The jobs bill may be headed for the unemployment line after an unlikely coalition raised enough hell about the legislation to force House leaders to scrap a planned Friday vote.

The Congressional Black Caucus, the Progressive Caucus and the moderate Blue Dog Coalition banded together to raise enough objections about the bill to jeopardize passage of the bill.

More objections have come out of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to put the bill’s future in doubt, even though the same legislation sailed through the Senate in a 70-28 vote.

Opponents say the bill concentrates more on tax breaks for business than creating jobs and some say it’s a joke to even call the legislation a “jobs bill.”

Democratic leaders will try to regroup and shore up support for another try at a vote next week.

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  1. O-Bomb-Uh isn’t breaking down the doors to reverse the Unitary Executive Phallus Cheney so dearly loved.

    D-Crappers are good at Scuttling things.

  2. Yup, it’s all a big joke to the majority of Congress. Won’t be long the Unitary Executive won’t need them anymore since Executive Orders now are considered representative legislation in the United States today. Removing Congress would save us billions.

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