear because there are bad guys out there. If you live in fear all of the time, you might as well be in prison.


  10. Joe Lawrence

    I have no fear of anything the Bushies – college cheerleaders, all – can come up with, and I have yet to believe a single “discovered terrorist’s “plot” which they have claimed, always at convenient times, to have foiled.

    As Doug says, “Every time Bush suffers a setback on his loophole-filled “war on terrorism,” his minions come up with claims of a foiled plot. He suffers a lot of setbacks so we get a lot of breathless claims.”

    But, Richard, do you really want the actual dregs of society to have the information they need to pester hell out of you and yours? For my part, I will meet anyone anywhere, but all arrangements must be made by email or reply postings. I can’t stay up nights waiting for the next nutcase…..even if he is the president for another couple years.

    And, for ‘geyser,’ it’s always the East Coast because of the time zones. The Bushies cannot remember what the differences are, so they peg their “discoveries” to the East Coast news cycle, because that’s where Faux News lives.

    You heard it here.

    Joe Lawrence