Obama’s star appeal

In Nevada, a state of mostly desert, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama is quickly nurturing a grass-roots campaign, with a rally on Thursday showing such efforts are generating enthusiasm.

More than 3,500 people filled a Reno park to hear the 45-year-old senator from Illinois. At a press conference after the rally, he talked about the importance of attracting ordinary voters back into the political process.

"My campaign is bringing in new people. It is galvanizing people," Obama said.

One of those people is Barb Mucutt, 53, of Reno who has been on board for two months, working in the first campaign of her life.

"This is the first candidate in a long time I actually want to vote for," she said as she helped with crowd control. "It's my gut instinct that he cares about the welfare of the American citizens."

Nevada has taken on greater importance in the 2008 presidential race than in past years as it is holding its Democratic Caucus in January, sandwiched between the Iowa and New Hampshire races — the traditional start of the race.

The Reno audience, with a mix of men and women, ages and ethnicities, were enthusiastic with Obama's vision for universal health care by the end of his first term, changes in education and bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq.

Helping spread the word is his army of volunteers. More than 5,000 have signed up in Nevada to try to make Obama the Democratic candidate for president in the November 2008 election.

"One of the things that is unique about this campaign is we really encourage groups to do their own projects. A Southern Nevada group has made its own literature," said David Cohen, the campaign's deputy director for Nevada.

"It's a movement of people looking to change America and people will do this in all kinds of ways and we encourage that."

Groups are scattered throughout Nevada — ranging from people uniting based on geography, ethnicity and professions to high school and college students.

Brent Busboom, 37, took the day off work as a Reno high school English teacher to volunteer. He spent nearly 40 hours making signs and telephone calls for Obama.

Across the United States, Obama's volunteers will descend upon neighborhoods on June 9 to knock on doors to talk about this man who jokes about getting his odd name from his Kenyan father and his accent from his mother who hails from Kansas.

"I'm heavily involved in the grass-roots movement. I have never seen a campaign hit the ground so early," said Francesca Loftis of Placerville, California, before heading to the rally.

"The last time I felt this passionate about a candidate was JFK," Loftis said of the late John F. Kennedy, who was elected president in 1960.


  1. Bill Robinson

    Beware the Barak! Barak means lightning in Hebrew.
    Obama scares me almost as much as Bush and he is far more dangerous.
    We need new men and women in government, not senators who already are sucking America’s tit and have their hand in the till.
    I’m beginning to feel like Diogenes looking for an honest man. Government is not the place to look, that’s obvious.
    I go back to my old saw—one three year term for any public office. No more lifetime memberships for the pigs at the trough.

  2. Even Steven Monton

    AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Com) funds both democrat and republican presidential and congressional candidates.

    This is done so that Israeli “interests” are always addressed.

    Think of it this way: regardless of which candidate wins (republican or democrat)…..Israel has someone in the US Government paying attention to their wishes.

    Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton have both gone before AIPAC recently.

    Justin Raimonda has an article titled “A Horse of a Different Color” on antiwar.com that everyone should read.

    He also has many other articles that relate to the subject of the second largest lobby in the country (AIPAC) and their funding of candidates on both sides (republican and democrat), Presidential, and Congressional, in order to ensure Israeli concerns are addressed by the American Government.

    George Washington (as in former President George Washington) explicitly warned us NOT to become involved with foreign nations, and their “entanglements.”

    This includes Israel.

    This summer the AIPAC Spy Trial is supposed to get underway.
    Israel has been suspected (again) of spying on the USA.

    Everyone knows of Jonathan Pollard.
    Now there is Franklin, Rosen, and Weissman passing classified intel to Israel.
    Richard Perle was also suspected, and for some reason still has a voice in US policy making.

    Alarming, a good deal of the neocons have dual-Israeli citizenship, have spoken at AIPAC conventions, and have received campaign contributions from this lobby.

    Seventy percent of the American populace (probably more) want the USA out of Iraq and the Middle Eastern region, yet, we continue to send more troops.


    Oil you say is the reason.
    No, that’s the payment.
    We could havebought the oil with the 3 trillion dollars we have spent.

    The candidates go against the American peoples wishes because their campaign contributors (who pay their bills) want the USA to stay in the middle east, fighting wars for Israel, ensuring their continued safety. Hey, I’m not making this up, even Israeli news sites comment on the situation.

    Ponder this:
    Nancy Pelosi removed language from a bill recently, requiring President Bush to seek congressional approval before attacking Iran.

    The reason: Israeli safety concerns.
    Not American safety concerns, Israeli safety concerns.

    Nancy Pelosi did this immediately after being”booed” at an AIPAC convention.
    Justin Raimondo also writes about this event on antiwar.com.

    Everyone should use the Dogpile search engine to view AIPAC contributions to government officials, as there are sites that list the representatives by name, and the amounts they have recieved from the AIPAC lobby.

    Barak Obama is one of those individuals seeking AIPAC support.

  3. Jenifer D.

    Yikes…..time to write off Obama too. Power Whores and Money Whores…too, too many.