Dems pledge increased pressure on Bush

President Bush (AP Photo)Even as Pentagon planners search for ways to shift the Iraq mission from combat to support with fewer U.S. troops, Democrats plan to raise their pressure on President Bush to end U.S. involvement in the unpopular war.

Bush signed a war spending bill late Friday that does not set a date for U.S. troop withdrawals. It was a defeat for Democrats who want the president to start pulling troops out of Iraq — an idea roundly rejected by administration officials.

"We are there because the security of this nation depends on a successful outcome," Vice President Dick Cheney told U.S. Military Academy graduates Saturday in West Point, N.Y.

The New York Times reported Saturday that the administration is working on ideas for cutting U.S. forces in Iraq by as much as half, to roughly 100,000, by mid-2008.

Citing unidentified administration officials, the report said the mission for the additional combat troops Bush sent in January would be greatly scaled back to focus on training Iraqi troops and fighting al-Qaida.

White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino said some of the troops in the military buildup have not even arrived in Iraq.

"The purpose of the reinforcements that are moving in is to help Iraqis create the very conditions that would allow U.S. troops to begin coming home," Perino said Saturday.

"We, of course, would like to be in a position to bring down troop levels, but certain conditions — as assessed by senior military advisers and commanders on the ground — need to be met to warrant that."

Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Thursday that the Pentagon is studying how soon U.S. forces in Iraq might shift from mainly a combat mission to one focused more on support roles and requiring fewer troops.

Pace said such a force transition was among changes that could be adopted after Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, reports to Congress and the president in September on whether the current U.S. approach is working.

At a news conference that same day, Bush made no suggestion of an early withdrawal. He did say he would "like to see us in a different configuration at some point in time in Iraq" — once Baghdad is brought under control.

Recommendations from the bipartisan Iraq Study Group "appeal to me," the president said. He noted the suggestion that the U.S. military shift from combating the insurgents and focus on training the Iraqi security forces while protecting Iraq's borders and hunting down high-value al-Qaida terrorists.

Bush signed the war spending bill into law on Friday at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland, where he is spending part of the Memorial Day weekend.

He had rejected an earlier bill because it contained a timetable for withdrawing troops. The measure he approved provides about $95 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through Sept. 30 plus billions in domestic projects.

The president's signature, however, doesn't end debate on Capitol Hill over the administration's war policy. Democrats say the drive to bring U.S. troops home is far from over.

"This isn't the first time the administration has talked about redeploying troops from Iraq, but actions speak far louder than off-the-record words," said Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis.

"While any plan to reduce our military presence in Iraq is a step in the right direction," he said, "leaving substantial numbers of U.S. troops in the middle of Iraq's civil war indefinitely is unacceptable."


  1. Ardie

    Pressure? No Democrats, you ain’t got the power to face down the military-industrial complex. Google a map of Iraq’s oil fields. Google a map of America’s giant death star bases. Yes, a perfect match! Darth Cheney has assured the people who named their country by their family name calling is Saudi Arabia that so long as you give us cheap oil, in payment, we will protect your paranoiac asses from Iran (and as a plus, we can steal Iraq’s oil).

  2. Butch

    The dems are individually one of three things: politial cowards, part of the Bush military conspiricy or truely interested in peace. The cowards and conspiritors out number the latter. They all know that Bush never plans on leaving Iraq and that he wants a permient presence in the reagion to intimidate and eventualy attack Iran.

    Unfortuately the voters beleved their lies and thought that if they gained power they would end the war.

    The only presure that Bush is feeling is to figure out how this long term occupation is going to work now that he’s FUBARed the whole plan. Thus the lilly pad plan of fortified bases surounded by kaos. Yea that’ll work…


  3. gene

    So we are back to the dems are going to do something bullshit. Well all you dems had your chance recently so why should we believe your bullshit now.

    GO GET F***K!!!!!…you sorry spineless bastards. This cowardly SOB president will continue to do what he wants and YOU dems will continue to whore yourselfs with him.

  4. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    One Phrase Of Praise For The Democrats Is:


  5. Access Of Evil

    Yeah . . . right . . . “increased pressure” . . .

    Like they’re gonna stop kissing his ass and instead now are just gonna blow on it gently.

  6. Ardie

    Not having a timetable is counterintuitive to say the least. Iraqi insurgents are increasing their attacks against our troops, not because they hate our freedom or want our cool sunglasses, but because we show every indication of being neo-crusaders, neocolonialists, and pirates who wish to steal their oil.

    In addition, when Congress showed their lack of backbone, the Iraq people saw this only one way: The Americans are here to stay, and the American Congress just gave Attila the Bush more money with which to kill us!
    Why can’t our Homer Simpson politicians and Generals see Iraq through the eyes of an Iraqi? And what do the Iraqis see? They see a huge embassy being built to last forever and giant death star bases where the oil is, which are being built to house 50,000 troops.
  7. Carl Nemo

    Great posts as usual Ardie…! America and the West are addicted to oil and it’s derivatives. Right now flex-fuel vehicles should be everywhere on American highways; i.e, vehicles that can burn gasoline, gasoline/ethanol, or pure ethanol. Brazil which is the worlds premier ethanol producer has mostly these type of vehicles rolling on their highways.

    If weren’t for the Japanese auto manufacturers producing truly fuel efficient vehicles, Americans would have nothing in the way of such transportation. Our shuffle-butt auto industry is failing because the top is staffed by fat, bloated, corporate raider types that just haven’t been caught like the Ken Lays, Bernie Evers, the Joe Nacchio’s et. al. that have gone down hard for their crooked, corporate shenanigans. Their only interest is getting their fat bonuses, closing, consolidating, and outsourcing plant functions, or finding some chumps with big bucks to either buyout or merge with their sorry enterprises so they can make even more money off the merger, then bail with their “golden parachute” retirement package.

    America doesn’t realize it but Bushco is part of the same corporate cabal that brought down Enron, Worldcom, Qwest and host of other companies across America except they are running “Corporation America” and have their fangs sunk deeply in the U.S.Treasury. The majority of the House and Senate is complicit in this RICO; i.e., ongoing criminal enterprise. They feed the unwashed masses pap about creating stability in Iraq, democracy and other feelgood nonsense when in reality it’s about stealing “OIL”. I’m sure during all their backroom negotiations concerning Iraqi withdrawal deadlines the House and Senate reps were told the reality of what might happen if we lose our grip on that region and the Islamic nations unite against the West by using old-fashioned oil embargos etc.

    What stuns me even moreso than our involvement in Iraq is that “no one” in the House or Senate discusses how we are going to pay for this ongoing adventuristic profligacy. They don’t run balanced budgets, they run red-ink deficits. It’s so bad that the GAO refuses to certify the books of the United States and has not done so for at least the past 3-5 years…?! In other words our leaders
    are “cooking the books” just like the aforementioned corporate criminals and instead of Americans having simply their 401K’s ravaged or destroyed, these guys are destroying the entire social safety net of Social Security, Medicare, Military pensions, government employee pensions and everything else that seniors, the disabled, retirees and many others have grown accustomed to; i.e.,
    checks deposited the first of every month etc. One day, and not in the distant future there won’t be any monthly electronic deposits because the dollar will have gone bust and won’t be accepted by anyone. We’ll have become a financial pariah among nations.

    Oil is important, but if America ends up in the financial ashbin of history while only the few; i.e., the Bushistas and their buddies in the MIC and the “oil patch” are enriched, with us left holding the bag, then “what’s the point”…?! If Iraqi oil was flowing copiously and 50 percent of the oil revenues were being shipped to the U.S. Treasury to help defray the cost of this debacle then we might have something going for “we the people”, but we don’t. There’s nothing in it for us except death for our servicepeople, not including the incredible present and future cost of taking care of those that are suffering long term disability from this nightmarish debacle.

    I’m supplying some Iraqi oil field related links and also some links that lay out Halliburton and Dick Cheney’s involvement in this Iraqi and Middle Eastern oil debacle. Dick Cheney is the “button man” in this operation. He’s the guy that makes the necessary trips for some mano a mano contact; i.e., hand and shoulder-pressing with the duty puppets as he did recently with his visit to Bagdhad and to Afghanistan about a month earlier. It’s all about OIL, nothing more, nothing less!

    I continually harp that people need to contact their reps. I supply links regularly. Unfortunately, most people do not. They get on public forums and rant, rave, and sputter about current conditions but have “never” called their reps and quite possibly do not vote either. I call my reps weekly, yes weekly and they recognize me simply by my voice. Many times I get the same aides. To me, contacting them is like flossing one’s teeth. At least folks should be flossing their teeth… ;)People need to get in the habit of doing so and let them know how you feel. If millions of people did this on a weekly basis, rest assured many reps that voted for continuing this debacle would not have done so because I’m talking about massive telephone contact. Emails are OK, but for the most part are treated like SPAM. Old fashioned snail-mail has the most gravitas, but it takes two-weeks to get through due to bio-screening. I’ll supply the duty links so folks can find their reps office numbers and email addresses. I also recommend that folks sign-up for the “Vote Monitor” service provided by You will get timely emails showing how your reps voted and also what issues are due on the floor so people can possibly supply some input to their reps concerning upcoming legislation. Voting is great, but it’s not good enough. You have to monitor how your reps vote 24/7/365. Freedom is not free! “The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance” …Thomas Jefferson

    Carl Nemo **==