Dick Cheney sidesteps questions on Sarah Palin

Former Vice President Dick Cheney says he has not decided on a candidate to support for president in the next election, sidestepping a question on whether he would support Sarah Palin  for the office.

Cheney declined to throw his support behind Palin when asked Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” whether he would back the former Alaska governor as a presidential candidate.

Cheney said the person he supports is going to have to prove capable of being president. He did not say whether he thinks Palin is qualified.

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  1. Carl Nemo

    When Cheney throws in his support for Palin then it will confirm that he doesn’t have all his oars in the water as I suspect so… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Carl Nemo

    Hey Almandine, I consider you to be a friend in thought, but tonight you seem to be a “cesspool of cynicism” and negativity. It’s just not you good buddy.

    I hope everything is going well on the home front etc.; ie, no current pet crises etc.

    All in all I’ve had a fairly rotten past week myself.

    Take care. : )

    Best regards,

    Nemo **==

  3. almandine

    Maybe so – I feel, too, we travel similar cognitive paths and I have focused on some of your particular points – but I mean no personal disrespect. In fact, I was just about to say you’re sometimes too much of a gentleman, but then I thought of my paternal grandfather and realize that there can be no such thing.

    I guess I’m really, really angry at the place our country has been steered and the upshot for my 2 kids. Must be bubbling over tonight. There’s at least a couple dozen up there I could happily strangle with a wild gleam in my eye.