When in doubt, blame Bush

When Democrats run out of ideas (a problem that happens often) they turn to their standard political tactic: Blame former President George W. Bush.

Record deficits? Bush’s fault.

Record unemployment? Bush’s fault.

Failing banks? Bush did it.

Failing war in Afghanistan? Bush put us in this mess.

One of these days, the party of the jackass needs to stop using Bush as a whipping boy and actually try to come up with an original idea.

Or maybe not.

Another standard Democratic mantra is to blame all of their failures on Republicans.

Democrats calim health care lies in intensive care because of Republican obstructionism.

Really? Did the Republicans cut backroom deals with the health care industry, deals that gutted the bill of any real reform?

Did Republicans cut deals with fellow Democrats like Ben Nelson, giving special breaks to his home state as payment for his vote?

I don’t think so.

Bush deserves a lot of blame for the mess that mires this nation in the worst recession since the great depression but it’s not all his fault. A Democratic-controlled congress came into power during the last two-years of his administration and they approved some fo the legislation that spurred the economic downfall. Democratic President Bill Clinton helped design the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that practically begged companies to send American jobs out of the country.

The problems that hold this country in a vice-grip of gridlock, economic meltdown and morale-sapping morass are not solely the fault of either Republicans or Democrats.

The problem is the system of government that turns control over to legislators from both parties who cater not to the desires or needs of the voters but to the fat checkbooks of the special interests who buy their supports and vote.

That problem will get worse because the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed corporations unlimited ability to dumps millions — and perhaps billions — into the political process.

America’s problems cannot, and will not, be changed by replacement of the political party that controls Congress or the White House.

The system must be replaced but as long as the system controls itself that change is impossible.

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  1. griff

    The wife has a plaque on her desk that reads, “to err is human…to blame others shows management potential.”

    In this system, incompetence is rewarded while intelligent dissection of the issues is deemed too complex for the public to digest. It’s best to keep it simple.

    Lies are repeated until they become immutable truths, parroted by the media and their faithful followers.

    We worship the pundits because they invoke an emotional response to problems that require logical, thoughtful solutions.

    My mom always used to tell me that you shouldn’t make important decisions in an emotional state. The politicians and the mockingbird media ensure that emotion reigns supreme while logic and truth are collateral damage in this war on intellectualism and honesty.

    We feel personally empowered when our team wins, and rationalize away any evidence that our team may not be the omnipotent demi-gods they portray themselves to be.

    You want to solve our problems? Turn off O’Reilly and Olbermann and turn on your brain. Read a book, any book. Read a gum wrapper if that’s all you have.

    Look at these issues not through the prism of partisanship and punditry, but through the clear-eyed lessons that history attempts to teach.

  2. silentSCREAM

    You said a mouthful of truth there.

    America’s problems cannot, and will not, be changed by replacement of the political party that controls Congress or the White House.

    The system must be replaced but as long as the system controls itself that change is impossible.

    Problem. Huge problem. We Americans absolutely despise the truth. None more so than that which stares back from the mirror.

    As you well know, the first step toward remedy is admitting there’s a problem. As American politics goes, the only ‘problem’ we-the-people are ever sold/told is that the other party is the problem. Thus the real problem – a broken system – rolls along same as it ever did… becoming more and more dysfunctional.

    Tomorrows batch of party appoved talking-heads will sell the memory deficient American voter the same illusions of nationalistic grandeur they bought last time around. And the time before that… and the time before that. And so on and so on. The cycle will play out over and over again so long as food and hearth remain accessible to most. The quality will degrade, but so long as the rate is generational nothing much will change at the top. The ruling-class have theirs… they always have and I don’t expect conditions will differ in the future.

    “Long live the King”

    Hell, if it weren’t for term limits on the presidency, duped Americans would be re-electing Reagan clones well into the 21st century. Nevermind that the mess we face today is HIS legacy.

  3. issodhos

    “Hell, if it weren’t for term limits on the presidency, duped Americans would be re-electing Reagan clones well into the 21st century. Nevermind that the mess we face today is HIS legacy.”

    What an extraordinary ludicrous claim that is never backed up with any semblence of economic or political fact or argument. I guess it is just so easy to repeat — much like the “blame it on Clinton” mantra — and be absorbed by those eager to uncritically consume it.

  4. woody188

    I still maintain that Reagan was a conservative populist that had his Presidency re-aligned to the neo-conservative agenda via the assassination attempt on his life. I also believe this was George H. W. Bush’s first attempt at becoming President.

  5. griff

    What does Reagan have to do with any thing? And isn’t that what we’ve been doing all along, electing actors?

    Reagan had great rhetoric, but people falsely conect him with failures not of his making. He was an actor. Kinda rings a bell, don’t it?

    America’s demise has been in the making since the early 1900’s, if not sooner. The Founders warned of allowing the bankers to gain control.

    They have. Blaming this party or that party is exaclty what they want – and expect – us to do.

    You wanna get angry? Direct it at those responsible. Politicians are puppets.

  6. silentSCREAM

    Did you read the article I linked?

    It highlights Reagan’s contribution without drowing the reader.

    Actually my jab wasn’t so much aimed at Ronnie as it was the wide-ranging electorate that was (still is) all too willing to worship his image.

  7. griff

    Well in that I would have to agree with you. Whether invoking or demonizing, it’s nothing but a distraction. Reagan didn’t invent what we’re dealing with.

    Actually I believe that Reagan’s disparity betwen rhetoric and actions only serves to discredit the people that advance some of his ideas.

    All we remember is that it didn’t work. No one wants to remember why.

  8. Stratocaster

    As long as money controls our elected officals rather than our elected officals contolling the money, electing people to office will remain a farce. I always had the false assumption that bribery and corruption were against the law, but then again the law only applies to people that don’t have money.

  9. issodhos

    Reagan was a statist and had no problem with “Big Government” as long as it was his kind of “Big Government”. As to what is called industry deregulation, significant parts of it was begun under the Carter administration, Reagan and a Democrat-controlled congress had little impact on it, and deregulation grew and strengthened under Clinton. Reagan was basically all mouth and no action. When he left office the federal government and tax revenues were greater than when he entered office.

    The article you referenced is simply the grumblings of a political hack who has even less understanding of economics then he has of history. The Reagan legacy prattle is just that, made-up prattle by both sides.;-)
    Yours in quiet contemplation,

  10. Warren

    These arguments of whether the mess is Obama’s fault or Bush’s fault or Clinton’s fault ad nauseum all miss the point. The ‘fault’ lies with a system where government is for sale to the highest bidder. The current system is a mockery of the democratic republic that our forefathers envisioned.

    The present system is horrible. I just wish I could think of one that’s better. Of the others that have been tried none are demonstrably better and most are significantly worse.

    Perhaps what’s needed is a set of tweaks to the current system to get us back to the original idea. Just a few years ago I’d have said that’s politically unsellable. Not so sure any more. Maybe it is.


  11. griff

    True. But the idiotic blame game persists and must be shown to be false – over and over and over, it seems.

    I find it funny that many people fault the stupid electorate for allowing this to happen, and then they drag out the same tired propaganda every time.

    We don’t need to dream up a better one, but just get back to the principles we once stood for.

    We have but two choices – freedom or tyranny.

  12. issodhos

    Our forefathers did not envision a “democratic republic”, they envisioned and created a Constitutional Republic. It has just been allowed over time to be reduced to a democracy-driven facade of a Republic. Nit-picking perhaps, but it still bears remembering.:-)

  13. griff

    Yep. Folks seem to confuse our system for a democracy because we use democratic processes, i.e. voting, to elect our representatives.

    The difference being that the minority still has a voice in Washington. Of course, Democrats complain of these “obstructionist” tactics used by Republicans when they themselves failed to use them when they were in the minority.

  14. yegorgaidar

    Who’s fault? Of course it’s Slick Willy’s, aka Billy Clinton, he did not kill Osama bin Laden and he had at least 2 clear shots.

  15. Stratocaster

    As long asthe country’s financial system enslaves the people, corrupts the government and buys off our elected officials, it will not mattter what form of government we have or who our elected officials are.