That whirring sound you hear is the Democratic leadership of Congress in full spin cycle, spinning one tall tale after another in a vain attempt to rationalize the ass-kicking they got from President George W. Bush.

No amount of political hyperbole, no matter how well spun, can wipe the egg off the faces of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. No sweet spray of carefully-crafted words can cover the stench of defeat.

And nothing, repeat nothing, can prevent voters from feeling betrayed.

We've heard the excuses, the claims that "we made a point and we'll get the troops out later" or that "this bill sends a message to the President." Yeah, Bush got the message all right. His swagger is back, his hubris at full throttle while the Democrats slink away.

Edward Epstein, writing for The San Francisco Chronicle, summed it up :

Speaker Nancy Pelosi suffered the most significant setback in her five months running the House when she backed down in the legislative battle with President Bush over paying for the war in Iraq, but even some of her critics suggest she and her top deputies had little chance of prevailing.

After more than three months of deadlock over Bush's request for war funding, the California lawmaker and Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada were forced this week to drop their effort to tie the money to a U.S. troop withdrawal and readiness standards for units being deployed into war.

Without those provisions — which the House and Senate had passed before Bush vetoed them — the leaders found themselves slammed by the anti-war left and mocked by Republicans.

University of Virginia Political Science Professor Larry Sabato told Epstein:

The administration ought to be the one between a rock and a hard place. The irony is Bush and Vice President Cheney have managed to put Pelosi and Reid between a rock and a hard place.

A rock and a hard place: How ironic. If there was any justice in the world, Bush would be pounding rocks at a hard place – Leavenworth. But justice took a bus out of Washington long ago, accompanied by his good friends truth and integrity. Instead we have Republicans and Democrats – corrupt politicians of differing policies but similar criminal traits.

Voters should have learned in 1994 that turning out the corrupt Democratic leadership of Congress and replacing them with new crooks from the Republican Party won't change anything. So why would tossing the GOP gang of thugs out in 2006 and sending in a new cadre of Democratic liars be any different?

Foolishly, voters thought that maybe the Democrats had learned a thing or two after 12 years out of power and might put that education to good use.


Voters also believed the will of the people might prevail.

Wrong again.

It's the system that's broke and replacing one criminal class with another won't fix the many problems in Washington or drive corruption, ineptitude or deceit from Capitol Hill.

Harry Reid is a broken-down, bought-and-paid-for political hack from Nevada. Nancy Pelosi may have set women's rights back at least half a century and proven the old chauvinist stereotype that you should not send a woman to do a man's job.

But in reality, the men in the Democratic Party couldn't have done any better. The party of the jackass proved it no better than the GOP when it comes to putting the will of the people ahead of political interests.

All of them are pond scum and it's time to drain the swamp.

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