Scott Brown: Independent or lock-step Republican?

Scott BrownIs Scott Brown a “different kind of Republican” as he claims or will his Senate service be just another lockstep member of his political party?

That’s the question the junior Senator from Massachusetts faces as the Republican takes the seat long occupied by Democratic political icon Ted Kennedy.

Vioe President Joe Biden issued the oath of office to Brown Thursday, giving Republicans 41 votes in the Senate and ending the veto-proof Democratic lock.

Brown says he is an independent but his first comments after officially becoming a Senator was standard Republican rhetoric, reciting party line attacks against the economic stimulus program.

Brown was sworn in Thursday a week earlier than he had planned and spent his first minutes as a senator facing questions on whether he will stick with the GOP in the partisan fight over President Barack Obama’s choice of a union attorney, Craig Becker, for a top labor job.

“I’m going to look at everybody’s qualifications and make my own decision,” he claimed.

“He’s clearly independent-minded and I cannot wait to get him here,” Republican Senator Collins told The Associated Press. “I think this is going to be a terrific development for our party.”

But being an independent in the bitterly-partisan Congress is not easy.

Joe Lieberman knows. The Connecticut independent and former Democrat supported Republican John McCain’s 2008 presidential. It nearly cost Lieberman a key committee chairmanship.

“It won’t always be easy because sometimes when you’re independent, you make people on all sides unhappy,” Lieberman said.


  1. griff

    As soon as the money, the bribes, and the other perks of “public service” start rolling in I’m sure he’ll fall in line.

  2. JerryG

    Please, please, please! There is no such thing as “different kind of Republican” at this level of government. Only a fool would buy into that! It’s easier to be a mustang as a Democrat than a GOP’er!!! This is a foolish article.

  3. issodhos

    Pretty much true if you apply it to both wings of the Party. The only exceptions I can think of are Ron Paul who is part constitutionalist and part libertarian, and Bernie Sanders, an old-style honest socialist. The rest, and I think most other pols at all levels, are members of the New Left influenced modern ‘liberal’ movement, or the nationalist-oriented modern ‘conservative’ movement, both of which are fundamentally collectivist, politically speaking. Neither represents the America that was meant to be.

  4. Hoggy

    “Vioe President Joe Biden issued the oath of office to Brown Thursday, giving Republicans 41 votes in the Senate and ending the veto-proof Democratic lock.”

    This is lazy ass crap journalism… Democrats never had a veto proof majority. The most they have ever had in this congress is 58 Dems. Now they have 57 since Kennedy died. This is lazy journalism. They never had a veto proof majority, and can shoulder none of the blame when the GOP blames them for everything they obstructed in the the fall elections. Just wait, the GOP talking points will be, they had 60 votes but wouldn’t do anything because they are weak.The only truth to that is that they are weak.

    They did have 60 at a time in the Dem caucus but if you remove Lincoln, Ben Nelson, Landrieu, Bayh(all Nixon style Republicans) and Lieberman (lying whore) They really had only 55 or so.

  5. griff

    He’s in the big leagues now. As soon as you see him trade in the old pick-up truck for a Mercedes you know he’s been turned.

  6. giving-up-in-nc

    My guess is he’ll keep it for image until he leaves office then he’ll get the Benz. Kind of like Dubya did with his Texas ranch. Bought it just before he ran for office, then dumped it as soon as he left. It came in handy for all that televised brush cutting stuff… :-)

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