Is Olbermann a liability for MSNBC?

MSNBC’s bombastic left-wing “news” anchor Keith Olbermann is out of control and causing increasing problems for the cable news network, NBC insiders say.

Olbermann, who fancies himself as a cross between news legend Edward R. Murrow and Howard Beale, the mad prophet newsman of the black comedy movie “Network,” went after former MSNBC general manager Dan Abrams Wednesday night, claiming Abrams had been fired and had a grudge against the network.

The tirade left NBC executives red-faced because Abrams, a lawyer, is still employed by NBC as a news analyst on legal issues.

Olbermann castigated Abrams in a new segment of his show “The Countdown Hall of Shame,” which replaced the tired “Worst Persons in the World Segment” that had turned into a nightly tirade against Fox News personalities Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck.

Obermann named the media website Mediaite — founded by Abrams — as runner up in the Hall of Shame Category because it reported on the Tea Party calling Obermann out for his claim that the grassroots movement lacked diversity when MSNBC anchors are mostly whitebread.

Said Olbermann:

Perhaps the reason that Mediaite took a Tea Party’s word for it is that this is the same site of a fired MSNBC employee. And in his attempt to implant his bitterness toward this place, to plug or weave it into his website, he has wigged out. He would like us to sweep his failure under the rug as if it were a bald-faced lie, or there will be hell to pay.

Mediaite managing editor Colby Hall responded:

I’m surprised that MSNBC bookers and Today Show producers haven’t got the memo that [Abrams has] been fired. More importantly, the opinions and sentiments in all of Mediaite’s pieces have been those of the editors and writers of Mediaite.

The whole scenario reminds one of an aged stand-up comedian who hasn’t updated his material in years, but is still somehow content playing to a half-filled room at the West Topeka Chuckle Hut. At some point it’s no longer funny, nor even fun. It’s just sorta sad.

Sadly, Keith Obermann has lost it.

Oberman may have lost more than his credibility with the inaccurate attack on Abrams. Some in the NBC power structure wonder if Olbermann is a loser for the network. Despite his claims of viewership gains, Obermann’s ratings lag far behind right-wing powerhouses like O’Reilly.

Andrew Malcolm at The Los Angeles Times say Obermann is sinking fast:

In the most desirable TV demographic of 25-54, which Keith will soon outgrow himself, “Countdown” lost 44% of its audience from the beginning of President Obama’s term until this year. It could  have been worse — say, 45%.

Olbermann averaged 268,000 viewers last month in that sector. That’s just several thousand sets of those eyes more than Campbell Brown over on CNN. According to one count, Keith even finished in that time slot behind Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace!

Writes Jeff Bercovici at Daily Finance:

There are also more subjective signs that Olbermann’s stridency and lack of proportion are alienating some of his natural allies. Quite a few eyebrows elevated last week when Jon Stewart, in a parody of one of Olbermann’s “Special Comment” segments, called out the newsman for going way over the top in his denunciations of Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts. The criticism was all the more remarkable, given that Stewart and Olbermann usually take the same side on most issues, especially when it comes to Fox News and the Republicans.

Olbermann’s overheated rhetoric also drew a sharp response from Joe Scarborough, MSNBC’s house conservative, who called his fellow host’s attack on Brown “reckless” and “sad.” The exchange (and a few earlier, similar incidents) inspired network president Phil Griffin to issue a stern memo admonishing his charges: “We do not publicly criticize our colleagues. This kind of behavior is unprofessional and will not be tolerated.”

Olbermann, a one-time sportscaster and pitchman for the faltering Boston Market restaurant chain, has bounced from network to network, alternating between sports and political commentary. He hosted a nightly MSNBC show that focused on the Monica Lewinsky affair during the Clinton years then left for a brief return to sports broadcasting with Fox before returning to MSNBC to bash the Bush administration.

Writes Mark Memmott for National Public Radio:

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann strongly disagrees, but one of the memes of the day seems to be that Countdown with Keith Olbermann isn’t doing so well ratings-wise and might soon be history.

“Keith has a habit of flaming out,” says one NBC producer. “It’s happening again.”

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  1. Leslie,

    Feel better after your little temper tantrum? Look it up – the people that listen to Rush and other conservatives are much more informed and educated on average than people like you – slobbering liberals. The problem with MSLSD, especially Keith, is that they are 1-hit wonders. Their single hit was bashing Bush. While that drove them to a certain level of popularity late in the Bush administration, they are now playing to a very small crowd. Here’s a news flash – BARACK OBAMA IS PRESIDENT. Shocking, isn’t it? Here’s another bulletin just in – THE DEMOCRATS CONTROL CONGRESS AND HAVE SINCE 2007. So Keith and all of you conservative haters can keep on having your temper tantrums about Bush and republicans, but for most people it’s really getting old. It’s not creating a single job or doing anything positive for anyone. When’s the last time you watched/listened to a liberal show and came away thinking to yourself “Wow, I feel so much better – uplifted!”? Probably never. THAT is why liberals like Keith have such a short shelf life. After awhile, most people grow weary of the negativity. Most Americans want a positive vision. I’m sorry, but calling Bush “Hitler” and all conservatives “knuckle-dragging racists” doesn’t inspire anyone. Maybe you get inspired by the liberal mantra which is basically: “You are TOO STUPID to make a life for yourself, so allow us, the government to tell you exactly how to do it, and allow us to take money from those who somehow figure it out and hand it over to you!” Most Americans in the hearts are drawn to a more conservative message: “Relish FREEDOM and LIBERTY. Use your God-given talents to the best of your ability, and let’s try to keep the government from encroaching upon you and your freedoms. Nobody is guaranteed great success as a right, but you do have the right to ‘pursue happiness’, and THAT is worth more than any government program or handout.”

  2. By the way, thanks for proving your insensitivity and lack of respect apparent in this article and in so many of the blogs. Family values what a joke. Do some research yourselves, read a book, use whatever brain cells you have left to inform yourselves of the facts…please. Keith is fantastic, MSNBC may not have the brains to keep him…judging from some of the recent hires it makes me wonder about the Network…and I am NOT referring to Rachel..she is awesome…must be tough having an intelligent, sassy-smart, savvy, tough woman inform your world….you would rather believe a woman so uninformed (essentially stupid) she uses her hand as a cheat sheat. ..well if the shoe fits…..You Betcha! How humiliating that must have been for you believers!! In any case, keep blathering…love it when you shock- jock addicts validate my opinion of you….keep on listening to O’Reilly, LImbaugh, Palin and Beck….and good luck with that.! Ever consider doing some research on your own, and/or reading a book instead of comic books?

    • Blah blah blah. Typical drive-by personality cultist. Take your own advice and pick up a book instead of rotting your brain in front of the idiot box.

      Disliking Olbermann automatically means you like O’Reily, et al from the ‘right’? There’s no greater display of blind partisan ignorance than this.

  3. One thing that I think has turned people off to Olbermann is that he never, ever has any guests on the show who disagree with him. Every Fox show has at least one person on the program who disagrees with the host. So basically Countdown is Olbermann screaming and ranting and then he has a guest on who agrees with him. There’s no tension like with O’Reilly. O’Reilly invariably has two or three guests on who are liberals and he gets into it with them. I guess maybe Keith just doesn’t have the background to actually get into in-depth policy or political discussions or maybe he’s just afraid, but his show is boring. And the whole thing with trying to imitate Murrow, even saying “good night and good luck” after his special education comments. What a pathetic joke. I really hope A Mess NBC fires him so he can go back to his bathtub and soak.

  4. Seriously, the only people I know of who still admit to watching Keith are either very gay men or neo-nazi sociopaths in their late teens. I can understand MSNBC execs wanting to target gay men – that’s a prize market for advertisers. But the skinhead crowd? Do Herr Olbermann’s bosses really value the drooling-at-the-mouth anti-semitic neanderthal demographic? Surely there’s a more moral way for MSNBC to make a buck than pandering to the jew haters?

  5. b mcclellan – Have you ever watched Fox or do you just listen to what someone else says about them and then regurgitate it? I know what I know about Fox, MSNBC and CNN because I watch all 3.

    You say that Hannity and Fox would never let someone on that would “have the guts to let this man recite and discuss the crimes of the past administration?” Hannity spent an hour talking to Michael Moore. Did you know that or didn’t Keith share that with you?

    Fox has many commentators that agree with you. I don’t agree with them, but that is the interesting part for me. I would rather hear both sides than sit and listen to some blowhard spend an hour telling me what a horrible person someone is without supporting the claim with actual facts. I’m not saying Fox doesn’t lean right, of course it does, but they do bring on folks from the other side of the aisle to have their say. When was the last time Keith had on a conservative voice? When will he have Andrew Breitbart sitting across the table from him? Never, because he can’t handle the debate. End of story.

    • I’m not taking sides here. I asked a simple question. I’m not regurgitating anything, but the thought of Andrew Breitbart certainly makes me queezy enough to hurl.

      The bulk of the news I digest comes from right here at CHB, NPR, and BBC. Liars, blowhards, and wannabe news Napoleons I’m not that much into.

      I find your comparison of Turley to Moore regarding my query quite puzzling. One deals in Constitutional absolutes the other in newsy entertainment.

  6. Olbernuts ratings have gone down because even his viewers can not listen to ” It is George Bush’s fault ” or “Sarah Palin is dumb,stupid,uneducated ” continuosly. The multitude that have quit watching are realizing how stupid they are to watch his garbage.

  7. For some time now, there has been plenty of talk among pundits and pollsters that the political divide in this country has fallen sharply along religious lines. Indeed, the single biggest “gap” in party affiliation among white Americans today is not between men and women, or those who reside in so-called Red States and those who reside in Blue, but between those who attend church regularly and those who don’t. My close personal friend Keith Olbermann may not practice any known religion, but he is still a preacher to the Democratic faithful and it’s legion of godless minnions.

    Conservative leaders have been all too happy and eager to exploit this gap, consistently reminding evangelical Christians that Democrats disrespect their values and dislike their Church, while suggesting to the rest of the country that religious Americans care only about issues like abortion and gay marriage; school prayer and intelligent design. Keith Olbermann is a man of the people and advocate for the all that is right about this country… welfare, Medicaid, Aid to Dependent Children, subsidized housing & cable TV, food stamps, Weatherization Assistance, government cheese, etc… the list goes on.

    Democrats, for the most part, have taken the bait. At best, we may try to avoid the conversation about religious values altogether, fearful of offending anyone and claiming that – regardless of our personal beliefs – constitutional principles tie our hands. At worst, there are some liberals who dismiss religion in the public square as inherently irrational or intolerant, insisting on a caricature of religious Americans that paints them as fanatical, or thinking that the very word “Christian” describes one’s political opponents, not people of faith. Keith Olbermann may speak tolerance, but with his atheistic views, we still must honor his beliefs and listen intently to his call to arms for more Change and Hope.

    And I speak with some experience on this matter. I was not raised in a particularly religious household, as undoubtedly many of you were. My father, who returned to Kenya when I was just two, was born Muslim but as an adult became an atheist. My mother, whose parents were non-practicing Baptists and Methodists, was probably one of the most spiritual and kindest people I’ve ever known, but grew up with a healthy skepticism of organized religion herself. Although she lived off the welfare system as much as possible, it was my white of my family that cared for me. Keith Olbermann would point out that by being who I am, half white and half black, that I might be potentially racist at myself. Although this seems rather strange, in his mind his justification for this could be rationalized with sound logic.

  8. “Buying votes started with Bush when he brought federally financed programs for the churches. Buying votes in the Congress has just been approved by the Congress.”

    I think that quote speaks for itself……

  9. Keith O is a God Amongst Men. I watch both him and Rachel Maddow relgiously.
    If MSNBC ever dumps KO, my subscription to cable is over.

  10. Someone here said this jerk is the answer to FOX News. To Libertarians, Conservatives, and Independents, that is GOOD news. Please MSNBC, keep this poster boy for liberalism around. He makes everyone else look good.

  11. Instead of focusing on issues (as conservatives do), this hate-filled clown constantly engages in character assassination, spewing vitriol and losing his mind on national TV. People like him are the reason I dumped the Dem party a decade ago.

  12. That people don’t get that ALL of these pundits are nothing more than topical entertainers, is beyond me…Believe me, if Msnbc paid Beck more than Fox does, Olbermann would be Beck’s straight man, and probably doing a better job than O’Reilly does now…It’s all about ‘showbiz’ folks.

  13. I’ll pick one regular from Countdown,
    He is Jonathan Turley a student and professor of Constitutional law, George Washington University.

    Do any here think Rush, Hannity, or any of the blow flies on Fox have the guts to let this man recite and discuss the crimes of the past administration?

    Would they give him one moments notice unless he were to grovel on talking points as Rove, Delay, Palin, and the rest of their ilk willingly do?

    They fear the truth as do all these fools who present themselves as saviors of ours, when in reality as Griff reaffirms, two headed coins always come up tails and it’s our assess in the sling.

    • Have your hero contact Mark Levin (also a Constitutional Attorney) and he can debate about “the Bush Administration crimes”. I’d bet my year’s salary Levin would mop the floor with this guy.

    • Bingo Bryan. I’m with you on the subject of Jonathan Turley. He has been my hero for years. There is no comparison between MSNBC and Fox. I got hooked on MSNBC when Imus in the Morning did some of the best book reviews on any television station. I cannot watch Morning Joe as the music is too loud and too unlistenable. The rest of the MSNBC hosts are fine and have respect for their audience. I no longer listen to the news in the evening as it is too Hollywood for my taste. I read after the 6 PM news and turn on the television if I cannot sleep until Morning Joe comes on and then I switch to CNN for the news recap. Fox is out as is MSNBC in the evening.

  14. Olbermann is great – and irreplaceable. MSNBC won’t be touching his show.
    I also watch via podcast. It’s the only must-see daily news show out there right now.

    • Patrick…. please put down the crack pipe. Olbermann is a moron and anyone who listens to him needs to be put away!

  15. Good ol’ Keith. He’s always been good for a laugh or two. The really sad thing is that there are some folks out there who think that KO isn’t liberal enough. They lump KO in with Ann Coulter and Michael Savage. Something tells me that it’s high time to flush the punch bowl containing all that Kool-Aid…

  16. Keith Overbite is so pathetic that MSNBC’s coverage of Curling at the Olympics got a higher rating than Countdown To No Ratings!!!

  17. I find it very intersting that all of these right-wingers who have been predicting the end of MSNBC and Keith Olbermann, are not saying the same thing about O’Reilly and Beck. Why? Because these facists only want there to be one voice: Fox Noise and do not want anyone else to have a voice to give rise to other opinions. He who controls the media, controls the message. Zieg Heil, y’all.

    • Therein lies the problem with our media. This ‘right-winger’ despises those on the so-called ‘right’ as much as those on the so-called ‘left,’ for the very reason that with all the false propaganda from both sides, the truth seems to get lost in the shuffle.

      I find it hard to believe that some people still find a difference between the two ‘opposing’ views, considering we’re travelling the exact same path now as we did during all those years under the ‘fascist’ Bush regime.

      In case you haven’t noticed, fascism is here to stay unless we break down the false facade of left vs right.

  18. Has anyone ever accused Fox or MSNBC as being balanced? They represent the most extreme points of view of both sides of the aisle. I have not voted Republican since 1988 and I was thrilled with Brown’s win in Mass. A train wreck? Not on my track. Being a long-time member of Republican Majority for Choice, it was a breath of fresh air. I did not watch Olberman during or after this election as I know he is a Liberal. So what? I did not watch Fox because Brown is Pro Choice on all individiual freedoms. I apparently stand alone when it comes to individual freedoms being recognized from our government.

    Many Americans do not want the government to tell us what we must not do. I am the Libertarian here, not you. Do you want censorship in our Networks? Do you want censorship in our political parties? Let MSNBC and Fox rant and rave as much as their commercial support pays for. Do you expect all Americans to agree with you? Stamp your foot and neither network will even notice.

    I had thought that by now there would be an Independent network that could discuss and debate the issues currently in the news. Independents do not have enough power for the people to desire. I would love to have the majority of our House and Senate be filled with more and more Scott Browns who would allow the Citizens of America to think for themselves. What an odd idea, no?

    The current Conservative RNC wants nothing to do with any candidate like Scott Brown. He fits into no part of extremism. He is for the individual! Not since Goldwater have I seen a man with such stones. I wonder how long the Senate will allow this independent thinker to survive? I fear the loss of Olberman because it eliminates a strong Liberal voice. America lived through 8 years of Conservatives and that nearly destroyed us. It brought in a level of voters who had been dumbed down for many years and now speak for a higher source. Olberman is like the perfect voice of equality in our Republican Party. People forget that a large section of American voters cannot find or hold a job and who refuse to be trained to even survive. We have our very own lower class population who were ignored; missing survival and academic skills. Blaming Olberman is a waste of time considering the Conservatives ruled the roost for the last 8 years. Buying votes started with Bush when he brought federally financed programs for the churches. Buying votes in the Congress has just been approved by the Congress.

  19. I am a huge political junkie, my views lean conservative/libertarian, but I always read and listen to the views of those on the other side of the aisle. I tried watching Countdown once, and had to turn it off after 10 minutes. I do not appreciate being called a racist because I happen to disagree with this administration, it’s policies, or it’s party. No one knows what is in another person’s heart, and it smacks of major projection. Are there racists? Of course there are, but I would never accuse someone else of having racist views based solely on their political affiliation. Keith Olbermann disgusts me to no end. I don’t have the words to describe my utter contempt for him. The last time I turned to MSNBC was the night Scott Brown won the Mass. special election. It was, as has been described earlier, a most interesting train wreck to watch. MSNBC is neither fair nor balanced, and anyone who thinks they are isn’t really being honest. If Olbermann goes, I say good riddance…..

  20. Again, I see dialog from “I Love Lucy” here and wonder just how much television CHB members watch? Olberman is a Liberal….get over it! He is the answer to Fox News and neither gives rational opinions. I have spent years sorting out the truth in the news and start here at CHB. If I want a comedy routine I will watch Jon Stewart

  21. I think a lot of people just tune in to Countdown because they are the same type of people who like to watch train wrecks. I haven’t liked Olbermann since he made that lovely Suzy Kolber cry at ESPN.

  22. Olbermann has lost it, if he becomes any more of a lunatic, he will have to wear a helmet and mouth guard when he leaves his bathtub

  23. Keith Olbermann spews lies non-stop, and he is too cowardly to debate anybody. He won’t even debate college-age tea partiers from Texas. I bet MSNBC got better ratings when Olympics curling bled over into Olbermann’s time slot.

  24. I do think Keith Olbermann is gone very soon. What puzzles me is why MSNBC has let Fox corner the market. Where Fox certainly does lean to the right, they are smart enough to give a fair amount of time and exposure to the left. MSNBC (and GE) has gotten too dependent on the White House and Democrats for information. When Comcast finally takes charge, if they don’t make a business plan change, they will find themselves in the same situation as Keith Olbermann. There’s still a huge conservative market out there to have serious debate with. Things going the way they are, Democrats will lose a lot of control this November and Obama is on track at being a one term president in the mold of Jimmy Carter. That wouldn’t be good news for GE either since it has gambled on a lot of it’s future on the Green Economy dream that’s being exposed as a fraud. Lets be honest about it, General Electric is being poorly run.

  25. 2005 saw the first breathless “insider reports” that Countdown was about to be canceled, and these articles have been coming at regular intervals ever since. To read the latest prediction of Countdown’s imminent demise, check back in 2011, 2012, 2013, etc. 🙂

  26. I for one hope he doesn’t get cancelled. He provides such comedic fodder when trying to be serious that it would be a shame for him to go. But his latest rants are really making the network look bad so it will probably happen.

  27. Stop now please, before I start to get my hopes up. Seriously. Every time someone at newsbusters or olbermannwatch mentions how the end is near, how he’s going to implode, how every dust up is proof of his impending explosion \ firing \ quitting in a rage, I shake my head.

    Fat Ass is much smarter now then he was back at ESPN and Fox. He is certainly more powerful then he was then (if only on a network fighting for a distant 2nd) , more popular then ever (if only with the tinhat basement crowd), and has more allies in the media (see tinhat remarks).

    So those are generally the reasons why I believe he is at MSDNC for as long as HE wants to be. They def wouldn’t fire him, his ratings suck granted, but look at everyone else, he and the Doc are the highest on the network. Hell, abysmal as his ratings have become and always have been, he brought that bottom feeder of a network into the
    light… Sort of anyway.

    The point is, he isn’t going anywhere. If for no other reason, he hates the GOP, Christians, conservatives, Tea Partiers, far too much to really shoot himself in the foot. He knows the absolute unadulterated joy all on the right, hell, in the middle and mainstream left would feel at his quitting that he simply can’t give them the satisfaction.

    As it is now, there are only 2 ways to really believe his time could be at an end… A: his ratings continue to slump, causing him to loose his mind more, to which NBC will cut him loose or B: he somehow someway pisses off the tinhats who desert him, which will obviously lead to A.

    Anyway folks, trust me, my contempt for his arrogant, hate filled screeds, the lies he puts out every night, his desperate attempt to measure up to Edward R. Murrow, his further desperate attempts to be popular because everyone he knows, dead or alive, are all his best friends (see Mathau, Stewart, Seinfeld, that chick Musto, etc) know knows bounds. The way he uses his show EVERY night to trash anyone he has a beef with. The way he thinks he runs the Dem party, the far left, how he thinks he has enough to power to threaten Democrats. His nightly hypocrisy when it comes to Fox news, where he always commits the same sins he critiques them for but ten fold.

    I’m right there with ya’ll all the way. So hopefully you right, but in my heart of hearts, I know he’s there to stay for as long as he wants. Unless Dan Abrams still has some pull, in which case I’ll be HIS biggest fan!

  28. I wonder if Fox news will ever look at one of their stars as a liability? Is there ANYTHING that Glen Beck cant/doesn’t say for example?

    Disclaimer; I don’t have satellite or cable, so don’t watch either MSNBC or Fox News.

    • The huge difference is that Glenn Beck will provide evidence to support his opinions. Keitho bases his opinions on the opinions of Jeanene Garafalo, Rosie O Donnell and any two bit wack job that comments on the Huffington Post.

    • Tom says:
      February 26, 2010 at 3:53 pm
      I wonder if Fox news will ever look at one of their stars as a liability? Is there ANYTHING that Glen Beck cant/doesn’t say for example?

      Disclaimer; I don’t have satellite or cable, so don’t watch either MSNBC or Fox News.

      So if you don’t watch FNC, then how can you make a statement about Beck or anyone else on Cable News Channels?

      Talking points from Media Matters?

    • Well, he does well in ratings. Ratings = $.

      So until ratings go south, no, Beck is not a liability. An example of a liability is someone who earns a huge salary while pulling in a pedestrian audience. Someone like Olbermann.

  29. Yeh Breezy…if you’re such a Limbaugh fan why would you even consider turning on MSNBC? You must be a racist just like him.

    • And there it is. The Lib’s default retreat position when they’re losing. “Yeah, well…you’re a racist…so there.” You libtards really need to come up with something better. “Racist” really lost its caché after about the millionth time you used it without any proof. Besides, didn’t your party found the Ku Klux Klan? Wasn’t Bull Connor one of yours? You wacky Klucker you.

  30. Breezy. Why do you watch MSNBC if you are a follower of Limbaugh? He may be your man but he is not mine. His words are full of slander. I believe he instigated the entire religious right to despise liberals. In my world, America needs a healthy dose of both Liberals and Conservatives. It was Limbaugh who threw the first shoe. Is that your kind of action? Personally I have found Olberman to be too extreme and he will lose his Countdown. I have also been a fan of Dan Abrams. I have been writing many letters to NBC headquarters to tone down the horrible music found on Morning Joe and apparently somebody did something about it. I wanted to hear all the debate on that show that is aired here at 4 am. Having to wade through RAP crap got to me. I watch Olberman very little these days.

  31. This is a perfect example of making your own news. Rail against your own co-workers and manufacture some controversy to make it look like you don’t tow the company line when the reality is they only let you read what they have pre-approved.

  32. Forget Dan Abrams and Bill O’Reilly—anybody is fair game. Seems like Olbermann, little more than a demode drive-by graffiti artist, has nothing to offer but character assassination,and may be heading himself, headstrong down the road to star—err, firedom.

  33. When NBC is officially handed over to Comcast then Keith-O will head to the funny farm. They can save alot of money by firing Olbermann and run the movie Anchorman every night, same thing as showing Countdown.

  34. It’s really creepy that there are people out there that like and agree with a guy that actually acts like the way the left portrays Limbaugh…Keith Olbermann is a big fat blowhard idiot…Limbaugh is the man…Olbermann and MSLSD will go the way of Air America this year.

  35. I can’t wait till they throw that troll out of msnbc. Next on the list is Rachel Maddow. She absolutely sucks, after that, Chris ur next.

  36. “No one’s perfect but he’s the one I turn to for reliable information”


    Really, I’m laughing with you, not at you. Really. Honest!

  37. No one’s perfect but he’s the one I turn to for reliable information and I tell everyone I know they need to watch his show. O’Reilly is a joke and could never fill Keith’s shoes. He’s struggling with personal issues too. Give the guy a break.

    • Give Olbermann a break? Sure, Linda. I’ll give him the same break that he gives all the good people whose character he’s slimed.

      Karma’s a bear, with really sharp claws and big teeth.

      – JP

  38. Important work? HAHAHA . . . you and your three friends that watch him are going to be sad when this hack is relieved of his job. It will happen before 2010 is over – count on it.

  39. Keith is doing important work. He may be far from perfect, and he does tend to focus too much on some trivial or hypothetical faults with those he is criticizing, but he does lay into the lies and re-direction and distractions coming from politicians and media figures. He is saying things that the afraid-to-offend mainstream media avoid — except for FOX. They make a whole show out of such . . .

  40. Keith Olbermann is a welcome addition to MSNBC and provides counterbalance for the right’s talking heads, Beck and Limbaugh. It’s too bad that his podcasts do not count towards ratings. I and many of my colleagues watch his show daily via iPod podcasts.

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