‘When are we going to get out of here?’

One question lingers on the minds of U.S. soldiers serving extended tours in country torn apart by an American-induced civil war.

"When are we going to get out of here?"

McClatchy newspapers reporter Leila Fadel, interviewing soldiers before a photo-p lunch by pro-war Senator Josepth Lieberman at a U.S. field base in Baghdad, said Spec. David Williams, 22, of Boston, brought that singular question from more than 30 of his comrades.

Williams told Fadel that the night before, some 30 of his fellow soldiers in the 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, N.C., gave him questions to ask the Senator.

Topping the list from each was the question of when they could come home.

Writes Fadel:

The rest was a laundry list. When would they have upgraded Humvees that could withstand the armor-penetrating weapons that U.S. officials claim are from Iran? When could they have body armor that was better in hot weather?

Williams missed six months of his girlfriend's pregnancy when he was given six days' notice to return to Iraq for his second tour. He also missed his baby boy's birth. Three weeks ago, he went home and saw his first child.

"He looks just like me," he said. "I didn't want to come back. . . . We're waiting to get blown up."

Williams wasn't sure if he'd say how he really felt. But if he could, he'd ask about body armor.

"I don't want him to snap his fingers to get things fixed," Williams said, referring to Lieberman. "But he has influence."

Next to him, Spc. Will Hedin, 21, of Chester, Conn., thought about what he was going to say.

"We're not making any progress," Hedin said, as he recalled a comrade who was shot by a sniper last week. "It just seems like we drive around and wait to get shot at."

But as he waited two chairs down from where Lieberman would sit, Hedin said he'd never voice his true feelings to the senator.

"I think I'd be a private if I did," he joked. "It's just more troops, more targets."

In the past two months, the unit has lost two men. In May alone, at least 120 U.S. troops died in Iraq, the bloodiest month in 2007 and the highest number since the battles of Fallujah in 2004.

Spc. Kevin Krasco, 20, of Medford, Mass., and Spc. Kevin Adams, 20, of Moosup, Conn., chimed in with their dismay before turning the conversation to baseball.

"It's like everything else in this war," Adams said, referring to Baghdad. "It hasn't changed."

Then Lieberman walked in, wearing a pair of sunglasses newly purchased from an Iraqi market that the military had taken him to in southeast Baghdad. He'd been equipped with a helmet and flak vest when he toured the market, which he described as bustling.

The soldiers smiled and greeted him, stood with him for pictures and sat down to a lunch of roast beef and turkey sandwiches. It was unclear if they ever asked their questions.

As Lieberman walked out, he said that congressionally mandated withdrawal would be a "victory for al-Qaida and a victory for Iran."

It isn't clear whether Williams mentioned the last line on his note card, the one that had a star next to it.

"We don't feel like we're making any progress," it said.


  1. wiseoldgranny

    How did it happen? The repubs funded him. Now they not only have a traitorous cheerleader, they have a spy that caucauses with the Dems. He is funded by Israeli lobbyists and repubs. Most Dems voted against him, repubs took up the slack. They wouldn’t even fund their own repub candidate. lieberman is just a jewish zell miller.

    Notice, it didn’t have him replying to that question.

  2. Joe Sedlak

    The Titanic, aka the White House, has hit an iceberg of troubled military who are targets waiting to be injured or killed. It’s time to find a life raft and a life line! So, who’s left other than Rove and Lieberman to pilot the ship?

    It was sure inspiring to see Little Joe in his flak jacket and big boy’s helmet, surrounded by guards in a totally safe zone (like McCain?)pretending to listen to the troops. Remember another armchair military strategist called Dukakis in his big boy’ outfit peering out of a tank?

    Ho-hum! Another day, another photo op!

  3. Even Steven Monton

    Steve Horn…….I get what yer sayin’. Thumbs up to you my friend.

    The funny thing is the “rapture message” didn’t exist in scripture until about a hundred years ago.
    Most Christians don’t realize this fact.

    It’s easy to see that CHB’s posters are among the most informed and passionate Americans around on various topics.

    A small group in number, but the awareness is wonderfully promising.

    That being said, more Americans need to be “informed” as to what is really going on, and why.

    Spread the word.

    AIPAC has a spy trial coming up this summer.

    Google (or Dogpile) Franklin, Rosen, and Weissman and see what you come up with, you’ll be suprised.
    I believe Larry Franklin has already been convicted.

    There was also the sailor in Virginia, Ariel Weinman who was busted for attempting to pass clasified documents to a “foreign” country. They claim it was Russia.

    As for AIPAC and our presidential candidates:
    Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton have both gone before AIPAC recently.
    So have some republicans like Rudy Guiliani.
    President Bush, and VP Cheney have spoken at AIPAC conventions.

    Nancy pelosi “pulled” (Larry Silverstein should recognize the term) language that required President Bush to seek congressional approval before attacking Iran, shortly after being “booed” while speaking at an AIPAC convention.

    The reason: Israel security. (read that again)

    If a democrat wins the presidency, then AIPAC has a voice.

    If a republican canidate wins, then AIPAC has a voice.

    There are many congressmen/women who have (and are) receiving funds courtesy of AIPAC.

    There are lists (by name) of contributions, do a search for AIPAC contributions, and see what comes up.

    Yes, Joe Lieberman is one of the many recipients of AIPAC money.

    Justin Raimondo over at antiwar.com has many articles on the “lobby.”

    As for the US soldiers getting out of Iraq……well, when AIPAC can no longer influence US “representatives” and we can objectively examine US foreign policy, things will look brighter.

    As for Joe Lieberman…….every time I listen to him speak, I always feel like I need a shower.

    Nuff said?

  4. lackeylocal

    Nothing else needs to be said. The fact that this made headlines is most unusal. The media isn’t being as censored as it once was…..

  5. Steve Horn

    Perhaps I’ll head to Iraq – I need a new pair of sunglasses!

    I notice that Joe wasn’t walking along in shirt sleeves, unescorted. Were there a couple gunships hovering overhead when he was “shopping”?

    As for the bustling market – I wonder how long the cast of extras stuck around after Joe left the market?

    Lieberman is a liberal in the absolute worst definition of the term – how he managed to get re-elected escapes me – if he’s so keen on the war in Iraq might I suggest he trade in his Senate seat for a comission, which will afford him the opportunity go in theater and serve. He’d make an interesting 90 day wonder …



  6. Arlo J. Thudpucker

    The photo says it all. A phalanx of troops surrounding BushCo’s premier cheerleader, who just happens to be wearing armor and a helmet. The Iraqi, since he was at least three feet from Lieberman, and, therefore, safe, wears what looks to be a cotton shirt.

  7. www.nazilieskill.us

    The only way to get back is to find a rubber raft and start paddling home. (Probably a mutiny would be more practical.)

    John Hanks, Laramie, Wyoming

  8. Donnat

    The 28% of the nation who still support Bush should sign up or shut up. This is a travesty. If these kids make it home, I hope they will at least vote Democrat or Independent for the rest of their days.

  9. Steve Horn

    They won’t – at least the true, fanatic, reactionary “Christians” voters won’t – they’re on a mission – with God on their side (“their” God, naturally, the “right” God, forget for now that it’s the SAME God that Islam recognizes) they will continue to attempt to exterminate Islam and support Israel in the “hope” of preparing the “holy land” for the “final battle” – so they can all head of to heaven.

    It will never cross their small, narrow minds that they could be wrong, any more than science can convince them that the Creation myth is exactly that.

    Please note – these same folks – able to justify the murder of a doctor who performs legal abortions – will vilify a follower of Islam who murders a Christian or Jew.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t have wasted my time with graduate studies in technical fields – advanced work in Psychology MAY have allowed me to understand these fanatics just a wee bit better – maybe …



  10. Doubtom

    What is this cowardly weasel doing among our troops? They need to hear his whining as much as they need to hear another IED go off.

    Israel’s favorite Senator needs to shuck his facade as an American and take advantage of his dual citizenship by getting his rancid hide over the stolen land where his real allegiance lies. Get lost you whining a–hole!
    (who paid for your trip? AIPAC?)

  11. LurkingFromTheLeft

    …Joe LIEberman hadn’t asked John “Nutcase” McCain to bring him sunglasses when the other whack job did his market stroll thru the oh so much safer Baghdad Market Place and Emporium –

    …That could have saved us some $$$$$ –

    …and saved some ‘frutration’ –


  12. JudyB

    “When are we going to get out of here?”
    “I didn’t want to come back. We’re waiting to get blown up.” ………Spc. William Davis

    “We’re not making any progress,” “It just seems like we drive around and wait to get shot at.” More troops, more targets.” …….Spc. Wil Hedin

    “It’s like everything else in this war, It hasn’t changed.” Spc. Kevin Adams



  13. gene

    ok, so Mr. GI your fucked and you know why. Its your “commander in chief” Bush f**khead idiot himself who was awol for most of his service time during vietnam, a born again looser.

    A nation that has arrived at the emergency room DOA. I am a retired LTC with 20 plus years of active duty and thank God I retired as of (1996). If I had to serve under this current aadministration, well lets just say it would be impossible for me.

    This nation (full of clueless deadhead citizens) will not last much longer and will deserve the fate it will acquire, correction, has acquired. Suggestion: practice bending over and kissing your proverbial ass “good by”.