Pinned down.

At this hour as we sit at our supper table enjoying hot food, coffee by the gallon, and security signed in blood written statement, Marines and coalition forces await the dawn handcuffed by rules of engagement rendering their strength to that of piss ants.

These blades in their predicament that mow the grass but are not allowed to mulch would paint horrifying tapestries of our global ball field if but given voice.

Yet assuredly we have allowed with casual notice these engineers of freedom to be clothed in the tattered and filthy rags of past usurpers.

Gain no advantage without loss and give quarter will not fly in the face of this enemy invented by political hacks with ne’er a combat boot strapped on. We leave these our finest with flyswatters whence hammers will it take!

Disingenuous we are and despicable we’ve become to send youth into bloody folly shackled interminably by our political necessity to please.

Goddammit, if it is to be War, then so be it!


  1. almandine

    Jeez Bryan,

    Think man think!

    Flyswatters, hammers, specially forced fisticuffs
    against a terrorizing busted lip…

    come on now – we don’t wanna hurt anybody.

  2. bryan mcclellan

    They have had their ears pinned back for as long as recorded history can see Al.

    What blinds must we cast aside to abide as virtual dudes alongside ?

  3. Nogood

    I have said, since the morning after 9/11, if 9/11 had happened to China, the very next day there would be a big hole in the earth that was once Afghanistan. Then China would have stuck their middle finger up at the world and asked, “you want some of this, “just f$$k with us again”. But no, the U.S. waited almost 2 years and then attacked the wrong country, with no intention of winning.

    The “rules of engagement” should be trashed in this conflict that we find ourselves in. I consider myself a very “liberal” person, but when it comes to a fight, the only thing that counts is winning.