Suddenly sexy Republicans?

Virginia's future First Lady: Maureen McDonnell

Normally, you don’t see the term “sex symbol” and “Republican” in the same sentence.

Most people had a good laugh when the party of the elephant tried to pass off Sarah Palin as sexy.

The Wasilla wonder is many things: Sexy ain’t one of them.

But election of former nude Cosmo model Scott Brown as the new Senator from Massachusetts has given Republicans a hunk they can call their own and Saturday Night Live cemented Brown’s status as the new GOP sex symbol with a skit this past weekend that depicted Democrats having fantasies of Brown that had little to do with legislation and a lot to do with imagination.

Brown’s past as a male model who stripped for Cosmo quickly became fodder for late night comics and the object of derision for Democrats who scrambled to find a reason — any reason — to ridicule the Republicans who now represents the Massachusetts Senate seat once occupied by Ted Kennedy — a fomer hunk who had his own problems with his libido.

But Brown isn’t the only GOP pol who has a little sex appeal in his political closet. New Virginia Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell’s wife is a former cheerleader for The Washington Redskins.

Yep. Maureen McDonnell used to shake her stuff on the sidelines for the once-mighty Redskins. Granted, she did so back when uniforms for pro football cheerleaders were more than the cleavage-revealing, butt-hugging stripper-ware of today but the future First Lady of Virginia still looked pretty sexy on the sidelines.

Do new faces like Brown and McDonnell indicate a different GOP — a break from the party of old that preached piety in public while screwing everything in sight behind closed doors?

We can only hope.

And enjoy the view.

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  1. woody188

    Once they abandoned conservatism for neo-conservatism, which is a form of fascism, they basically had nothing left to sell to America but sex appeal. With the SCOTUS ruling we might as well call them spokes models instead of Congressmen.

  2. issodhos

    NeoConservatism has its foundation in 20th century American-style liberalism and American leftism. In fact, it is quite Trotskyesque in its ‘vision’. Of course, fascism is simply socialism on steroids, so I guess if one does not wish to be too specific, one could go with the ol “form of fascism” line, as well.:-)

  3. issodhos

    Actually, Doug, I suspect that putting Sarah Palin up against just about anything the other wing of the party could field — and I do mean “field” — male or female, would be “no contest”. And that would not be restricted to just “looks”. Course, looking at what voters on both sides are willing to stick in the White House, it ain’t like they got all that much taste to begin with.:-)

  4. almandine

    Touche’ on both posts… it seems the more that comes around goes around.

    We were all pretty good looking kids at some point, but time and excess take their toll. Some last better and longer than others.

  5. woody188

    Yes of course it’s roots were liberalism, and yes I am simplifying a quite bit for the masses. And yes, fascism is socialism on steroids but it only benefits the political parties, business, and the rich. True socialism would allow for benefits to the masses and would romanticize the working class rather than the disdain and the wholesale shipping of working class jobs overseas.

  6. griff

    True socialism looks good to some on paper, but it is an unobtainable utopian fantasy, due mainly to the fact that it must be administered by humans.