Sarah Palin: A tsunami of political contradictions

Sarah PalinFor a woman whose resume includes quitting her governor’s job in mid-term and failing as a vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin is sitting pretty these days, raking in the bucks from book sales, pontificating on Facebook and becoming a one-woman media empire.

Indeed, the flake from Wasilla, Alaska, appears to have it made.

Which delights some conservative Republicans who actually still consider the controversial Palin Presidential material and scares the hell out of Democrats who realize that, in a political environment where a one-term Senator from Illinois can become President, anything can happen.

Like it or not, Palin is a “phenom” and has become a force to be reckoned with. She may be product of the times or a fluke of political nature but there’s no denying that this tsunami of contradictions will, whether we like it not, be a player on the national scene.

The path of Palin’s political career is littered with the corpses of those who underestimated her.

Reports The New York Times:

Without leaving home, Sarah Palin will be able to reach much of her political base, courtesy of a soon-to-be-built television studio in her living room paid for by her newest media patron, Fox News. From her house in Wasilla, Alaska, Ms. Palin also sends missives to 1.3 million Facebook “fans,” writes newspaper columns, Tweets and signs copies of her book for donors.

She reads daily e-mail briefings on domestic and foreign policy from a small group of advisers who remained loyal after her tumultuous vice presidential campaign in 2008. And though she has fashioned an image as an antiestablishment conservative, she also speaks regularly to a bipartisan nobility of Washington insiders who have helped enrich her financially and position her on the national political stage.

Ms. Palin is becoming increasingly vocal and visible, with a series of events scheduled this weekend: delivering a paid speech to the Salina, Kan., Chamber of Commerce on Friday night, headlining a national Tea Party convention in Nashville on Saturday and appearing on behalf of the re-election campaign of Gov. Rick Perry of Texas in Houston on Sunday.

This latest foray “Outside” (Alaskan slang for the rest of the country) culminates a week in which she achieved a typical run of multimedia ubiquity from Wasilla: She e-mailed a high-profile endorsement of Dr. Rand Paul in a Republican Senate primary in Kentucky. She called — via Facebook — for the resignation of the White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, for using the term “retarded,” and announced — via a column in USA Today — that she would attend a Tea Party gathering next month in Searchlight, Nev., the hometown of the Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid.

Her growing cast of advisers and support system could be working in the service of any number of goals: a presidential run, a de facto role as the leader of the Tea Party movement, a lucrative career as a roving media entity — or all of the above. Ms. Palin represents a new breed of unelected public figure operating in an environment in which politics, news media and celebrity are fused as never before. Whether she ever runs for anything else, Ms. Palin has already achieved a status that has become an end in itself: access to an electronic bully pulpit, a staff to guide her, an enormous income and none of the bother or accountability of having to govern or campaign for office.

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  1. byreen

    Thank you John McCain for setting a bag of s–t on shoeless, clueless, Americas doorstep and lighting it on fire.. What a Maverick indeed you are..Hack..

  2. silentSCREAM

    What amusing times we live in. When I see two of the most basic and simplistic human traits known to man are sufficient to elevate a posturing philistine to “phenomenon” status, I just have to laugh.

    Witness – a symbiotic union between a media marketing campaign and a galacticly ignorant audience who also happen suffer from a severe case of latent lust. And voilà, the ‘Silly for Sara’ sheeple stampede is off and running clueless about their fate which awaits… at the bottom of a cliff.

    As the old saying goes “never underestimate the power of stupidity in large groups.”

  3. Carl Nemo

    Thanks silentSCREAM for the solid analysis concerning the “flake from Alaska” phenomenon…: )

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. issodhos

    The more bigotry and the more hatred poured forth by anti-palinista operatives of the modern lib-oriented crowd simply re-inforces the support of Sarah Palin among her followers. And why not?:-)

    The announcement of a female for McCain’s VP put the gender-focused vote back into play, strengthening the McCain campaign. Sarah Palin’s selection as McCain’s VP took the focus off of Barack Obama and cut short the post-coital .. er .. post nomination glow his worshipping fans were basking in. Sarah Palin’s nomination speech indicated she would be a formidable force on the campaign trail. That was basically all within a week, as I recall. That is why so much hatred was poured out upon her and her family so early.

    As she was further exposed to the public, it quickly became apparent that she reflected a number of things Americans appreciate — things that can swing elections. She seemed to genuinely like her country. She was a mother who was also successful outside the home. She did “American” things like hunt and shoot (She not only brought home the Moose bacon, she killed, gutted, skinned, cut it up, and cooked it:-)). She seemed to take her faith seriously without demanding others follow it or that the separation of state and church was a problem for her. People liked how she handled her unborn child’s Down’s syndrome. People liked how she handled her daughter’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy — accepting it and vowing loving support. They liked her husband’s reported character and outdoorsiness (harkened back to when pols and their families were not all slicked up “suits” and plastic props). In short, Obamans, Dem operatives, various leftist hate groups, and the body of modern liberal, metro-male, metro-female, sophisticated media mouthpieces saw Governor Palin as a major threat that, even as only a VP nominee, could put McCain over the top — or at least get him back into the race.

    Later, with more exposure, it became apparent that Governor Palin was not up to speed on foreign affairs and there were legitimate concerns about her track record in Alaskan politics. There was also the legitimate concern of whether she was ready to step into the job of President in the event that John McCain went toes-up while in office. Some have since used these concerns to rationalize the savagery of the attacks that were launched against her and her family in the beginning weeks of her selection.

    Today, she is still someone who reflects and puts a good face on all those things that cultural marxists and their Useful Gullibles (usually academic matriculants) and advocates of the utterly corrupt ideology of politicized multiculturalism have spent decades demonizing — Christianity, capitalism, Momhood, Dadhood, America, American history, Western Civilization in general, ‘whites’, and ‘white’ men in particular. That is why she is still generates so much emotion. In, of course, my ever so humble opinion.;-)

    Yours in relaxed certainty that the rain ain’t never gonna stop and I really shoulda gone ‘long’ on snow shovel companies this year,

    P.s. “As the old saying goes “never underestimate the power of stupidity in large groups.”
    After years of observing the development of the post 60’s modern lib and modern con movements, I must agree.;-)

  5. Carl Nemo

    Ms. Palin is a sign of the degenerate end times for the Republic.

    Once, liars, knaves and thieves had to keep their true persona’s hidden, but in these times they strut their stuff and rub our noses in their blatant unethical to criminal behavior.

    On top of it they manage to purport themselves as candidates for high office, this woman having made it to the governorship of Alaska then had the hubris to quit on her fellow citizens most likely due to ballooning scandals that would have become public.

    She’s been plagued by issues concerning her basic honesty and as to how she conducts her personal life yet still seeks high office with seemingly a “brain dead” peanut gallery who continue adulate and promote her agenda. They too, our fellow citizens are of the same stripe as Palin and are soon to pay the supreme price for their lack of values along with their propensity to overlook the serious flaws in candidates.

    Many younger folks would not be familiar with the term “Empire of the Rising Sun”, a title given to Japan in it’s imperialistic era prior to WWII.

    Well, the best I can come up with for our once principled nation where now even “Justice” is corrupted would be: “Empire of the Rising Scum” with Ms. Palin being a prime representation of such.

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. giving-up-in-nc

    “Ms. Palin is a sign of the degenerate end times for the Republic.”

    As Ms. Palin would say, “You Betha!”

  7. jim0001

    Her real record as Governor of our State speaks volumes about her capabilities as a chief executive.
    She took on established entrenched politicians from both parties.She took on Exxon-Mobile (in court 4 times and won completely). The constitution of Alaska is different from those in the lower 40. The citizens own the resources not the government. She returned $ to the taxpayers. Yes she resigned early; She and her family (not the taxpayers Alaska legal system))amassed over half a million in debt defending against frivilous lawsuits and FOIA acts while she was in office. Do not believe what you read in the mainstream media and garbage web sites. Governor Palin is real, stands her ground, has values and can recite without a teleprompter. Our inexperienced chief executive could learn much from her. I suggest doing research before posting a response. “Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt”

  8. Carl Nemo

    Yo jim0001,

    I admire your loyalty, but why did she quit her job as Governor?

    Do you want her to do the same as President and Commander in Chief of our armed forces?

    This woman has some serious character flaws that even with you being a resident of Alaska are not aware of. Evidently leadership is simply a “gadfly” enterprise to her, quitting when it no longer suits her fancy. If she wins the “Rethug” nomination for a presidential run then it will confirm that they too are suffering from the disease of national “brain rot”.

    As far as Exxon-Mobil prevailing in any proceeding against the State of Alaska could be equated to the proverbial “snowballs chance in hell”. :))

    If I recall their court mandated settlements concerning oil spills etc. have all been watered down at the appeals level with them not paying out the huge amounts as levied by the lower courts.

    I’m not of the “Bambi” persuasion, but I have little respect for a woman who shoots wolves from a chopper or plane for sport. It seems she’d enjoy rolling around the African savanna shooting elephants with a .50 caliber as poachers do all the while shrieking with her high pitched annoying laugh. It shows to me that something is missing between her ears; ie., a “brain” along with a lack of conscience, possibly self-consciousness too…: |

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. giving-up-in-nc

    Yikes, after that manifesto, please don’t tell me you own a remote cabin in some place like Lincoln Montana…

  10. almandine

    Nice distillation of all things Sarah.

    I think what really seals the deal, as you so aptly note, is: she genuinely likes her country. Were it only so otherwise, she’d have little public following.

    A red blooded American mom, indeed, no matter her politics or accomplishments, which will only bring envy and derision.

  11. Carl Nemo

    “As Ms. Palin would say, “You [Betha]!”…extract from reply my brackets

    Yep, giving-up-in-nc, that’s what she’d say after slappin’ back one too many “Yukon Jacks”…:))

    Nemo **==

  12. Carl Nemo

    Hi Almandine…

    I’ve written a few “spoof” posts concerning this aspect of her persona, but in all honesty no.

    My taste in women are for one’s that are both attractive and brainy, but not so in an aggressive, offensive manner. Also I find nasal, somewhat screechy-voiced women an annoyance although they can’t help their vocals as a function of genetics.

    My “daily tonic” is my desktop link to which is a tasteful, artistic site when it comes to beautiful women cast against eye appealing natural and structural props. I recommend the site highly. They have a free “Beauty of the Day” viewing along with an archive for the past ten days. The link to the archive is above the daily photo. I used to have a membership, but simply am satisfied with what I reference as my “daily tonic”…:D

    Sarah should pose for the site in what would be classed as the “seniors division”…:)

    Nemo **==

  13. almandine

    LOVE IT CARL! Bookmarked already, although whether they have brains or not will have to wait for more in-depth perusal.

    I like Sarah just because she brings so much more to the table than we’ve been accustomed to lately.

    Maybe I’m just a Barnum and Bailey kinda guy.

  14. Carl Nemo

    Expanding your thoughts about Sarah bringing much more to the table, what if Barack Obama had been an attractive, sexy black or white female with the same gift of powerful, duplicitous oratory…scary indeed huh?!

    This President along with his major disappointments to date relative to the campaign trail Obama vs. Obama the President has absolutely soured me and my wife concerning presidential level candidates and politics. I think I’ll vote for myself as a write-in next time around. My wife best damn well vote for me too… :))

    Carl Nemo **==

  15. almandine

    Think about it…

    attractive, sexy, gift of powerful oratory…

    and you’re the female!

    Sound familiar?

  16. Carl Nemo

    I get your point. Seemingly then, in the land of the blind, the woman with one eye is Queen…no? / : |

    Nemo **==

  17. jim0001

    As stated in my original posting, Her reason for resigning was because of nusiance lawsuits and frivilous Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)requests. The money for her defense against these suits comes from her personal budget (estimated @ > $500,000) and her defense is not funded by the taxpayers.
    The FOIA requests are merely fishing expeditions and do not represent any valid request. They are merely meant to harrass. However they require government lawyers to research each and every request, costing a fortune.
    Something you may not be aware of is that hunting and fishing are a way of life in Alaska. There is not a grocery store on every corner as in the “lower forty”. Some towns may only have a dozen families and NO stores.A moose will supplement a family of fours rations for most of the winter.
    I like the wolves myself; however, they are predators and can deplete herds. When in check they are fine, when the overpopulate they are a problem. Much as deer have become in the CONUS.
    The Exxon-Mobile suits were not about spills! They were about Conoco-Phillips and Exxon-Mobile sitting on large tracts of land that they are contractually supposed to be developing and/or exploring and were doing nothing. Gov. Palin revoked E-M’s lease and it was rebid and BP was awarded the lease.
    Gov.Palin also was heavily involved in the gas pipeline that is currently being built from the North Slope to CONUS.
    Because of Russia being 5 miles across the Bering Strait from Alaska, Gov. Palin as CIC of the Alaska National Guard, has security clearances that President “Obamadenijad” could not qualify for due to his past associations with known terrorists. The facts are out there if one is willing to research them. respectfully,

  18. Carl Nemo

    Thanks Jim0001 for the feedback. My apologies for confusing the oil spill cases with the Conoco-Phillips vs. Exxon-Mobile lease land disputes.

    I’m a former hunter, but still a sport fisherman living in Washington State, so I can respect the fact that things are different and harder in Alaska.

    I can tell from your writings that you support Ms. Palin and I can respect that, in that you don’t waffle in the face of criticism.

    I’m so disallusioned concerning national politics along with prospective candidates and also the direction this nation is headed based on our current representation and leadership that I’m almost at a loss for words.

    We’ve just suffered the humiliation of being conned by a “silver-tongued” judas goat; ie., Barack Obama with his ascendancy to the Presidency. I simply can’t get enthused with Ms. Palin regardless of what she says. They seem to be all mouth on their way upward, but once they arrive in D.C. nothing ever seems to work out for the common people in these seeming end times for the Republic.

    Hopefully you are having a great day in Alaska; it’s just the same old rain and more rain here.

    One thing for sure, if the balloon goes up you’ll have a far better chance of surviving than those trapped in the lower 48. : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  19. griff

    I wouldn’t support Palin for president, and it remains to be seen whether the co-opting of the tea parties by the Republican Establishment and Fox News will have a positive effect or not.

    I’m firmly with Campaign for Liberty, which this movement has chosen to emulate. While the conservative fiscal rhetoric is similar, I think the tea partiers have compromised their anti-war stance for the Murdock money train.

    I don’t think they can be looked at as independent any more. Perpetual war is not a conservative position.