Katie Couric was "shocked" by the revelation of a plagiarized entry on her CBS News blog, Jessica Heslam reported in the April 12 Boston Herald.

It turns out that the producer who posted some stuff on "Katie's Notebook" took some passages from a Wall Street Journal column. He was fired when the word got out.

But then Couric presents herself as the author of this blog even though various lackeys do much (or all?) of the work — as properly befits this countess of celebrity. So there's lots of dubious stuff to go around here. Indeed the Internet, with its fluidity, lack of sourcing, misleading sourcing, problematic (or nonexistent) dating and vulnerability to manipulation is a veritable Great Dismal Swamp of error, lies and self-promotion that make the National Inquirer read like a corporate-earnings page in The Wall Street Journal.

That may be one reason why as all the world threatens to get "wired," the knowledge quotient of mankind can't outrun the misinformation supply. Anyway, as for blogs, don't think that they're necessarily written by whoever's name runs over them.

And this minor Couric crisis is a reminder of where the bulk of news still comes from — those dusty old things called newspapers.