Republicans break with Bush on Iraq

As opposition to his failed war in Iraq mounted, President George W. Bush always knew he could count on the unwavering support of hard-core Republicans.

That was then. This is now.

Increasingly, Republicans express weariness with the war and his lack of progress and support for candidates who back Bush without question is eroding.

And more and more Republicans now admit, belatedly, that they may have been wrong to back the President without question.

Reports Susan Saulny of The New York Times:

Through four elections, Debbie Thompson has supported Representative Mark Steven Kirk, a Republican and staunch backer of the Bush administration’s policies in Iraq.

But Ms. Thompson, a mother of two from this affluent suburb of Chicago, says her views on the war have evolved, and she now wants Mr. Kirk to change, too.

“My patience for this war, it’s run out,” said Ms. Thompson, 53. “I think this is the most expensive, stupidest thing ever done. My frustration has reached a level that is so unsettling, something has to be done.”

Though voters here in the 10th Congressional District have elected a Republican to the House for as long as anyone can remember, there is a newfound hostility about the war that is being directed toward Mr. Kirk, who was narrowly re-elected to a fourth term last November.

Nor is Mr. Kirk alone in his struggle to appease increasingly restless constituents. He and 10 other Republicans in Congress recently delivered a warning to President Bush that conditions in Iraq needed to improve soon because public support of the war was crumbling.

While a majority of Republican voters continue to support Mr. Bush and the Iraq war, including the recent increase in American troops deployed, there are concerns that the war is undermining the party’s political position. A majority of Republicans who were interviewed for a New York Times/CBS News poll this month said that things were going badly in Iraq and that Congress should allow financing only on the condition that the Iraqi government met benchmarks for progress.

In a poll in March, a majority of Republicans said that a candidate who backed Mr. Bush’s war policies would be at a decided disadvantage in 2008. They also suggested that they were open to supporting a candidate who broke with the president on the war.

That change of heart can be seen in many ways around the country. When the North Shore Women for Peace, a small group of antiwar activists from around here, first stood in the breezeway of a high-end strip mall in nearby Highland Park in the months leading up to the war, they drew sneers, expletives and many a thumbs-down.

By 2005, members said, they had found a more neutral audience, given to stares but little else. Recently, people smiled in support, honked their car horns and volunteered to join the cause at a peace rally.


  1. gene

    “While a majority of Republicans voters continue to support Mr. Bush and the Iraq War”… the above article states. Its so hard to believe that anyone supports this f**king moron at all. What clueless, blind, stupid idiots most americans are. In debt up to their stupid faces, planning their trips this summer irregardless of the price of gas, constantly buying crap they don’t really need and under the illusion that all this “american dream” shit will just continue…….on and on and on forever.

    Was at walmart yesterday and I never saw so many fat asses in my life, young and old. The local paper has pages of forclosures and I know that bankruptcies are rising but all I see are american idiots continuning as though nothing is changing. This country has months left, not years. We will soon begin to experience the hell this nation has created. Good luck, you will need it and obviously, so will I.

  2. CB

    Just like with Nixon, it will take the Republicans to tell Bush it’s over. They alone will get his attention. If only they would work fast to get rid of his horrible Iraq policies which are strongly impacting our country at home.

    As for the 28% who still support Bush? It is obvious that they are putting the Republican Party before our once great country that has been destroyed by Bush and his minions.

    Americans are in denial and will rue the day when it all comes down. Their children and grandchildren will suffer the most and wonder why no one stopped Bush before so much damage happened. Baby Boomers should be ashamed for what we have done.


  3. poniack

    How many times have I read this headline in the past few months? I am biginning to wonder if this isn’t somebody’s wishful thinking.

  4. JudyB

    Its just too damned bad that those who have been Bushs’ supporters are just now beginning to doubt his ?wisdom?. If they would have had the balls to take action on Bushs’ stupidity as late as a year ago, there would be more than a thousand of our troops still living and another 3000 able to return home with their limbs, brains & capabilities in tact. Just last Thursday they had an opportunity to stop funding this damnable, deadly, costly and shameful Bush/Cheney oil war. However, they sided with the moron once again and voted to bow to this morons wishes, insuring that this immoral bloodbath will continue unabated for at least another 3 months. Bush Wisdom? There is none nor has there ever fact folks, its an oxymoron!

  5. Carl Nemo

    gene, I always enjoy your posts because you break into a spot-on cynical assessment of the not-so-great American landscape; fat, lazy, worse-than-broke; i.e., heavily in debt, headed for bankruptcy, foreclosure, or they’ve been there and done that already and plan to go bankrupt for the second or third time in their lives. As gasoline prices rise the freeways become more frenetic with incidents of violent road rage and everyone speeding along as mad lemmings over a cliff into the sea…!

    I wish a NEA (near earth asteroid) would pop up out of nowhere, 50 miles in diameter of nickel/iron composition and take care of the sorry human condition and give the rest of the animals and the planet a break. There would be a mass extinction, but animal life would survive and hopefully there won’t be any high tech hominids evolving for the next go-around concerning this lemming-like behavior and general witnessed stupidity. Maybe “asteroid incoming” is the 2012 surprise…?!

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. Just remember Gene, you aren’t alone concerning your harsh observations.

  6. Paolo

    Republicans say they’re against wasteful government spending, but that is not true. They just turn purple with passion when government spending comes in the form of a war.

    War is the one time government can be efficient and effective. Government is not very good at solving problems like poverty and unemployment; in fact, it usually does more harm than good. But governments are very good at killing people and destroying property. This is where government really shines!

    Since both Democrats and Republicans love big government programs, they both supported a war based on obviously faked and ginned up premises. War, you see, is the ultimate government program; hence, both Republicans and Democrats love wars.

    The typical voter will fall for war propaganda for a while, but he’ll eventually come around. Remember when support for this war based on lies was 90 percent? Now it’s about 30 percent and falling.

    Unfortunately, voters really have little influence on ending wars, because politicians love war so much. Even when the Republicans were thumped on a clearly anti-war vote in 2006, the winning Democrats quaked before a president with the lowest approval ratings since Nixon.

    War strengthens and empowers the state against the people. This is why both Democrat and Republican politicians support wars. Once you have a war on your hands, you can justify anything: unwarranted searches and seizures, torture, renditions, wiretaps without cause, censorship–and the greatest evil of all: conscription (also known as slavery).

    We’re not going to vote ourselves into freedom, if the 2006 elections are any indication. It’s going to take a revolution, complete with war criminal politicians being arrested, tried, and hanged.

  7. Carl Nemo

    Superb commentary as usual Paolo…! There are about six posters on CHB that might as well be joined via the Vulcan “mind meld”; i.e. “we are one”…!
    We’re finished as a nation, imho…! The American people have become nothing; but, shopaholic “feedlot” animals. I know this indictment is cruel, but it’s a fact! The business of government is “boring” to them. They are not only getting the government they deserve, but the government that best fits their bovine condition. They, the NWO have won and all the flapping about on the dock; i.e., “we the fish” that have been caught is to no avail. We are finished…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. SEAL

    I knew what was coming the day they passed the legilation allowing media consolidation under Reagan. That is always the first step to a take over of any country and its people.

    But the people will not rise up until they find that they cannot survive under the conditions they have.

  9. Bill Jonke

    of wisdom in the whole damned Bush family!

    Never was, and never will be.

    Here’s to Georgie ensuring that the Bush Junta “no tiene futuro!”