Could WE actually believe that the Obama Administration was going to rectify ALL that is wrong with OUR Governmental Operations and Economy after YEARS and DECADES of neglect and corruption in 365 days?

Could WE actually believe that in 365 days, the Obama Administration was going to bring EVERYTHING [particularly the BIG TICKET ISSUES] in order, forsaking all of the internal back-biting, backstabbing and downright opposition via the House and Senate?

I would venture to say that We are looking to make the Obama Administration the scapegoat [one that bears the blame for others; one that is the object of irrational hostility] for all that is wrong with America and perhaps the World.

What this administration has inherited is an old depilated white house, that previous administrations used to mortgage agendas that has literally bankrupted America.

The previous administrations simply threw on a couple coats of exterior paint over the chipped and weather-beaten house, ignoring the deteriorated foundation, rusty dripping water pipes, unravelled electrical-wiring, termite riddled floor boards, leaky roof and broken windows. Monies, Time and Resources will need to be invested to gut out the infrastructure of America.

The greed factor must be minimized and true democracy maximized. Only working together, agreeing to disagree and compromise can make things happen.

And 365 days is NOT enough time to even layout a feasibility study yet alone a completely reviewed and aproved design plan.

We are flakey, fair-weathered friends, looking for instant gratification without integrity, responsibility and accountability.

Shame on ‘US’ the US of America.

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