Perhaps we should become the world’s SWAT team.

In the 1980's as a reserve police officer in Michigan I was a member of what was called the "hostage team". Once a month we met with the local FBI agents who, in addition to bringing the donuts, also sometimes brought their high tech gadgets.

The FBI and their sneaky or lethal toys, like laser rifles, long distance listening divises and infrared cameras, came with a price when a situation was serious enough to call them in. The gadgets were part of a package deal, they came with FBI agents ("feebies") who would immediately take total control of the operation. It didn't matter that the police chief from a city or town or the state police Colonel himself called them.

Once on the scene the special agent in charge would control everything.

Few Americans would argue against protecting ourselves from any country that directly threatened us. If Saddam really had weapons of mass destruction, the massive invasion would have been justified.

However, for years we've heard debate as to whether the United States could or should become the world's policeman.

Putting that controversy aside, here's another idea.

In an ideal world, the United Nations would police genocide on a consistent basis. Because they don't, perhaps we should become the world's SWAT team.

Instead of invading occupying a country beset with violence with an army of policemen, when there is an evil dictator or government committing acts of genocide or mayhem against its own people or its neighbors, we would attack with our SWAT soldiers.

They would come in with maximum firepower and high tech warring machines, eliminate the immediate threat, and GET THE HELL OUT, leaving the clean-up to the locals.


  1. badger539

    You have GOT to be out of your mind. Have we created such a paradise here in the US that we have nothing better to do than meddle in other countries affairs? Do we in the USA have a society where the sick are cared for, where our courts administer justice, where every child gets a free high-quality education and there is a job at a living wage for every worker?

    Is not the answer to all these questions a big resounding NO?

    the kindest description of this proposal that I can give is that it’s preposterous and reeking with hypocrisy.

  2. Hal Brown

    This that I offer this as a possibility, with limitations, makes me out of my mind?

    We shouldn’t “meddle” in other countries affairs but is there an overriding moral inperative to stop mass murder and ethnic cleansing?

    I am against becoming an occuppying army.

    I am suggesting functioning as a SWAT team would. with a limited mission. Get in, kill the despots, get out, let the locals handle the aftermath with humanitarian, medical, financial and logistical support as appropriate.

  3. Caine

    I think this would be a bad idea at this time. I think the world dislikes us already, any further police(military) action anywhere on the planet by the US will cause more animosity against us.

    Maybe in the future, once we correct the current failures (if it is possible to do so), we could do something like this. But, I think now is not the right time. Especially if it were up to the current Commander-in-Chief to determine who we police!!

  4. Hal Brown

    I agree. Any intervention by the United States now would be highly suspect by the civilized world. Our leaders are seen as testosterone adicted steriod pumped muscle headed manics.

    In the future I see that there’s a moral case to be made that as the world’s superpower, with the United Nations mainly an impotent debating society, we may have an obligation stop genocide.

    But then we need to leave the actual policing of the peace, no matter how tenuous either to the UN, a true coalition of neighboring countries or another world body like NATO.

  5. bryan mcclellan

    If what you say is feasible ,I’m all for it if they start at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave then work they’re way down K street to the capitol.Then we can go stick our big noses in everyone’s business because our own house is clean.Yeah, right……..

  6. Jenifer D.

    Seriously Warped American Toads; in that order!
    Thank you PNAC (Perverted Neocon Assholes Charter).

  7. Doubtom

    How about we keep our noses out of other countries’ areas period! And the Swat Team concept is only acceptable if you join and lead the first wave of these mercenaries.

    There is much wrong with the world and its not our job to use our resources and manpower to correct things. There will always be trouble somewhere and we have enough troubles of our own that we don’t need to worry about the rest of the world.

    The best course of action is to immediately cease all intervention in other nations and immediately cease all foreign aid. Vote for me and I’ll guarantee this a slight bit before they assassinate me.

  8. adamrussell

    You seem to assume that idea would be one sided, an obvious error. Would you be ok with it if some country was to do it to us? Or would you be shouting that it is a cowardly act of terrorism? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Or stated slightly differently “What goes around, comes around”.

  9. Hal Brown

    If the US government was committing genocide against a group of Americans of which I was a member, if they were “ethnic cleansing” my family and friends, I think I’d welcome troops from anywhere stopping it.