When it came to stunts, nothing was too gonzo for James O’Keefe.

The man who offered himself up as a pimp to set up activists at ACORN would do just about anything for the cause — as long as the cause was conservative and anti-liberal.

O’Keefe would set up bogus photo ops, brandish over-sized checks and even dress up in a chicken suit if it suited the purpose.

He produced a video, “Bailout Prize Patrol, on YouTube a year before his famous ACORN “pimp” undercover video.

Sometimes people laughed. Other times they called the cops, like the New Jersey bank branch manager who wasn’t amused when O’Keefe and four others conned her into posting for a photograph with an oversized check that was supposed to represent federal bailout funds.

The police let O’Keefe off on that stunt but they didn’t let him slide when he and three others got caught Jan. 25 for trying to wiretap phones of Sen. Mary Landrieu‘s office in Louisiana.

That stunt brought charges and landed the young gonzo activist in jail.




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