Dems attack Bush and each other

The Democratic presidential front-runners came under attack from a rival on Sunday for showing insufficient leadership on ending the war in Iraq in a debate in which the main target was President George W. Bush.

The two-hour exchange in the election proving ground of New Hampshire came 17 months before the November 2008 presidential election and featured squabbling and sharp attacks on Bush's war policy, but not much agreement on the best way to get the United States out of Iraq.

"This is George Bush's war," said New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as she sought to blunt the attack from former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards that her vote late last month against funding for the Iraq war was done in a quiet way.

Edwards, the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2004, accused Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, the two candidates who hold a solid lead over him in opinion polls, of lacking leadership on extricating U.S. troops from Iraq.

He based his attack on Democrats' failure to set a timetable for a troop pullout with the funding vote.

There is a difference "between leadership and legislating," Edwards said at the debate at St. Anselm College.

"Senator Clinton and Senator Obama did not say anything about how they were going to vote until they appeared on the floor of the Senate and voted. They were among the last people to vote," he said.

"They cast the right vote, and I applaud them for that. But the importance of this is, they're asking to be president of the United States," he added.

Clinton and Obama quickly defended themselves.

"It is not easy to vote for cutting off funding, because the fact is there are troops on the ground," Obama said, noting that he had opposed the war from the outset.

"So you're about four and a half years late on leadership on this issue," Obama responded to Edwards.

A longshot candidate, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, was the only candidate who voted for the funding. He defended his vote as essential to protecting U.S. troops in combat.

Both Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich and former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel, two even longer shot candidates, joined Edwards in criticizing the front-runners for not doing enough to stop the war.

"This war belongs to the Democratic Party because the Democrats were put in charge by the people in the last election with the thought that they were going to end the war," said Kucinich.

Gravel said: "It's the Democrats' war also" and argued that anyone who had originally voted to authorize the conflict ought to get out of the race. "That disqualifies them for president," he insisted.

Edwards found himself defending an argument he has been making that the war on terrorism is simply political propaganda, a bumper sticker slogan pushed by the Bush administration.

Bush had called the position "naive" and the breaking up of a plot to blow up New York's John F. Kennedy Airport led to a question to Edwards about his position at the debate hosted by CNN.

Clinton, representing a state still jolted by the September 11 attacks, said Edwards was wrong.

"I have seen firsthand the terrible damage that can be inflicted on our country," she said.

Clinton went into the debate holding a solid lead over her rivals for the Democratic nomination, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

She had the support of 42 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, to 27 percent for Obama and 11 percent for Edwards.


  1. Boudicca

    “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone; the people themselves are its only safe depositories.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    The debate was utterly pathetic. All they did was point fingers at Bush even thought it was Congress who gave Bush dictator status and power. Congress has outsourced its war making powers to Bush – if that isn’t criminal I don’t know what is – and now it continues to shameless blame Bush. Well, they all are criminals.


    Ron Paul has consistently voted against the war and its funding. Despite larding up the Bush request for $95 billion (to $125 pork bill), the Dems are now attempting to convince folks that they are supporting the troops. Nonsense! The best way to support the troops is to being them home – NOW.

    Get our troops out of the crosshairs of a deadly Islamic civil war that was unleased by both political parties.

    Support Ron Paul who will abolish the Patriot Act, bring our troops home, end the global U.S. military empire and focus on rebuilding the economy for our middle class.

  2. jacklegsjumpingup

    Iamb an unknown candidate for president.

    When you get to be as old as me you forget what you have posted. I recently published a book, “New World Hors D’oeuvres,” under my pen name Golashes Journalista. The nom de plume translates, reading the newspapers wearing hip boots. The book sub-title is, “The Recipe for World Peace.”

    There is an exit strategy in “New World Hors D’oeuvres” but I might have posted that here last week or the week before – iamb knot sure, sew I will simply paraphrase what I’m going to do upon election to our highest office…

    In the first place, Ben laden sends volunteers to Iraq every day, and we should be able to do the same thing. I will seek 40,000 volunteers and pay them $23 an hour and time and a half for over time.

    Bring your own assault weapons, etc and lots of ammo or you can’t make the trip. Then I want to retrofit 10,000 trucks for this emergency service, and get them for the sticker price where they are gathering dust on all the dealerships. Quad cab GMC’s and Ford F-150s.

    I want to have them painted desert cream, including the chrome, have the suspension beefed, bigger tires so they sit higher off the ground, excellent for off road desert travel and the undersides plated with heavy metal welded at the junk yards where the metal may be available. Same with the side door panels, and a slab in front protecting the radiator and motor.

    Extra gas tank in the back, freeze dried meals ready to eat from the supermarkets, cases of bottled water, camper tops and door panels stuffed with Kevlar and Dragon Skin, 40 band CB radios on the dash boards, with police radar guns and binoculars on the front seat.

    Also Onstar, to relay a call for Apache helicopters and / or Chinooks in the event a skirmish requires military support, and license plates from every state. We can fly them over with the four volunteers per vehicle and they will ‘work’ in 40 vehicle groups, each group sharing a CB band.

    We can fly them over on C-Five A Constellations, land them in Saudi Arabia and go from there! We need to seal every border so no one gets in that country, and the only people getting out are women and children running from the war.

    Were the soldiers not paid in Congressional Script, George Washington would not have been able to cross the Delaware. The insurgents get money! The families of suicide bombers get $$$. They get this $$$ from two places. Insurgent warriors there are paid from smuggling oil out every day and selling the oil in Jordan and Syria for cash. The suicide bomber’s families are paid from selling and smuggling opium and mostly opium’s derivative, heroin.

    With my 10,000 retrofitted vehicles Iraq will be sealed. I expect within six months the insurgency will whither. Our ‘Scorpion Brigades’ will also visit every village on a peace mission – make friends, and pass out copies of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, word for word translated. I will be on Iraqi Television every day pushing the key concept of separating Mosque from State, with out the A C L You. Challenge them to give our constitution a ten year trial.

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  3. Captain America

    Captain America

    Although I agree that Obama and Clinton were positioning themselves with their negative votes, John Edward lacks credibility on the war issue because he voted for the same war resolution that Hilary Clinton did. The difference between Edwards and Clinton on the crtical vote that allowed Bush to initate the attack on Iraq is zero.

    On the other hand Barack Obama,not in the US Senate, was outspokenly and publicly opposed to the President’s war on Iraq from the very beginning. Consequently,Obama has far more credibilty on the war issue than either Clinton or Edwards.

    Obama showed real leadership by standing up against the tide when many US Senators were afraid to stand up to Bush. He wasn’t bamboozled by the Bush administration’s lies, distortions and exaggerations.

  4. Carl Nemo

    Sen. Mike Gravel-D Alaska although not a serious contender in my book did a superb job of roasting all the losers to his left with the possible exception of Kucinich being the same category. All of them are part of the problem and surely not a solution. It’s the same in the Republican camp too, just a bunch of “duty losers”. We have about twenty “running dog” chumps bidding for the nomination of their party, each of them ready to wag their tails and rollover for their shadowy corporate controllers.

    I wish Robin Williams or Bill Mahrer would run as Independents. They are a hell of lot more intelligent than this kettle of fish and at least they’d give us a good laugh while the Congress continues to screw the people over. At least one of those two guys could use their veto power to stop continual nation-destroying legislation and possibly win some support with a continual stream of great jokes.

    The real inertia against change lies in our House and Senate. It will take some time to flush the duty losers from those two bodies and since we are going down the drain all too quickly as a nation, it may be too late.

    Congress just raised the national debt limit to 9.8 trillion up from 8.7. So they are spending more debt-money “we the people” don’t have and not a single one of them brings up the issue of fiscal discipline. We simply cannot afford to wage adventuristic wars of aggression anywhere and everywhere. Our leadership has gone nuts. Everyone of these Democratic clowns in last night’s debate is in some way responsible for the fix we are in as a nation.

    Trust no one in these times, be afraid, very afraid of Greeks (pols) bearing gifts (more lies)…!

    Carl Nemo **==